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January 30 2014

5 Interview Skills That You Need to Know

Job interviews are arguably some of the most important meetings you will ever have in your life. The outcome of an interview can greatly affect your career trajectory, whether it means you continue along your planned path or start a new one to find a more fulfilling occupation.

Regardless of the position you're trying to get, it's important to thoroughly prepare for the interview. In addition to knowing why you're a good fit for the job, brushing up on basic interview skills is always a good idea. Hiring experts shared five of the most important skills to focus on if you want to get hired. Read more...

Clarifying Interview Questions

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January 29 2014

Evernote Now Syncs 4 Times Faster

Evernote has confirmed in a recent blog post that it's boosted the performance of its Evernote Sync service, meaning files stored in an Evernote account now sync between devices four times faster than before.

The news surfaced in an article penned by Evernote chief executive officer Phil Libin, in which he explains that the speed improvements have come as the result of multiple changes made to Evernote. First, the company has been quietly amassing more and more servers of late; after having launched the service with just a dozen, Libin notes that Evernote is now powered by over 700 servers across multiple data centers. Read more...

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January 28 2014

3D Printed Food: It's What's for Dinner

Although squeezing out food, layer by layer, from a 3D printer may not yet be particularly efficient — nor sound that tasty — companies are already testing how the Jetsons-esque technology can transform the way we eat. Such old favorites as chocolate, candy, and pasta will take on groovier, sculptured forms when extruded from food printers, and the machines will allow the cooking-adverse to prepare "homemade" ravioli at the push of a button. That should free up more time to watch a tech-fantasy film like Her while the food printer is hard at work preparing dinner. Here's a look the 3D printing concepts on the menu at a range of companies: Read more...

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5 Questions to Ask During Your Job Interview

It’s easy to feel like you're in the hot seat during a job interview — you really want the position, you're battling all sorts of jitters and it certainly doesn't help that the stern executive sitting in front of you looks like he could use another cup of coffee

What often gets lost in the interview process, however, is a dialogue between job seekers and prospective employers, rather than a one-way Q&A. Instead of letting the interviewer ask all the questions, you should find the appropriate time to ask more about the position, the company and the industry.

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January 25 2014

3 Reasons to Interview for a Job You Don't Want

In an economy in which full-time opportunities are scarce, many job seekers have adopted a "take what you can get" attitude, accepting any interview they're offered in the hopes of landing a position rather than holding out for their dream job. Although a candidate may be qualified for a certain job, taking an interview doesn't necessarily mean his or her heart is set on that position.

While you shouldn't waste your time (or the employer's time) applying to and interviewing for a job in which you have no interest, you may find yourself submitting your resume for opportunities that are less than perfect for you. If your next interview is for a job you're not fully sold on, here are three reasons to give it your all anyway. Read more...

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January 22 2014

2 Las Vegas Casinos Take Bitcoin, But Not for Gambling

Two Las Vegas casinos, the D Las Vegas Casino Hotel and Golden Gate Hotel & Casino, have announced they are accepting bitcoins, but don't expect to use them at the craps tables.

Bitcoin will only be accepted at the front desk of the two locations, at the gift shop and at on-site restaurants, according to CoinDesk. Derek Stevens, co-owner and CEO of both the D and Golden Gate, told the publication that bitcoins won't be accepted on the casino floor because of ongoing concerns from state regulators

The locations will use BitPay to process the payments, which are made via tablets and phones. The Golden Gate, built in 1906, is the oldest casino in Las Vegas. The brand likes to style itself as a technology innovator and claims to have been the first casino to install a telephone, in 1907 Read more...

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January 20 2014

Senior Employees Are a Firm's Biggest Cybersecurity Weakness

The biggest threat to your company's cybersecurity isn't malware, phishing scams or even hackers — it's you. In a series of studies published last week, three security research firms asked employees at midsize businesses across America about the biggest threats to corporate cybersecurity. And while the surveys each pointed to slightly different culprits, the verdict was clear: employees are the weakest link in the security chain.

The largest of the three studies — a Stroz Friedberg online survey of more than 700 information workers — found that senior management may be the biggest threat to an organization's digital well-being. Fifty-eight percent of senior managers reported having (digitally) sent sensitive information to the wrong person. Compare that with just 25 percent of lower-level employees guilty of the same misstep. And more than half of all senior managers in the study admitted to taking files with them after they left a job. Only 25 percent of rank-and-file employees were found to have done the same. Read more...

