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December 31 2011

July 10 2011

October 12 2010

The Story Behind Sesame Street’s Viral Old Spice Spoof

Sesame Street’s spoof of Old Spice’s “The Man Your Man Could Smell Like” commercials has reached 2.6 million views in just five days. Given the video’s rapid spread, we reached out to Miles Ludwig, Vice President and Executive Producer of Digital Media at Sesame Workshop, to find out how the concept was hatched.

In case you haven’t seen it yet, the video (embedded below) stars the adorable blue Grover in the role originally filled by Isaiah Mustafa, spoofing lines and gimmicks from the now-famous (and continually spoofed — as recently as today) ad campaign in order to demonstrate the word “on” — for example, “I am on a horse.”

The Grover video (titled “Smell Like a Monster”) is funny and adorable, of course, but we couldn’t help but notice that it’s making some references the small children who watch Sesame Street wouldn’t get. That’s normal; Sesame Street has referenced decidedly grown-up pop culture references like Mad Men and True Blood in the past.

“Sesame Street has always used spoofs of popular culture to draw in and connect with its audience,” said Ludwig. “We use spoofs and celebrity appearances to draw in the adult because research shows that a child learns best when co-viewing with an adult.”

Sesame Workshop team members watched the Old Spice videos roll out while they were “brainstorming ideas” for how to promote the show’s 41st season. “We thought that a fun, single-shot skit would be an ideal means for us to accomplish this promotion,” Ludwig explained. “We also thought that Grover would do a killer impression of Isaiah Mustafa. So, we set out to shoot the video in a single shot, just as they did it for the Old Spice commercial.”

About 50 single-shot takes were recorded; the version you see on YouTube and around the web was take number 35.

If you’re looking for clear advice on how to make your own YouTube campaign go viral, you won’t find it here though. Ludwig believes there’s “no secret formula for a guaranteed viral hit,” and that the Sesame Workshop was “fortunate that the online community has responded to this video.”

Sesame Street – “Smell Like a Monster”

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August 12 2010

10 Super Social Media Songs [VIDEOS]

We’ve already brought you one round-up of social songs, a great selection of Facebook songs and some Twitter ditties, but now we’re back with more topical tunes.

Within this new list you’ll find spoofs, parodies, comical raps and even some earnest love songs all themed around social networking, the online world, and the companies within it.

So, clear your throat, get your air guitar sound checked, and get your drumstick pencils ready, then go singalong through the video gallery below and let us know your favorite social songs in the comments…

1. A Social Network for Two: A Modern Love Song

Who wouldn't want to be serenaded with this short and sweet ditty from Zefrank?

2. My Mom's on Facebook

Blood of TigerCat adds some metal, and a considerable amount of hair, to the question we've all had to ask ourselves -- should I accept my mom's friend request on Facebook?

3. Welcome To YouTube

Comedic singer-songwriter Bo Burnham turns his satirical sights to the YouTube platform, managing to rhyme "frolic" with "alcoholic" which we'd guess must be some kind of first.

8. The New Dork - Entrepreneur State of Mind

We're big fans of this spoof song -- and that's not just because of the Mashable name-check.

5. I Follow You

This slightly bittersweet tune will ring true with any one who has had a special friend -- on the other side of the world.

7. LOLcats Song

Made with "many many apologies to The Cure" LOLcats get their own theme tune. Or theme out-of-tune might be more accurate.

9. Web Site Story

CollegeHumor gives West Side Story (itself based on Romeo and Juliet) a Web 2.0 makeover in this social song. (Unfortunately, embedding has been disabled for this video, so you'll have to click through to watch.)

4. The Foursquare Rap - Badges Like Us

The location-based social networking service du jour gets the rap treatment with the valuable advice -- don't check in to your house. That's just lame. Word.

10. Everybody Tweet

We think is a parody, but we're not entirely certain that it's not serious. Please let it be a parody...

6. Chatroulette Song (Slightly NSFW)

The always amusing Jon Lajoie manages to capture the entire essence of Chatroulette in one catchy little song.

NSFW BONUS: Sit on My Facebook (Internet Love Song)

The Scribes and the Pantless Knights teamed up for this hilarious but definitely NSFW track which brings all kinds of sexual innuendos to the social space. Again, not something to be watching at work.

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