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February 25 2014

February 11 2014

The Age of Wedding Robots Is Upon Us

When Laura Cressman married her husband in 2012, she added an unconventional guest to her wedding party: the Dragon Runner, a small, unmanned military robot designed for urban combat. As "Mr. Roboto" played in the background, the Dragon Runner rolled down the aisle, controlled sight unseen by one of Cressman's friends

"The reaction was amazing," Cressman told Mashable in an email. "My favorite comment of the night was from my best friend Jeff: 'It really hit me how bad a dancer I was when the bomb disposal robot kept better rhythm on the dance floor than I did.'"

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February 10 2014

How to Nail Your Viral Video Wedding Proposal

In the hierarchy of viral videos, marriage proposals are a sweet, mushy breed unto themselves. Successful viral videos — the ones that reach a million hits on YouTube and bring your workday to a grinding halt — have to surprise the viewer and tug at her heartstrings. Spontaneity and sap: proposals have 'em in spades.

In a blog post, Karen X. Chang of "Girl Learns to Dance in a Year" fame shared her strategy for viral stardom. As it turns out, her video's success was no happy accident: Going viral requires strategy and planning, and a dash of elbow grease Read more...

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January 28 2014

Grammys Wedding Couple: 'It Was Too Fantastic to Be Real'

Spencer and Dustin Reeser-Stout — a couple from Salt Lake City, Utah — never expected that the Staples Center in Los Angeles, Calif., would be their wedding venue when they ventured to San Diego two months ago to scout locations for their impending nuptials.

But that's exactly where the Reeser-Stouts found themselves on Sunday night; accepting congratulations on their union during the Grammys live show from the likes of Katy Perry and Beyonce.

Along with 33 other couples — young, old, gay, straight — the Reeser-Stouts were wed during hip-hop duo Macklemore & Ryan Lewis' performance of the anthem "Same Love," accompanied by featured vocalist Mary LambertMadonna sang "Open Your Heart" as Queen Latifah officiated the weddings. Read more...

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January 17 2014

Tinkerbell Would Love This Romantic Proposal

If you'd always hoped Peter Pan and Wendy Darling would finally make their budding romance official, this wedding proposal will bring your dream to life.

Actor Sandor Sturbl, who plays Peter Pan in a musical version of the classic tale, proposed on stage to his girlfriend, actress Jane Mary Sullivan. Sullivan, who goes by Lilly-Jane Young professionally, stars alongside Sturbl as Wendy.

The tear-triggering footage shows the couple during their Jan. 11 performance in Glasgow, Scotland. Before their final song, Sturbl stops to address the audience and it becomes clear that the musical would have a very special ending that evening. Read more...

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January 07 2014

UK Survey Finds 15% of Women Want a Proposal via Tech Device

If you're thinking about popping the question in 2014, perhaps you may want to consider posting the question. Or maybe even tweeting it.

A recent survey from British events company Chillisauce found that 15% of women in the UK would prefer that a man propose to them via a tech device. Of that 15%, 40% chose social media as their tech medium of choice, while 35% selected a proposal "over the phone."

The survey included responses from 7,000 people in the UK. The data touched on a number of engagement-related topics, such as the best holiday for proposals (Christmas Eve), and whether women should propose to men (65% of men said "no") Read more...

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December 29 2013

Watch This Bride Walk Down the Aisle With Google Glass

Something old, something new, something borrowed, something blue — and Google Glass, too

A bride walked down the aisle sporting Google's high-tech specs earlier this year. A minute-long video (above), which was posted to YouTube in September, shows an outdoor wedding ceremony through the eyes of Jessica Kuan, who married Steven Soong on Aug. 23.

google glass bride

“My husband and I have a love for technology. We wanted to use Google Glass to capture the most intimate moment of our lives," Kuan said in an emailed statement. “All my friends told me they were so emotional that they actually forgot walking down the aisle. This was an experience I never want to forget.” Read more...