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January 16 2014

How to Identify Your PR Niche

If part of your "new year, new you" resolution includes nabbing your first PR job — or launching your own PR consultancy! — you're probably equal parts excited and terrified. After the initial excitement that accompanies plunging into the unknown, most people become overwhelmed with a million little questions and one big one: How am I going to do this?

To make that leap a little less aggressive, here's a good first step: Focus on finding your specific PR niche. Searching for PR jobs or introducing your own PR firm to the wider industry will be easier and more impactful if you have specific areas you know you want to work in, like health and wellness, finance, or executive crisis communication. More importantly, it will make your work more fulfilling, meaningful, and successful if you're actually interested in the topics you're PRing. Read more...

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January 15 2014

3 Questions to Ask Yourself Before Changing Jobs

Having a wide variety of employers can make workers seem well-rounded, but too much moving around can also make them appear less desirable, new research shows. According to the study, conducted by staffing firm Robert Half, human resources managers said that having an average of five or more job changes in 10 years can cause them to worry that an employee is a job hopper.

Paul McDonald, senior executive director at Robert Half, said that because the job market has been unpredictable in recent years, most employers understand that job candidates may have had short stints in some positions.

"However, businesses look for people who will be committed to the organization, can contribute to the company, and help it reach its short- and long-term goals," McDonald said. "Too much voluntary job hopping can be a red flag." [8 Words That Will Land Your Resume in the Trash] Read more...

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LinkedIn Adds Search for Volunteer Opportunities

LinkedIn added a new Volunteer Marketplace on Wednesday, allowing users to search for volunteer opportunities that require particular skill sets like open board seats at non-profits

In August, LinkedIn allowed users to openly express interest in these types of opportunities on their profile page, but until Wednesday, these people could only be contacted for positions and couldn't actively search for them

More than 600,000 people have expressed interest in these types of opportunities since August, said a LinkedIn spokesperson, and more than 3 million users have added volunteer experience and causes to their profile since 2011 Read more...

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Your Friends Are Probably Richer and Happier Than You

Back in 1991, the sociologist Scott Feld made a surprising discovery while studying the properties of social networks. Feld calculated the average number of friends that a person in the network has and compared this to the average number of friends that these friends had.

Against all expectations it turned out that the second number is always bigger than the first. Or in other words, your friends have more friends than you do.

Researchers have since observed the so-called friendship paradox in a wide variety of situations. On Facebook, your friends will have more friends than you have. On Twitter, your followers will have more followers than you do. And in real life, your sexual partners will have had more partners than you've had. At least, on average. Read more...

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January 14 2014

How to Recover Well From a Mistake at Work

You're tackling a typical day at the office, juggling meetings, phone calls, and that hyperactive inbox of yours, when suddenly it hits you — the worst possible feeling to have at work. Your heart drops, your face goes cold, and your adrenaline kicks in. You've just realized you've made a mistake.

Mistakes are bound to happen, but whether you make a minor glitch or a major mess-up, how you react (beyond the choice words that run through your head) matters much more than what you did.

Unfortunately, our instincts generally throw us to either side of a wide spectrum. On one end, you may act too quickly — saying too much and overcomplicating a situation in your attempts to recover quickly. On the other, you may be tempted to hastily cover up what happened and look for ways to defend yourself. While seeking help and self-preservation are both natural, neither extreme is the most effective when it comes to owning up to a mistake at work. Read more...

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January 13 2014

Take a Nap at Work Every Day This Week

When I worked from home, I was a big fan of the power nap. After lunch or when that 3 PM slump hit, I'd curl up on the couch for 20 to 30 minutes of shut-eye. After that, I had a boost even coffee couldn't give me, and I'd be refreshed and ready to go for the rest of the day.

It's actually a scientifically proven phenomenon: Studies show that naps not only improve your feeling of sleepiness, they can boost your mood, enhance your analytical and learning abilities, and banish stress. Even a 10 to 20 minute sleep session can give you a quick dose of alertness

Pretty clear benefits, right? But though a few workplaces are beginning to recognize them (AOL and Yext, for example, have installed in-office nap rooms), it's still not exactly widely accepted to pass out on the break room couch Read more...

