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February 25 2014

February 12 2014

'The Wolf of Wall Street' Parody Swaps Money Stacks for Keg Stands

Of 2013's biggest films, none were more immersed in bro culture than Martin Scorsese's The Wolf of Wall Street. So it seems fitting that of all the Oscar nominees a fraternity could choose to parody, this is the one it chose

Johns Hopkins University's chapter of Phi Kappa Psi created this shot-for-shot parody of Wall Street's official trailer, swapping its setting from Manhattan streets to the frat party scene.

The clip imagines the "Wolf of Phi Psi" as he narrowly evades campus authorities looking to shut down his fraternity's hard partying ways. It even features a believable impression of Matthew McConaughey's role as a coke-addled Wall Street big-wig. Read more...

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February 06 2014

'Frozen' Parody Asks 'Do You Want to Be My Boyfriend?'

Sorry Olaf, but it's almost Valentine's Day and the funny folks at Barkada are on the hunt for something to keep them a little warmer than a snowman.

The comedy group took a somber song from Disney's Frozen and translated it for all the #foreveralone ladies out there just looking for Mr. Right.

Unfortunately, the parody ends as disappointingly as the original with the singer left all by her "selfie" while we're left to wonder what superpowers a girl needs to get a date around here.

At any rate, we think Anna would approve.

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February 02 2014

Priceline Parodies Super Bowl Ads on Vine

Priceline is tapping into the power of the second screen with a social media campaign timed to coincide with Super Bowl this Sunday.

In an effort to promote the booking site's Express Deals, Priceline is creating "express" versions of other brand's Super Bowl commercials.

Priceline is planning to recreate the ads using puppets. It's airing the new spots on the six-second video app Vine.

The campaign is meant to align with Priceline's messaging of saving money and time.

The first video released by Priceline is an express version of Sodastream's now censored Super Bowl ad starring Scarlett Johansson. Read more...

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January 29 2014

Swedish Marines Channel John Travolta For 'Greased Lightning' Parody

Prepare yourself for a "Greased Lightning" parody that would make Danny Zuko proud.

A group of Swedish marines currently stationed in Afghanistan took some time out of their schedule to create an impressive lip dub. Seriously, this could woo Sandy all over again.

The clip is an homage to one of the 1978 film's most iconic dance scenes, complete with top notch choreography that rivals the original

Don't believe us? See below.

greased lightning

greased lightning marines

Image: Imgur, spidermilk


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January 26 2014

Tech Support for 'Her' Could Get a Little Complicated

If you've seen Joaquin Phoenix in Her — the heartbreaking movie about a man falling in love with his operating system's artificial intelligence — it's likely that, much like Phoenix's protagonist, you're still reeling from the ending.

The film's unexpected emotional resonance hit many viewers hard. It's about a man's relationship with his computer, for goodness sake. It wasn't supposed to make us feel this much existential confusion and pain.

The film buffs over at CineFix created a video to offer a little consolation. They hypothesize what would happen after the credits roll and Phoenix is left to troubleshoot his, um, complicated system issue. Read more...

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January 24 2014

Seth Rogen Is Your Stoner OS Boyfriend in 'Him'

Spike Jonze's romantic drama Her introduces Scarlett Johansson as an OS so alluring that even we couldn't help falling in love with her.

But if the sound of ScarJo's voice fails to draw you in, there are other options. Perhaps you might be interested in "Him," the Her parody featuring the charmingly irresponsible voice of "Seth Rogen."

For this parody from Paul Gale Comedy, comedian Frank Garcia Hejl delivers a Rogen impression that channels all of the actor's lovable goofiness. And the brash dialogue, written by Paul Gale and Alison Vingiano, sounds like lines pulled straight from a Judd Apatow flick. Read more...

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'Breaking the Facts of Life' Imagines a Happier, Zanier Heisenberg

Everyone's favorite ambiguous anti-heroes may be off the air, but never out of our hearts.

