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February 24 2014

January 16 2014

And the Winners for Best Oscar Snubs and Surprises Go To ...

Some actors, actresses and films were left off the Oscar ballots in favor of other performers and movies when the nominees for the Academy Awards were announced Thursday

Moviegoers expressed their disdain for and approval of this year's exclusions as well as contenders, who will find out their fate on March 2 at which time the Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences will hand out gold statuettes to winners

Among the most-discussed snubs was Tom Hanks in the Best Actor category for his role as a captain of a hijacked ship in Captain Phillips. On the other hand, Jonah Hill's nod in the Best Supporting Actor field for his work in The Wolf of Wall Street surprised many Read more...

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August 27 2012

Fandango Has Best Summer Ever Thanks to Mobile Ticket Sales

Online movie ticketer Fandango announced Monday that summer 2012 was the best in the company's history, thanks in part to an increase in mobile ticket sales.

Fandango says that summer ticket sales -- that's May-August for movie theaters -- were up 26% year-over-year, thanks to blockbuster hits such as The Avengers and The Dark Knight Rises.

The company credits mobile with helping drive ticket sales to its theaters. Fandango says that downloads of the apps were up 43% year over year, bringing total downloads to 26 million. Fandango has apps for iOS, Android, BlackBerry and Windows Phone.

Perhaps the biggest indicator of mobile's importance is the fact that almost 30% of all ticket sa…
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July 14 2011

Harry Potter and the Social Media Surge

The Summer Blockbuster Series analyzes the social media campaigns behind major summer movie releases and runs each Thursday.

Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows Part 2, the final film in the uber-successful Harry Potter film franchise, opens in the United States on Friday, July 15, 2011.

The film series has generated billions at the box office, and with the eighth installment, Warner Bros. has kicked up its social media marketing game. In addition to the official site at HarryPotter.com, the following social networks are being used to promote the film.


Warner Bros. has long maintained a solid Facebook presence for the Harry Potter film series. With Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows Part 2, the studio ramped up its efforts in engagement and in Facebook app features.

Nearly 29 million users have “liked” the Harry Potter Facebook Page, with a big chunk of those users “liking” in just the past week.

The Independent reported on the surge in Facebook “like” activity in the days leading up to the film’s London premiere. In the week before the premiere (which occurred on July 7, 2011), the Harry Potter Facebook Page gained nearly 100,000 new fans per day.

That kind of growth is spurred by a page that frequently posts images, behind-the-scenes tidbits, interviews with stars, links to coverage on other media outlets and movie trailers.

In a particularly nice touch, Warner Bros. Entertainment has created local Facebook fan pages for a variety of different countries and languages.

The studio also allows fans to rent and watch past Harry Potter films right on Facebook.


The @HarryPotterFilm Twitter account isn’t as active as the Facebook Page (it had 343,000 followers at the time of this writing), but the crew managing the account does a good job engaging with users, sharing links to interview and media articles and posting photos.

At the New York premiere of Deathly Hallows, photos from the even were live-tweeted using TwitPic.

Harry Potter as a brand is very popular on Twitter, with character names and various memes involving the series frequently becoming trending topics.


For Deathly Hallows Part 2, the Harry Potter franchise embraced YouTube big time.

In addition to the assortment of trailer uploads and fan-made spoofs, the Harry Potter YouTube channel has been used as a repository for official clips, TV spots and interviews.

The red carpet from the London premiere of Deathly Hallows Part 2 was livestramed on YouTube, as well as on other video streaming services like Ustream and Livesream.

The YouTube page contains a special highlight reel from the premiere, as well.

The YouTube page was designed in such a way that it shows off not only videos from the channel, but gives fans access to real-time updates from Facebook and Twitter from official feeds, members of the cast, fan sites and the Harry Potter: The Quest web game.

The tool, built by thisMoment is also accessible from the Harry Potter Facebook Page. It’s a great way to keep users engaged with what people are saying on YouTube, commenting on Twitter and posting to Facebook, while also tying in the official feeds.


Online ticketing for Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows Part 2 is being heavily promoted via social channels. Not only do ticket sites like Fandango and MovieTickets.com have their own Harry Potter campaigns, but Warner Bros. has integrated a slick Facebook ticketing app into the main Harry Potter Facebook Page.

