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February 27 2014

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February 25 2014

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February 14 2014

Careful, Comcast. You're Waking a Sleeping Giant

News of Comcast's proposed $44 billion purchase of Time Warner Cable hit the Internet late Wednesday night. Instantly, there was rejoicing. Grateful TWC users sent teary-eyed congratulations to each other, nostalgia for their current cable provider already mingling with sweet anticipatory delight over its new owners. Meanwhile, Comcast's millions of satisfied customers broke out the champagne and welcomed their new brethren to the greatest entertainment experience on Earth.

Done laughing yet? No, of course, none of that happened. Both companies are so regularly loathed by users, so widely perceived to be uncaring monopolies, that news of the deal acted like a force multiplier. If you were watching the reaction on Twitter — and it was pretty much universal — you got a taste of what might happen if Hell were to announce it had bought Purgatory Read more...

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Surfing Organization Rides the Snapchat Wave

Go big or go home. That's what ASP, the Association of Surfing Professionals, decided when it arrived on Snapchat

Since its Snapchat account launch, ASP has been able to give followers a gnarly look at the world's best surfers, with real-time updates on epic waves and big competitionsMashable chatted with these surfing experts to gain some perspective on their experiences with Snapchat.

How has ASP connected surfing to social media?

The sport's commitment to investigating and activating new technologies and mediums through which to reach their fans has been apparent throughout 2013 and 2014. The new ASPWorldTour platform was launched with engaging, educational and entertaining digital content. ASP reprogrammed its Facebook, Twitter and Instagram accounts to great success, and began a Snapchat initiative that is delivering live content and stories in an unprecedented fashion
ASP Surf Snapchat

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February 13 2014

Will Comcast and Time Warner Cable Sink Net Neutrality?

The No. 1 and No. 2 cable providers will join forces to become a giant that will control around 30% of the television market, as well as almost half of the bundle market for Internet, TV and phone.

If and when the $45 billion Comcast-Time Warner Cable deal is approved, Comcast will effectively become the largest Internet provider in America. But how will this deal affect consumers around the county? How will it affect Internet freedom and American's access to affordable, fast broadband?

The Case for Panic

Comcast's larger number of subscribers will give the company even more of a stronghold on a market that critics already say is too monopolized, and this deal should make the situation even worse. Read more...

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