AMC's Breaking Bad was filled with five seasons' worth of serious tension. It wouldn't surprise us to learn several of its viewers have little Heisenberg-shaped ulcers lining their stomachs.

Fortunately, this new YouTube video sugarcoats all of that unpleasantness and imagines a more zany life for Walter White and friends.

Editor Robert Jones mashed together the more madcap moments from the show (when taken completely out of context) with the delightful and infectiously catchy Facts of Life theme song. Read more...

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January 23 2014

Beyoncé Parody Shows Just How Flawless You Look in the Morning

No one should compare themselves to Beyoncé, ever. We all know she's flawless, and it will almost certainly end in tears. (Whether or not those tears come from laughter is a different story.)

Comedy duo Emotistyle took on the challenge with a YouTube parody of the singer's recent hit "Flawless." Except this track is a little more down to earth.

The singing twosome start the video glammed up with perfect make-up and clothing, but quickly change the tune to a more realistic portrait of what all humans look like when we wake up.

If anything, this proves that Beyoncé is a superhuman. Read more...

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'Mean Girls' Gets a Sharp-Clawed Cat Parody

You go, Glen Calico!

YouTube pet channel The Pet Collective is famous for its all-cat remakes of classic films. Their latest installment tackles Mean Girls with a very literal spin on the film's already catty nature.

"Mean Cats" follow "Kitty" Heron as she enters the world of a sharp-clawed high school clique. You'll watch for the movie references, but you'll stay for the unending cat puns.

Previously, The Pet Collective sunk its claws into Home Alone, Toy Story and The Lion King.

Have something to add to this story? Share it in the comments. Read more...

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Parody Trailer Out-Quirks Any Indie Movie at Sundance

Film festivals offer a great way to discover new filmmakers and movies not widely screened. However, with so many independent films hitting theaters in recent years, it has become difficult to discriminate from one quirky critical darling from the next

YouTube comedy group Tastes Funny created the perfect Sundance trailer, jam-packed with every indie movie cliché under the sun, from an obscure soundtrack comprised solely of clapping hands to adorable children frolicking with sparklers. Special praise should also be given for the fake film's "endorsements," including such gems like "Michael Cera reinvents himself again as a bumbling, awkward manchild" and "so many people to feel sorry for...it made me feel so much better about my life." Read more...

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January 21 2014

One Direction Shred Video Ruins Your Crush on Harry Styles

No pop star is safe from criticism — or a good YouTube "shred."

Artists from Creed to The Who have fallen victim to the shred, a technique that dubs over cringeworthy audio on live performance videos

One Direction's loyal fan base probably won't appreciate the latest one, though. YouTube user SamRick recut the boy band's American Music Awards performance of "Story of My Life" with audio that sounds more like bad karaoke.

Mashable did not make this video, so please, Directioners, don't send us mean threats via Twitter.


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January 13 2014

Lorde Parody Accurately Describes Life in Your Thirties

Oh, to be young again. It's difficult to look at a generation younger than yours and not be slightly jealous of the youth they're taking for granted

L.A.-based comedian Molly Dworsky felt enough nostalgia for her high school years to write a parody of Lorde's hit tune "Royals." Dworsky complains about the cost of healthcare, weight gain and various adult responsibilities.

Most of us would probably take gaining a few pounds and gray hair over going back to high school any day

A sampling of lyrics:

"My friends and I can tell we're old
We count our dollars in our IRA while you party
And once we're in our comfy clothes
We watch YouTube clips
Eat chips and feel self-pity

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January 09 2014

'Pulp Fiction' Earns an 8-Bit Revamp

The suspenseful vignettes that comprise Quentin Tarantino's Pulp Fiction would make for one criminally entertaining video-game spin-off.

YouTube channel CineFix reimagined the cult classic as an old-school Nintendo game for a new video in its "8-Bit Cinema" series.

Follow Vince, Jules, Butch and Mia as they fight, steal and twist their way through this 8-bit revamp

CineFix previously created 8-bit versions of thrillers such as The Shining and The Dark Knight.