The Harry Potter ticketing app is similar to other Facebook ticketing apps we’ve seen in the past. It allows users to not only find showtimes and buy tickets, but also invite friends and share their ticket purchases on Facebook.

Fan Sites and Pottermore

The success of Harry Potter is due in no small part to its loyal fan base. The fan communities surrounding Harry Potter have been used to help keep the film promoted across the web.

Fan sites like The Leaky Cauldron and MuggleNet post a frequently updated stream of news and information not just to the main webpages, but also to Facebook and Twitter.

These sites also run contests and promotions to keep the masses enthused and engaged. The sites also played a role in hyping another Harry Potter announcement.

Last month, J.K. Rowling, the author of the Harry Potter books, announced Pottermore, a fan-centric online experience for the Harry Potter book series. Rowling has started to tweet out previews of the site, which will open to a limited audience at the end of July and to the public in October.

Social media, or at least, social gaming, seems to be a central part of Pottermore and though this network isn’t directly tied to the film, the announcement was obviously timed to coincide with the final film’s release.

Box Office Impact

We won’t know the full impact of the media campaign until the first box office receipts start to pour in, but if past performance is any indicator, Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows Part 2 will be a huge hit.

Let us know your thoughts on the social media campaign surrounding the film in the comments.

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March 02 2011

LivingSocial Offers 2-for-1 Deal on Movie Tickets

LivingSocial, which garnered significant social media buzz with its two-for-one gift certificate offer with Amazon in January, is offering another, similar national deal today with Fandango.

The group buying service is touting a two-for-one deal on movie tickets through Fandango — $9 buys two tickets. The deal is only good today and only for one time per customer. LivingSocial customers can also use Deal Bucks.

LivingSocial put the deal on its site at 5 a.m. ET and so far has netted about 100,000 purchases. More than 1 million people cashed in on LivingSocial’s Amazon deal.

A LivingSocial rep says the offer is the site’s second deal with Fandango. The first was a promotion in Los Angeles and Kansas City for the December opening of the Universal Pictures film Little Fockers. That deal offered tickets to the movie for $5.

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December 21 2010

Fandango Goes Big Screen on the iPad

Movie ticketing service Fandango has updated its popular iOS app to support the iPad. Fandango for iPad [iTunes link] is a free app that lets users not only browse movie showtimes and purchase tickets but also watch trailers and movie clips, see critic and users reviews, and get a glimpse at what films are especially hot at the box office.

Fandango is the nation’s leading ticketing service, and it covers a wide variety of movie houses and chains throughout the United States. The company has official apps for the iPhone, Android, BlackBerry, Palm Pre and Windows Phone 7. We had a chance to speak with Fandango about the new app and some of its iPad-centric features.

The Fandango app is a universal application — which means the same app can be installed on both an iPhone or iPod touch and on the iPad. When launched on the iPad, however, the experience and feature set are very much formatted for the device.

Fandango uses the extra space on the iPad, both in landscape and in portrait orientation. Jessica Yi, VP of Product for Fandango, told us, “We considered the screen size and form features in every aspect of this iPad app. Our trailers look great on the iPad screen. We launched a new product called ‘the Pulse,’ which is a visual representation of our ticket sales. You really need the larger screen size to get a good snapshot of the volume and breadth of the movies people are seeing.”

The Pulse is a cool feature because it shows you, using movie posters as a cue, what films people are buying tickets to see. You can see the movie posters appear in a stream of sorts, or you can see them appear on the map where people are buying tickets.

This data is fascinating and has the potential to actually act as an early “pulse” of ticket buyer activity. As an example, The King’s Speech, which led the Golden Globe nominations, opens in wide release on December 25. Already, lots of ticketing activity is appearing around that film.

You can’t drill further down by area or city now, but the ability to further segment out what films are most popular in what parts of the country seems to be something that could be surfaced, if Fandango choose to do so.

Another neat feature of the Fandango app — and this is true of the iPhone and iPad versions — is that you can get feedback about a movie from critics, Fandango reviewers and Twitter. On the iPad, this information is displayed in three columns alongside one another in a manner that is very easy to navigate and read.

The critical data is gathered from MetaCritic.com, and the users reviews are from Fandango.com and the Fandango apps. For Twitter, Fandango has partnered with FlickTweets to provide relevant tweets for each film. The Twitter implementation is slick and it adds some interesting additional context to a film.

