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February 27 2014

February 25 2014

February 16 2014

February 06 2014

15 Kids Who Clearly Dressed Themselves

Kids wear the darndest things. They love to mismatch, over-accessorize, dress up, dress down, or sometimes dress in ways that you couldn't have imagined

While some of us feel intimidated by a pop of color, these experimental tykes let their little imaginations run wild with all the fashion possibilities provided in their (or your) closet. And who are we to stifle their originality, even if their choices may be a little eccentric? They probably won't even notice their regrettable fashion decisions until way later in life.

Until then, lets encourage all children express themselves like these pint-sized independent spirits. Read more...

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February 05 2014

10 Apps to Help You Through Baby's First Year

The first months of having a baby are rough, regardless of whether you are a repeat parent, like me, or a rookie just entering the exhilarating and exhausting fray.

In those newborn months and even through the first year, most weary-eyed parents go into survival mode, yet miraculously adapt to all of the challenges that come with the transition

While there isn’t any technology to get your baby to start sleeping through the night at eight weeks (yet!), there are plenty of great apps that can help you in one way or another during that foggy and fantastic first year. We've compiled 10 of them in the gallery above. Read more...

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December 25 2013

Teens' Bonds with Parents Affect Their Sleep

Sleeping habits change when kids enter their teen years in part because of changing hormone levels. But a recent study suggests that social ties, such as relationships with friends and parents, may play a bigger role than biology in influencing teen sleep.

Researchers analyzed information from nearly 1,000 adolescents, following them from age 12 to 15. The teens answered questions about all aspects of their lives, including their sleep habits, relationships with parents and friends, and involvement in school. Nurses also examined the teens each year of the study, to assess how quickly they were going through puberty. Read more...

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December 17 2013

Parents See Their Youngest Children as Smaller Than They Actually Are

We all know that birth order has some kind of affect on how our personalities are perceived by our family members, but according to findings recently published in Current Biology, it also affects how our bodies are perceived. Specifically, it makes everyone mistakenly think that the youngest in each family appears smaller than they really are.

A group of researchers from Swinburne University in Melbourne rounded up a bunch of mothers whose kids were in the 2- to -6-year-old age range and asked them to estimate exactly how tall their children were by marking a featureless wall. They then compared these estimates to the actual height of each child. Read more...

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December 13 2013

Parasitic Worms, Hot Baths Tested as Autism Treatments

Although the remedies may sound unconventional, doctors are currently testing whether infecting people with worms or giving them hot baths could reduce some symptoms of autism.

In small, early clinical trials, the unusual treatments — which involve using parasitic worm eggs to trigger anti-inflammatory signals in the gut, or raising the body temperature to mimic the effects of an infection — lessened the repetitive behaviors and other symptoms of the disorders; even so, scientists say the effects must be replicated before the treatments can be considered safe and effective.

"All three studies are interesting and merit further investigation," said Dr. Andrew Adesman, chief of developmental and behavioral pediatrics at Steven & Alexandra Cohen Children's Medical Center of New York in New Hyde Park, who was not involved in the studies. "To what extent they can lead to clinical treatment is unclear," Adesman said Read more...

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December 07 2013

3D Virtual Birth Simulator Could Help Doctors Prepare for Delivery

It seems there's almost nothing computers can't simulate these days: Now, a new computer program simulates human birth using 3D virtual reality.

The simulator is the first of its kind to take into account factors such as the shape of the mother's body, and the shape and position of the baby. It could help doctors and midwives prepare for unusual or dangerous births, according to the researchers in England who developed it.

"You can't see inside during a live birth. The simulator shows you what's happening inside," said Rudy Lapeer, a computer scientist at the University of East Anglia, leader of the research that was presented Nov. 22 at a conference on E-Health and Bioengineering in Romania Read more...

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December 05 2013

U.S. Pregnancy Rate Reaches 12-Year Low

The U.S. pregnancy rate has fallen almost continuously over the last decade and reached a 12-year low in 2009, according to a new government report.

Researchers analyzed information on U.S. pregnancy rates for women ages 15 to 44 over the last two decades, with 2009 being the most recent year with data available.

During that period, the U.S. pregnancy rate fell 12%, from 115.8 pregnancies per 1,000 women in 1990, to 102.1 pregnancies per 1,000 women in 2009.

The total number of pregnancies in 2009 was about 6.3 million, which resulted in 4.1 million live births, 1.1 million induced abortions and 1.1 million pregnancy losses, according to the report. Read more...

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December 04 2013

'Love Hormone' Oxytocin May Help Children With Autism

For children with autism, a dose of oxytocin — the so-called "love hormone" — seems to fine-tune the activity in brain areas linked to social interactions, according to a new study.

Although the hormone didn't change children's social skills in the study, its boosting effect on the brain's social areas suggests that using oxytocin nasal sprays immediately before behavioral therapies could boost the effects of those treatments, the researchers said.

"Oxytocin temporarily normalized brain regions responsible for the social deficits seen in children with autism," said study researcher Ilanit Gordon, a neuroscientist at Yale University in New Haven, Conn Read more...

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November 25 2013

Dinosaurs Come to Life Again for Dinovember

If you thought dinosaurs were extinct, think again. This week alone, a horde of dinosaurs have already found hidden treasure, performed a shadow puppet show, experienced an accidental Ice Age and had a domestic disaster while ironing.

