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February 21 2014

February 20 2014

February 11 2014

Documentarian Ken Burns Launches iPad App

Ken Burns revealed his latest project Monday — and it's not a documentary. The filmmaker's latest venture is actually an iPad app

Simply called the Ken Burns app, it is an interactive catalog of the documentarian's films

"Working with some of the most talented people in tech today, we’ve tried to rethink how we can tell the story of America using our films and technology," Burns said in a release. "The iPad app and the PBS website allow me to talk about and present my work in an entirely new way — one that reveals how my films interrelate."

photo (6)

The Ken Burns app has themed playlists featuring clips from all of Burns' films.

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February 05 2014

New Apple Patents Hint at Solar-Powered Devices

Apple may be going green in the next few years, based on the latest patents given to the company, which reveal solar cells may soon be in all of Apple’s devices

Apple appears to be creating a new device that can let natural light in and absorb the energy via solar cells in the devices. The key component in the patent is Smart Glass, or electrochromic glass. Acting like sunglasses, the glass can fluctuate its translucency to filter in light.

The idea is to have a layer of photovoltaic cells – cells found in solar panels that absorb energy – located behind the LCD screen on the back of the device to work with the Smart Glass. Since the Smart Glass can sense when natural light is present and filter more light in, the solar cells would absorb more energy when needed and available. This gives new meaning to the term “smart device.” Read more...

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January 27 2014

Apple Sells 51 Million iPhones in Q1, Stock Drops 5%

Only Apple could sell more than 50 million iPhones in a quarter and still see its stock suffer a significant drop right after.

Apple sold 51 million iPhones in the first quarter, the first time it has surpassed 50 million iPhones sold in a single quarter, but less than analysts had expected. By comparison, Apple sold 47.8 million iPhones in the same quarter a year earlier.

Apple CEO Tim Cook had predicted in October that it would be "an iPad Christmas," and it appears he was right. Apple reported selling 26 million iPads, up from 22.9 million the same quarter a year earlier Read more...

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January 23 2014

Dell VP: Tablets Aren't Cut Out For 'Real Work'

It's probably not a stretch to say that increased competition from the iPhone and iPad in the workplace played a role in Michael Dell deciding to take his company private last year in a $25 billion deal. So why does Dell's vice president of commercial sales operation, Bobbi Dangerfield, sound like she's down on tablets for business? In a recent interview, the exec shared that "the tablet is great if you're trying to do a little email or you want to read something or whatever. But if you've got real work to do then they're still not a substitute for the PC."

Sure, the 8-inch Venue 8 Pro has been a strong seller, but ultimately Dangerfield is more focused on PC sales in 2014 as a driver for the consumer market and as an entry point for selling end-to-end solutions to medium-size businesses. So far, this renewed focus on the PC is working. Dell's sales increased by 7.4 percent in the fourth quarter of 2013, while the overall market sank 6.9 percent. Read more...

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January 12 2014

Apple Commercial Uses Poetry to Profile the iPad as a Creative Tool

Running second only to the iPhone in terms of sales of Apple products, the iPad continues to dominate the tablet space, further fueled by the late 2013 release of the iPad Air and the iPad mini

Now, in what appears to be a follow-up to the artistic marketing approach given to the iPad back in October, Apple has released a new iPad commercial spot that relies heavily on poetry set to inspiring imagery

The video opens to a montage of moments showing people using the iPad to shoot video in remote locales, photograph live music events, analyze data in various business and strategic situations and even control robots Read more...

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December 30 2013

Magazines See iPad Sales Grow, but Is It Too Little Too Late?

Don't call it a comeback, at least not yet.

The number of ads purchased in 2013 for iPad editions of magazines rose 16%, according to a study by the Association of Magazine Media and Kantar Media. That's good news for an industry hit by falling ad revenue, but another number stands out in the report: Print ad units were almost unchanged from the year before, down a fraction of a percent

With print revenue comprising more than half of magazine revenues, news that print ad units were steady is a welcome relief. Ad pages are a closely followed indicator of the magazine industry, as the magazines' rates change from publication to publication and often client to client. Read more...