Yi explained the Twitter integration to us this way, “Twitter is a great bite-sized indicator of movie buzz. For someone who doesn’t want to write a full-length review, Twitter is a great mechanism as it’s easily accessible via your mobile device. It’s where you’d write immediately, ‘Just saw it — loved it.’”

Of course, you can buy movie tickets with the app, too. We appreciated the ability to easily change your location and the easy access to other movie dates. I know I often find myself looking for showtimes a few days in advance — or perhaps even earlier if it is for a big release. Like rival MovieTickets.com, Fandango can display showtimes for a theater even if it isn’t the ticket vendor. Still, the app is obviously most useful at theaters that use the Fandango ticketing system.

You can sign in with an existing account or use a guest account and the payment and checkout process is simple.

Future Plans

We asked Fandango about plans for Facebook integreation in the app, and that is planned for the next iteration. For the Android fans, we also asked if that app would be getting some larger screen updates and the response was “definitely.”

All in all, we’re impressed with Fandango’s take on the iPad. The ability to watch more movie clips and view photos is great, as is the app’s The Pulse feature. We also like how Twitter is integrated into the app.

Do you purchase movie tickets on your phone or tablet? Let us know.

Reviews: Android, Facebook, Twitter

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November 08 2010

5 Mobile Apps for Finding Great Movies

The Movie and Tech Series is supported by DVDVideoSoft. Discover Free Studio, a full collection of free software to process video, images and audio at DVDVideoSoft.com. Clean, free and user-friendly.

Perusing the mobile app landscape, it’s pretty clear that a whole bunch of developers love movies. For movie fans, this is pretty great because it means there are tons of apps for movie addicts to choose from.

As great as this is, the premise for many of these apps is that you already know what movie you want to watch. With hundreds of cable and satellite channels, 30-screen multiplexes, and online video sites like Hulu, Netflix and YouTube, answering the question “What should I watch?” can be pretty difficult.

Well, as the saying goes, there’s an app for that! Actually, there are tons of apps for that. We’ve scoured the App Store and the Android Market to find some of the best movie discovery and recommendation apps out there.

Here are five of our favorites — let us know about yours in the comments below.

1. Movie Night Out – iPhone and Android

Movie Night Out [iTunes link] is a free app for the iPhone and Android that is designed to help answer the question, “what do you want to do tonight?” The app is pretty ingenious because it not only helps you find movies playing in your area, but also find places to eat or grab coffee after the flick.

You can tell the app what kind of movie you want to watch — say you want a comedy or a drama — and it will use your location to show you what’s playing at theaters near you. You can then find nearby restaurants or coffee shops for post-movie bliss.

It’s like a cheat sheet for date night!

2. EW Must List – iPad and iPhone

Each week, Entertainment Weekly offers a rundown of what movies, books, music and TV shows shouldn’t be missed. EW has also made this information accessible on the iPhone [iTunes link] and iPad [iTunes link]. Using the app, you can watch trailers, read reviews and get release information all from within the app.

Every Friday, 10 new picks are added to the list and you can review picks from the last four weeks right on the app. You can also buy movies directly from iTunes, if it’s something that has just been released on home video — or get quick links to purchase movie tickets.

3. Miso – iPhone and Android

Sometimes the best way to get an idea of what to watch is to see what your friends are watching. That’s the idea behind Miso, one of the hot new entertainment checkin services on the scene.

Like GetGlue, which we covered in our roundup of apps for movie lovers, Miso lets you earn badges and check in to different content. The real benefit, however, is that you can see what your friends are watching and also see what movies or TV shows are currently trending or are popular. It’s a great way to get a reminder of a flick you want to check out or rewatch.

Miso is free and available for iPhone [iTunes link] and Android.

4. Movies Now HD and Fandango

In North America, two of the most popular online movie ticketing services are MovieTickets.com and Fandango. Combined, these services cover nearly every major movie chain. While you can buy tickets or browse showtimes from a mobile web browser, there are apps for both services as well.

Fandango has a free app for iPhone [iTunes link] and Android, while MovieTickets.com has an unofficial (and beautifully executed) app by way of Movies Now HD [iTunes link].

