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February 04 2014

Weight-Loss App Uses Tough Love to Get You Fit

Working out has never been so sadistic.

Carrot Fit is a new app that will reward you if you meet your weight-loss goals, but seriously chew you out if you slip up

The brainchild of iOS developer Grailr, Carrot Fit knows more than 2,000 phrases — some kind and some cruel — thanks to iOS 7's new text-to-speech capabilities. Users enter their current weight when they download the app, and are given rewards such as workout tips and cat facts if they shed pounds. If users gain weight back, however, the app gives them a tongue-lashing

"Meatbags," as the app refers to users, can set reminders to avoid missing a weigh-in, share their progress with friends and check their body mass index, among other features. Future updates of Carrot Fit will include features such as a six-minute workout and the ominous-sounding Deathmarch 5K, according to the product's description in the iTunes store. Read more...

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January 23 2014

The New Weight-Loss Procedure You Can Swallow

Swallowing a pill to lose weight usually means ingesting chemicals that suppress your appetite, but a new weight-loss pill in the UK contains nothing but a balloon.

Obalon is a new gastric balloon treatment that comes in the form of a pill. It does not require any invasive surgery.

Patients swallow the pill, which is attached to a micro-catheter. Once it arrives in the stomach, the micro-catheter inflates the balloon to the size of an apple. The micro-catheter is then removed. The idea behind the procedure, which takes roughly 10 minutes, is that the balloon gives patients the sensation of fullness; this means they eat less and subsequently lose weight Read more...

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January 04 2010

Dating Site Expels 5,000 “Fatties” Over Holiday Weight Gain

Put on a few extra pounds this holiday season? Don’t expect a welcome mat from BeautifulPeople.com, a dating site who recently made like a high school bully: belittling and booting members for weight gain.

According to the Guardian, the site has just expelled 5,000 members for packing on the pounds. To add insult to injury, the site’s founder, Robert Hintze, stated, “Letting fatties roam the site is a direct threat to our business model and the very concept for which BeautifulPeople.com was founded.”

Apparently decisions were made based on photos posted to the dating site. Those holding the reins blame members’ holiday overindulgences for their harsh actions and have been notifying former members via e-mail of their expulsion. Of course, all is not lost; should those same members get fit again, they can reapply for membership.

The report details:

“The site’s managing director, Greg Hodge, pointed out that the fate of the exiled ‘chubby members’ had been democratically decided. ‘Their re-applications were reviewed by existing members and only a few hundred were voted back in,’ he said. ‘Over 5,000 were rejected.’

According to the site, however, managers have been kind in breaking the news to former members. Each is said to have received an email encouraging them to re-apply when they are back to looking their best. They have also been sent details of recommended boot camps.”

If you’re keeping count, the United States was the most overindulgent group of the bunch, with 1,520 members getting the boot. The United Kingdom was a distant second with 832 members ousted, and Canada took home the bronze medal.

The disturbing news is no doubt a big publicity stunt, but one of the worst variety. I’d hate to be one of those members waking up to an e-mail informing me that I’m too fat for a social network. That’s rejection of the worst kind.

[img credit: Cimmerian, iStockphoto]

Tags: Food, social media, weight

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