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December 29 2013

Apple’s iPad Dominated U.S. Tablet Sales in 2013

Report: Apple’s iPad Has Dominated US Tablet Sales In 2013

Apple’s iPad is continuing to dominate U.S. personal computing device sales, and according to recent data, it drastically outsold both Android- and Windows-powered tablets this past year. The data comes from the NPD Group, which also had some interesting information to share concerning notebook sales, too.

Out of all personal computing devices sold between January and November 2013, the iPad (the 9.7-inch iPad and the iPad mini combined) accounted for 15.8%. This is a lesser figure than the iPad’s share of 2012’s sales, which was slightly higher at 17.1%, but it’s nevertheless bigger than the shares attributed to both Android- and Windows-powered tablets. Read more...

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December 26 2013

The Beginner's Guide to Your New iPad

There’s nothing like that first euphoric moment just after unboxing your new iPad Air or Retina iPad mini.

What usually follows is five to 10 minutes of marveling over the care and consideration Apple design chief Jony Ive put into the packaging. That includes playing with those tiny plastic doodads you’ll inevitably have to discard at some point.

But that was all just a tease leading up to the good stuff. Finally, after all the highfalutin commercial spots, media hype about supply shortages and unsuccessful attempts by competitors to sully the iPad's image, you finally have one of your very own. Now you’re just wondering how to harness all that pencil-thin tablet power sitting in your hands. Read more...

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December 25 2013

11 Best iPad Apps of 2013

Whether you're new to the iPad or looking to add to your app collection, 2013 brought in a healthy dosage of innovative, addictive options for Apple tablets

From strategy games to educational apps, some of the most engaging iPad downloads may be ones that slipped under the radar.

Above, take a look at some of our top picks from the year. Which apps stole away hours of your day? Let us know in the comments below.

Image: Mashable, Christina Ascani

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December 23 2013

Apple Prepping 12.9-Inch iPad for 2014, Report Says

It’s never too late in the year for a new Apple rumor. The latest, emerging from Asia, claims that the company has a larger sized iPad in the works

Citing a source from Apple’s Asia supply chain, Digitimes reports that the company may be preparing to release a 12.9-inch tablet sometime in October of 2014

This latest report follows a similar rumor published in the Wall Street Journal this summer that claimed that Apple was testing a new iPad with a screen measuring “slightly less than 13-inches."

The Digitimes report also claims that Apple’s larger tablet will be manufactured by Taiwan-based PC manufacturer Quanta Computer Read more...

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December 17 2013

This App Overhauls the Calculator For Mobile Devices

Calculators fall somewhere between socks and toothbrushes on the excitement scale, but one new app aims to make them fun again.

Tydlig, a recently released app for iPhone and iPad, rethinks the calculator-app experience for mobile devices. Unlike most calculator apps — including the default app on Apple devices — which focus on the number pad and offer a select few functions, Tydlig offers graphing features, and opens up more of the screen's real estate for custom math functions.

You can have multiple equations open at once, and link them together so that changes in one are reflected in the other. You can also tap and drag numbers around on the screen. You can even share your calculations with others, which might be useful at work or in school Read more...

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November 23 2013

The 13-Inch iPad Rumor Makes Absolutely No Sense

The Apple rumor-mill went into overdrive this week, with renewed reports that the company has started production of a 12.9-inch iPad, the so-called iPad Pro

We've been hearing reports of a larger iPad almost as long as we've heard rumors of a larger iPhone, which is to say, years

The latest rumor comes from The Korea Times, citing a so-called "official at a local Apple supplier in Korea," the paper says Apple is going to reveal a 12.9-inch iPad in early 2014. The rationale for the bigger tablet? Apparently Apple is going to have to play catch-up with LG and Samsung, who are selling larger tablets. Read more...