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1+ Hour Commutes Are Most Common in These 10 U.S. Cities

Whether by train, car or ferry, nearly one-third of New Yorkers spend more than an hour commuting in each direction every day

Statista's chart, below, shows the percentage of urban commuters who spend more than one hour on each leg of their trip.

In addition, New Yorkers have the longest average travel time, clocking in at 39.2 minutes, according to the chart

2014_01_10_CommuteHave something to add to this story? Share it in the comments.

Image: Chris Hondros/Getty Images

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January 11 2014

8 Hiring Experts Reveal Their Favorite Interview Questions

Interviews are often stressful, but being prepared never hurts. Below, eight hiring experts share the questions they love to ask in interviews

Who do you most admire and why?
— Michael Yormark, President, the Florida Panthers and Sunrise Sports & Entertainment

"The answer reveals a lot about who the candidate is, who she aspires to be, and whether she has the DNA to be part of a company's culture. It will also force the interviewee to make a decision between brutal honesty and telling the interviewer what she believes he wants to hear."

In your last employee review, what areas for improvement were identified?
— Andrew Shapin, Chief Executive Officer, Long Tall Sally Read more...

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January 07 2014

Memory Machines: The Quest for a Better Digital Record of Our Lives

The man who can't forget takes another photograph of his visitor. It's instantly filed away with thousands of other snapshots capturing breakfasts, workspaces, room numbers and faces that he may or may not ever meet again. Then he lowers his phone and returns to the conversation.

"On a really boring day, I'll probably take 25 to 30 photos. On a really active day, it could be 100 or 150," he says, before repeating part of his mantra again: "I take photos of every person I meet, everything I do." At least when it comes to taking pictures of the people he meets, he likes to show a little restraint. "I usually leave that until the end [of a meeting] when the person has warmed up to me and it's not super creepy." Read more...

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Chang-rae Lee Joins the MashableReads Social Book Club

Our first 2014 fiction selection for the MashableReads social book club is Chang-rae Lee's On Such a Full Sea.

on such a full sea

"From New York Times bestselling author Chang-rae Lee comes On Such a Full Sea, the provocative new novel that showcases Lee’s brilliant storytelling and his long-standing interests in identity, culture and love. Set against a vividly imagined future America, Lee tells the riveting story of a woman who leaves home when the man she loves disappears. Epic in scope, masterful in execution, and page-turning to its shocking end, On Such a Full Sea imagines a future that will change the way readers think about the world they live in." - Riverhead Books Read more...

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January 05 2014

Why Tablets Won't Replace PCs Anytime Soon

The tablet has had a remarkable run the past few years. But it is important to note that in the majority of use cases tablet are not replacing PCs but rather are extending the life of PCs.

We know from our data as well as a number of other firms' research that over 90% of tablets sold today have been sold to existing PC owners. And in nearly every supporting data point I have, those tablets are being used to accompany the PC not to replace it. (By PC, I generally mean notebooks).

So it begs the question whether the PC-killing tablet is a valid narrative or not. I'd contend that this is not a valid narrative and, more importantly, it could affect tablet sales to a degree in 2014. Read more...

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How to Deal With Your 5 Most Negative Co-workers

I used to work with a colleague on the opposite coast, so her day started three hours before mine. And so, it was quite typical to check my voicemail first thing in the morning and hear an angry voice: "Lea, it's Petra. Call me as soon as you get in." Just listening her messages was exhausting, and the return phone calls were equally draining. Not a fun way to start the day.

In my entire career, she was the most difficult person I've ever worked with. You see, Petra was incredibly negative. Every conversation was full of drama: She'd ramble on about a bunch of issues she was having with a partner company, for example, then tell me I'd better get them straightened out. In the end, not only did I have to put out fires with the partner, but I also had to fight battles on my own team to get anything done. (It's comical to note that I outranked Petra — and that she had created nearly all of the problems!) Read more...

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January 04 2014

Watch Out: Most Cell-Phone Owners Experience 'Distracted Walking'

You may think you're a pro at texting while walking, but chances are, you've had a couple of slip-ups — either walking into someone, or being walked into on at least one occasion.

Indeed, more than half of all cell-phone owners are affected by "distracted walking," according to a recent Pew Research study.

Created by Statista, the following chart breaks down the number of American adults, by age group, who say they've bumped into another person while on the phone, or were bumped into by someone on the phone.

2014_01_03_WatchOutHave something to add to this story? Share it in the comments. Read more...

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