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February 24 2014

February 22 2014

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February 21 2014

February 20 2014

February 18 2014

February 17 2014

February 14 2014

February 12 2014

NightBus' Interactive Music Video Introduces 3-Way Stereo Experience

After creating an innovative interactive music video for Bob Dylan's "Like a Rolling Stone" that mimicked TV channel surfing, digital agency Interlude is back with a slick type of interactivity for new band NightBus' "When The Night Time Comes" video.

The video, shared first with Mashable, let's you control what you hear and what you view onscreen. You can choose how loud you want to listen to or see each of the band's two singers — Hannah Melbourn and Jack Kennedy — by moving a sliding button left and right. NightBus recorded three arrangements to accomplish the "three-way stereo experience." Read more...

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Darth Vader's Look Back Video Shows Dark Side of Facebook

Facebook's Look Back videos show us everything from our years on Facebook — both the good and, in Darth Vader's case, the evil.

Comedian Joshua Dill has imagined what Vader's Look Back video would look had he used the social network instead of the Force. The video employs some of Vader's choicest quotes from the classic trilogy as status updates, while his iconic scenes from all six movies are reimagined as uploaded photos. His look back also includes the progression of young Anakin Skywalker to the Sith Lord we all know and love to hate.

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February 07 2014

How a Video Artist Made Don Draper a Gay Rights Mouthpiece

In Elisa Kreisinger's imagination, Mad Men's Don Draper and Roger Sterling are loversSex and the City's Carrie Bradshaw embraces her sapphic tendencies. Even Ann Romney is a beacon of feminist enlightenment

Kreisinger's kingdom is the Internet, where fair use law allows her to subvert the television characters and tropes that viewers know intimately. As Pop Culture Pirate, her video remixes create an alternate universe in which Carrie Bradshaw is a gay feminist warrior and Jay-Z's 10-minute art house opus "Picasso Baby" syncs perfectly with Taylor Swift's "22."

"People like to see their identity represented in the stuff they find online," Kreisinger says. "That's what remix does — it puts disparate things together in a way they can identify with." Read more...

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February 06 2014

5 Things You Should Know About Your Precious iPhone

Apple's iPhone revolutionized communication and design. It also creepily stores your voice on a server in North Carolina.

This week's #5facts delves into the history and revenue of this unstoppable mobile powerhouse.

A giant, super thanks goes out to Mike Rugnetta, the brains and face of PBS Idea Channel, for being our guest on this week's show! If you're not already subscribed to Idea Channel, what are you doing with your life?

Looking for more fun facts about interesting topics? Subscribe to our YouTube channel for new videos every week.

The latest from Idea Channel: Why Do We Hate Selfies?

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Take a Look Back at the Best Celebrity Moments From 'The Tonight Show'

After nearly 19 years of comedy, Jay Leno will say goodbye to The Tonight Show on Feb. 6. To commemorate his final days as host of the late night comedy show, NBC decided to take a look back at some of the most memorable celebrity moments of Leno's career

The montage spans years of Leno's stint on The Tonight Show, and treats fans to clips of some of the show's biggest celebrity guests. Keep an eye out for a pre-teen Lindsay Lohan, Jerry Seinfeld stuck in a burlap sack and an uncomfortable moment involving Oprah and a finger-full of cake frosting.

After Leno's final appearance as host on Thursday, he will hand the show over to its new leader, Jimmy Fallon, who has hosted NBC's Late Night since 2009 Read more...

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Path Finally Adds Video to Android App

Path updated its Android app with video-sharing on Wednesday.

Users of the social-network app, which lets them share private updates with close friends and family, can now capture and share videos up to 30 seconds long

The update comes a full three years after iOS users got video-sharing capabilities and more than two years after Path's Android app was released. (Path's Windows Phone 8 app is still in beta, but already has video-sharing.)

"We launched Path for Android in 2011; since then, millions of Android users have joined Path and become some of the most active and passionate members of our community," the company said in a blog post announcing the update. However, Path did not reveal why it took so long to bring the feature to its Android users. Read more...

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February 05 2014

Google Taps Ad Exec Susan Wojcicki to Head YouTube: Report

Some people go from rags to riches, others from the garage to the boardroom.

It looks like the latter for Google ad exec Susan Wojcicki who will be appointed CEO of YouTube, according to multiple reports.

Wojcicki, who currently serves as Google's senior vice-president of ads and commerce, previously housed the tech company in the garage of her Menlo Park, Calif. home in 1998, and was Google's 16th employee. She is set to replace Salar Kamangar, another longtime Googler, who will take on a new role at Google, according to Re/code.

A 2013 report by market-research company eMarketer highlighted the growing share of Google revenue brought in by YouTube, which grew from an estimated 5.5% in 2011 to 11.1% in 2013. Read more...

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February 04 2014

Final 'Divergent' Trailer Reveals Kate Winslet's Most Chilling Role Yet

The third and final trailer for the upcoming young adult thriller Divergent is here, and it gives the deepest look yet at the dystopian world in which the film is set. The clip also gives fans a brief taste of the fierce clashes and teenage romance.

The movie, which premieres March 21, is based off of the first book in Veronica Roth's popular young adult trilogy. The series introduces a world in which 16-year-olds must choose one of five factions to identify with, regardless of the faction in which they were born

The story follows protagonist Tris, played by Golden Globe nominee Shailene Woodley, who finds herself in danger after learning that she belongs to a rare group of people known as divergents, who cannot be categorized. Read more...

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A Hand-Drawn History of Facebook

It’s hard to believe that it has been 10 years since the launch of Facebook. Ten years of new features, design updates and endlessly stalking classmates, coworkers and ex-girlfriends

To commemorate the social giant’s big day, we put together this animated whiteboard video. It will take you through Facebook’s journey from a Harvard dorm room to a billion computers worldwide

Facebook is probably part of your everyday life, but do you know how much the company was worth when it went public? How about the exact date and time it hit 1 billion users? Watch above. Read more...

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January 31 2014

One Direction Flirts With Grannies in 'Midnight Memories' Video

The One Direction boys have returned with a new video for their single "Midnight Memories," the title track from their most recent album.

Fans have been counting down the days for the premiere and set their sights on crashing the video's host channel, VEVO, in display of their overwhelming affection — or at least break the channel's viewing record. Again

The former goal is definitely on point with the video's devil-may-care attitude. It opens with the boys getting uncharacteristically rebuffed by boring house party guests who couldn't care less that the world's biggest boy band is hanging out in their kitchen. Read more...

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January 30 2014

Everything You Need to Know About 4K Video in Less Than 2 Minutes

4K has been touted as the latest and greatest in video imaging. With over two times the resolution of HD, it boasts an ultra-high-definition image that matches traditional 35mm film. Manufacturers have rushed to make 4K a feature in many flagship products, and both TVs and cameras (and soon, smartphones) have already started to carry sleek "4K" branding.

The wave of new products has led consumers to question whether or not they should upgrade. Many of the new TVs have big price tags, and those that don't are not natively 4K — meaning they take a 4K image and "downsample" it into one that the TV can show. The image is impressive, but not without its problems. Read more...

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