These are just a few of the dinosaur pranks that Refe Tuma and his wife Susan Tuma have staged for Dinovember, a month-long project in which the Tumas construct nightly dinosaur vignettes.

The project started in 2012 as a way for the Tumas to engage with their four children

"It kind of was just a way to reconnect with our kids and to get ourselves excited to be parents again," Refe Tuma told Mashable. "My wife, on a whim, decided to set up dinosaurs in the bathroom sink. The next morning, my daughter ran into our room and said, 'The dinosaurs came to life and they are brushing their teeth!'" Read more...

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October 29 2013

The iPad Era Hasn't Turned Your Kids Into Screen-Time Zombies Yet

Here’s fresh data to fan the flames of a perennial parenting freak out: children and screen time. A new study released Monday by Common Sense Media details the way young children consume electronic media, based on a large national survey of children under eights years old. Yes, everyone’s kids are obsessed with smartphones. The three most striking findings:

Mobile Devices Are Popular — Just Not as Popular as TV: 38% of children under two have used a tablet, smartphone or other mobile devices. In general, the use of mobile devices is exploding. Three-quarters of households with young children now have some kind of mobile device, and 72% of children have gotten their hands on one. That seems to indicate that there is only a 4% chance that you can own a smartphone or tablet and keep your toddler away from it. Read more...

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October 28 2013

38% of Children Under 2 Use Mobile Media, Study Says

Nearly two in five children have used a tablet or smartphone before they could speak in full sentences, according to a new report.

Conducted by family advocacy organization Common Sense Media, the study found that 38% of children under the age of 2 have used a mobile device for playing games, watching videos or other media-related purposes. In 2011, only 10% had.

By the age of 8, 72% of children have used a smartphone, tablet or similar device

"This is the true sign that the digital generation has arrived," Common Sense Media's founder and CEO Jim Steyer told Mashable. Read more...

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October 25 2013

Sesame Street Wants Kids to Log On and Learn STEM

Muppets may never age, but they can still keep up with the times.

In late September, Sesame Workshop, the non-profit educational arm of the long-running children's TV series Sesame Street, launched Little Discoverers, a new "digital destination" for children and parents to engage in science, technology, engineering and math.

With support from CA Technologies, the S.D. Bechtel Jr. Foundation and the Heising-Simons Foundation, the initiative aims to make the most of early childhood experiences with STEM through games, interactive videos, and even hands-on activities and science experiments Read more...

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September 29 2013

Nuna Pepp Is a Compact and Lightweight Stroller for Urban Parents

The Nuna Pepp is sure to make you wonder why Americans need to have everything so big.

The European stroller, which only recently debuted in the United States, is compact and incredibly light, weighing in at just 19 pounds. Despite its smaller size, the stroller still has a shade, storage basket and five-point harness.

We had a chance to test drive the Pepp stroller, and found it to be snappy, compact and very chic. Assembly was a breeze, and it folds incredibly flat for easy storage.

The compactness of the stroller is probably its best feature; place it side-by-side with a typical American stroller, and you’ll definitely see the difference. Read more...

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September 26 2013

60% of Parents Have Distracted Their Kids With a Smartphone or Tablet

Just 20% of parents of children under 18 have never handed their children a gadget of some sort to keep them occupied

The most popular device to give kids? Nearly half (47%) of parents have handed their children a smartphone to keep them busy.

Statista created this chart showing the percentages of parents that have handed their children different tech gizmos.


Are you a parent who uses your smartphone or tablet to distract your children? Admit your guilt, or share your reasoning, in the comments.

Image: Flickr, Tim Olson

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September 10 2013

Baby Jumpsuit Reports Nighttime Activity Levels

There appear to be very few limits where the "quantified self" movement can go, especially if this piece of baby monitoring equipment designed to give parents peace of mind is anything to go by.

Mimo is a connected onesie that monitors a baby’s sleep and feeds the information back to parents using an integrated smartphone app.

For some it may seem like technology gone too far, but it could address the very real problem of 4,000 infants who die suddenly every year in the U.S., often with no obvious cause. Many of these deaths occur during sleep, so Mimo alleviates any fears parents might have by letting them know everything is all right and setting off an alarm when things are not. Read more...

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August 25 2013

BabyPing Monitor: Ace Gadget, Lousy App

The BabyPing baby monitor is a great high-quality video and audio monitor. Unfortunately the app you need to use it isn't up to speed.

We put this monitor to the paces for about a week and had repeated connection issue inside the app. The camera monitor itself never lost connection to my home Wi-Fi network, a very reliable network that I've clocked in at 81 mbps. The app was able to receive a signal but only for a few minutes at a time before losing picture and sound.

Baby monitors that run on your home Wi-Fi rather than short-wave radio frequencies are becoming increasingly popular because there is less interference, and you can add additional layers of security to prevent perverts from hacking your signal. Read more...

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August 09 2013

Keep It Clean: 8 Tools to Block Porn and Sexting

If Anthony Weiner has taught us anything, it's that sometimes naughty pics just aren't worth it

Sexting and pornography can be a problem for parents with teens. For teenagers and preteens, sexting can have major consequences, the least of which being a bad reputation. Nude selfies are still considered child pornography and are against the law. Even if the photo never makes it into the wrong hands, one study shows that teens who engage in sexting are more likely to take bigger sexual risks (such as having sex) that could lead to sexually transmitted diseases or teen pregnancy.

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