Both apps let you find upcoming showtimes in your area and purchase tickets from participating theaters. Movies Now HD is $1.99, works on the iPhone and iPad and can conveniently link to your MovieTickets.com account.

Both apps offer upcoming films, trailers and synopsis info. Fandango even provides access to the Metacritic rating of a film.

5. Clicker – iPhone and Android

We’ve covered Clicker before. It’s a web service and iPhone [iTunes link] and Android app that lets you find out what type of content is available to watch online, as well as what your friends are watching.

The cool thing about the Clicker mobile apps is that you can get movie information on the go, manage your Clicker playlist, see what titles are trending and see what your friends are watching. You can also search for mobile-friendly video, and on the iPhone you can purchase movies or TV shows from iTunes.

Like Miso, Clicker is a cool way to get ideas based on what others are watching, but it goes one step further by letting you know what’s available to watch online.

Your Picks

Those are our favorite apps for finding a great flick — what about you? How do you solve the “what to watch” dilemma? Let us know in the comments!

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The Movies and Tech Series is supported by DVDVideoSoft, which offers a collection of safe and reliable video, audio and image freeware programs. DVDVideoSoft Free Studio is a collection of more than thirty different utilities designed to go beyond the limitations of the standard Windows operating system and provide you with new ways to enjoy music and videos the way you choose. Learn more here.

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October 01 2010

Buying Movie Tickets Helps Fund Public Schools in DonorsChoose.org Campaign

DonorsChoose.org has partnered with Paramount Pictures, Participant Media and Walden Media to offer a $15 DonorsChoose.org gift code when you purchase a ticket to the upcoming documentary, Waiting for “Superman”

The code can be used on DonorsChoose.org, a non-profit dedicated to funding small classroom projects in American public schools, to support projects like a new projector for science class or a tuba for the band.

Since the film’s limited release on September 24, more than 30,000 students across the country have benefited from this program. Waiting for “Superman,” directed by Davis Guggenheim (An Inconvenient Truth) will open in theaters outside of New York and L.A. starting October 1.

The film examines the shortcomings of American public school education by following several students through their daily life. The film and its “Take the Pledge” campaign aim to bring these missteps into public conversation and inspire a solution.

The tickets and gift codes are available at the box office as well as at online ticket sites Fandango.com and Movietickets.com.

While the gift codes may just seem like a one-off promotion, the idea is to foster long-term interest and involvement from the film’s audience.

“We hope that moviegoers will take the opportunity to connect with a classroom project that most inspires them on our site and that this connection will inspire them to do even more to help improve pubic education,” says Charles Best, DonorsChoose.org founder and CEO, in a press statement.

The promotion seems like a great model for combining media events with opportunities for online giving, but it does raise questions. Is this kind of promotion sustainable? Does it really foster growth and awareness, or does it just make customers feel good for buying a ticket? How can movies that don’t deal with philanthropy also attach themselves to worthy charity efforts?

Sound off in the comments and let us know what you think.

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December 17 2009

“Avatar” Pwns Online Ticket Sales

avatartrailermashIf you’re planning on seeing Avatar in theaters this weekend, you are not alone. Both Fandango and MovieTickets.com are reporting that a huge percentage of tickets purchased online have been for the James Cameron-directed sci-fi epic.

How huge is huge? Try 70 percent for MovieTickes.com and 87 percent for Fandango. Furthermore, Fandango says that pre-order sales are eclipsing those of Star Trek — which is impressive, considering Trek had a built-in following based on its previous incarnations.

More interesting Avatar pre-order stats:

75 percent – 89 percent of all ticket sales are for the 3D or IMAX 3D screenings

Hundreds of screenings are sold-out across the U.S., according to both Fandango and MovieTickets.com

68 percent – 78 percent of the ticket buyers are male

37 percent of men surveyed said they will be bringing a date

In November, The Twilight Saga: New Moon dominated online ticket sales and actually broke Fandango’s all-time record. The positive buzz, heavy male audience and increased price of 3D tickets might push Avatar above even that mark.

As a studio, Fox has engaged in various social media campaigns to promote Avatar — including creating an augmented reality trailer, hosting a Facebook live chat with the cast and crew and showing the red carpet premiere via Ustream.

We’ll have to wait for the weekend box office numbers to roll in to see how well that campaign paid off.

Are you planning on seeing Avatar this weekend? Let us know!

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