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November 22 2013

Life on iPad: Apple Shares Impressive iPad Stories

Apple has launched a new page on its website, titled "Life on iPad," showcasing some of the most interesting stories around iPad use

The page consists of one beautifully shot video and six articles, detailing some of the most interesting projects in which the iPad was used. These include the work of an engineer on a Siemens wind turbine, the preparations of speedskater Bridie Farrell, data analysis at Palmaz Vineyards in Napa, Calif., an off-road car race, a dance rehearsal on Broadway and a liver transplant at the Yokohama City University

Apple has launched the new iPad Air and the Retina iPad mini in October, but it still hasn't released — like it often does — the sales figures on each device. The iPad Air starts at $499, while the Retina iPad mini can be had for $299 Read more...

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November 21 2013

Verizon Charges $5 Daily for New Tablet Data Plan

Verizon is now offering a $5 daily data plan for tablets for those who want faster speeds and don't want to pay for a monthly plan

The company announced the prepaid daily plan for tablets and other connected devices on Thursday for up to 300MB of data — more than enough for casual web browsing and checking email; however, if you're looking to download HD videos, you'll run out of data quickly. The plan lasts for 24 hours or until you hit 300MB.

It's a smart move for the Verizon to offer tablet users bite-size chunks of data at low cost. Think: waiting at the airport, long train rides or anytime when you're away from reliable Wi-Fi for an extended period of time. Read more...

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What Your iPad Grip Says About You

The way you maintain your expensive tech says volumes about your personality. Do you cradle your iPad like a newborn? Or maybe you're of the risk-taking variety, the "e-reader in the pool" type?

With the holiday season in full tow, industry analysts and Apple executives are expecting an "iPad Christmas." If the tablet community is about to see a population explosion, we think a good, highly data-driven user analysis is well overdue.*

*By "data," we mean opinion, obvi.

Look through our humorous infographic. Have you thought about how you hold your iPad? It might mean more than you think. Read more...

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November 20 2013

Apple Brings Retail Experience to iPad With First Shopping App

Apple wants to make shopping easier this holiday season with the iPad's first-ever retail app, which comes loaded with features to make product discovery more seamless.

The Apple Store for iPad is designed specifically for iOS 7, capitalizing on using gestures to find more products from Apple's online store.

Since iPhone users typically use their devices to look up store directions and get information about products quickly, Apple created a different experience for the iPad with deeper swipe, zoom and gesture functionality to browse leisurely

Sure, you can find products on the iPhone by tapping away on your thumbs, but it's hard to really compare products because the display real estate is so small. With the iPad app, you can zoom in to see minor details on the products — such as leather material — and really get a feel for what the items look like in person. Read more...

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November 19 2013

FiftyThree's New Pencil Stylus and Paper App Are a Perfect Match

Apple has sold iPad and iPhone styluses in its stores for years, but it wasn’t until recently that I noticed one of the company's promo videos showing someone using a stylus on an iPad. For me, that was a watershed moment, since I’ve been drawing on iPads with a stylus since almost the day it launched in 2010

These styluses are typically not powered, and work via capacitive touch, just like your finger on an iPad screen. Companies such as Targus, Wacom and Hard Candy have produced some very good models, but all of them share one trait that, for artists like me, takes some getting used to: You have to keep your hand off the screen when drawing with them. If I rest my palm on the screen when drawing with a Wacom Bamboo Stylus Solo, for example, the iPad thinks I’m performing a multi-finger gesture Read more...

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November 16 2013

Which Tablet Is the Best Fit for You?

The holiday season is getting closer, and many people will be adding a tablet to their wish lists this year.

But how do you decide which tablet is best for you? Are you loyal to Apple's iPad models, or are you more interested in Google's Nexus 7 tablet? Do you need a powerhouse tablet for work, or do you want a device for entertainment?

Whatever your needs or preferences, Mashable reviewed a number of tablets based on a variety of uses, regardless of price. They include everything from tablets for users who want an affordable device without all the extra features, to tablets for those who need one that can do it all. Read more...

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