Image: YouTube, CineFix

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December 28 2013

'Kung Fury' Is the '80s Cop Film Parody of Your Dreams

Cop movies of the 1980s aren't known for understated acting and nuanced storytelling. They're brash action films packed with sports cars, bad haircuts and questionable references to Chinese martial arts.

Director David Sandberg has taken to Kickstarter to fund the ultimate '80s action parody, a full-length film he's titled Kung Fury

According to the project's page, Kung Fury is an "over-the-top action comedy starring a "super kung-fu cop" who travels from the 1980s to the 1940s to assassinate Adolf Hitler and end the Nazi regime for good. Read more...

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December 24 2013

A Very Special Christmas Warning From the NSA

The National Security Agency has a very special warning for Americans celebrating Christmas this year: There's a spy on the loose and he'll be climbing down your chimney this Wednesday

But most importantly, the NSA is relying on you to help catch him. Typical lazy government.

Comedian Dartanion London dreamed up this NSA PRISM parody, which stars an anonymous agent encouraging Americans to help track down Santa Claus using only their cell phones. Just open up your phone, say the code name "Santana" or type it into a web browser

"Believe me," the agent says. "We'll see it."

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December 18 2013

Apple's Holiday Ad Has One Major Flaw

Apple's holiday ad for the iPhone 5S has been justly deemed "heartwarming," but that hasn't stopped the inevitable criticism.

On Tuesday, Gizmodo's Brian Barrett made the case that the ad isn't all that touching, since the seemingly disaffected teen in the ad remains aloof from his family, despite creating a poignant video souvenir of the family's holiday together

Others have also pointed out that the teen is only shown holding his phone in an upright position. Now, YouTube user Andy Nguyen proved it even more explicitly. The video above shows what the boy's iPhone shots would actually look like on TV, demonstrating why Apple took creative license Read more...

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December 17 2013

Brutally Honest Tourism Ad Will Make You Rethink NYC

New York City is a wonderful town full of great opportunities, fun experiences and interesting people. Also, sometimes it smells bad

In fact, there are several things that make city living kind of terrible, and those issues are exactly what comedy group Sure Sure Sure highlights in their recent video.

With the same upbeat tone and smiling faces of a regular tourism ad, NYC comedian Daniel Hubbard (who wrote the video) and a team of actors from Upright Citizens Brigade cheerfully take a harsher look at the city that never sleeps.

Be sure to check out more of Sure Sure Sure's sketches on their YouTube channel. Read more...

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December 12 2013

Victoria's Secret Semi-Annual Sales Happen More Often Than You Think

If you caught the Victoria's Secret Fashion Show on Tuesday night, you've probably decided that your underwear drawer is due for a major overhaul. Luckily, you won't have to wait long for one of the lingerie house's semi-annual sales. In fact, there's probably one going on right now.

A parody video from UCB Comedy pokes fun at Victoria's Secret's ambiguously-timed sales, each of which promises to be the company's "biggest sale yet."

As the voiceover says, "If you miss this, you'll have missed the boat for a few weeks, probably."

The hilarious clip, above, does mention the few times each year when VS deals aren't available, including Australian summer and alternating Mondays. Mark that down on your calendars, ladies. Read more...

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December 10 2013

'The Hungover Games' Is a Real, Actual Movie

Combining the narratives from The Hunger Games and The Hangover, The Hungover Games follows four guys at a bachelor party who wake up on their way to a battle to the death.

The parody pokes fun at more than just the two films that help form its title, it also takes shots at Carrie, Ted, and Willy Wonka.

And the film doesn't lack familiar faces, Tara Reid becomes the film's take on Effie Trinket, Bruce Jenner is a commentator for the games, while comedian Jamie Kennedy is the Haymitch stand-in

While the trailer itself is painful enough to sit through, it is a real movie, set to release sometime in 2014. One wouldn't be wrong to assume this comes from the masterminds of films like Date Movie and Epic Movie — however, one would be incorrect, as they already came out with their own spoof in October, titled The Starving Games Read more...

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