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December 28 2013

Say 'I Don't' With 'Bad Engagement Photos' Tumblr

If weddings are celebrations of love and happiness, then engagement photo sessions are celebrations of corniness and overt public displays of affection.

Bad Engagement Photos collects the best of the worst photos from engagement sessions. Think images of couples eskimo-kissing in grimy bathrooms or Photoshop jobs that render the future bride and groom unrecognizable.

The Tumblr pokes good-natured fun at the silliness behind many engagement photos, from their questionable outfit choices and shooting locations to the soft-focus lenses and pet cameos. Read more...

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December 19 2013

Aaron Paul Helps Couple Get Engaged

A couple with serious chemistry brought their relationship to the next level with help from Jesse Pinkman — a.k.a. Aaron Paul

The Breaking Bad actor offered his famous face to help groom-to-be Jason propose to his girlfriend of three years. No one can resist the charm of Jesse

After serenading his confused girlfriend, Jackie, the music fades and Aaron appears in a pre-taped video. Jackie's face when she hears the actor address her directly is priceless

Science, bitch. Love science.

BONUS: These 'Breaking Bad' Engagement Photos Are 99.1% Pure Adorable

Have something to add to this story? Share it in the comments. Read more...

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November 19 2013

Slow-Mo Wedding Photo Booth Captures Goofy Good Times

A wedding is perhaps the greatest party of one's life, so reliving it in slow motion can make the experience seem all the more epic.

The LaPenderson couple did just that, using a slow-mo photobooth and some entertaining props to capture their wedding festivities. As you might expect when silly string and beer bellies come together, things got adorably goofy

Basically, this video provides proof that a little slow-mo and confetti can make life's best moments a bit more awesome

Cheers to the happy couple.


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October 04 2013

Groom Makes Fiancee's 'Dream Wedding' Pinterest Board a Reality

Amanda Roman had dreams for her fairy tale wedding. On Pinterest she made them concrete, to the tune of over 220 pins covering what her perfect day would be like.

Fortunately for Amanda, her soulmate turned out to be just as good at reading her Pinterest as he was at reading her heart.

When her boyfriend of five years, Ryan Leak, overheard her tell a friend that it had always been her dream to get engaged and married on the same day, he was first puzzled, then intrigued. “How does that even work?” he wondered.

Ryan decided to do some investigation. While at first he had nowhere to start, he quickly realized that Amanda had 224 photos on her Pinterest on a board called “My Dream Wedding.” Read more...

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August 23 2013

How to Change Your Name Without Ruining Your SEO

There are plenty of factors to consider when debating whether to change your name — and most likely, SEO ranks pretty low on the list. But if you are someone who cares a lot about your brand online, a name change could hinder search results and what has taken long to cultivate

My colleague Christina Warren, who has been married for more than a year now, is among the many who decided not to change her byline after years of building a collection of published work online. I was faced with the same question recently following my own nuptials.

I decided my name would be Samantha Murphy Kelly, no hyphen. This would keep me largely findable by people and sources I've worked with before and not completely confuse all of my contacts. Plus, how often do you fail to recognize people in your Facebook news feed because their last name has changed? For me, that happens every single day. Read more...

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June 13 2013

'Star Wars' Attack May Be the Coolest Wedding Photo Ever

Readers, meet the ultimate wedding crashers: a squad of Imperial AT-AT Walkers

Following the killer dinosaur attack Photoshop that went viral this June, photographers and self-professed Star Wars nerds Tony and Danielle Lombardo of Little Blue Lemon decided to craft a wedding party attack too.

The day of the wedding, photographer Lisa Wiebe joked about creating a nerd-tastic chase scene for bride and groom Leslie Seiler and Paul Kingston, both diehard Star Wars fans. Soon enough, they were halting traffic while a horde of screaming bridesmaids and groomsmen ran for their lives down Elington Avenue in Toronto. Read more...

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August 28 2012

Barbie and Ken Say ‘I Do’ to Wedding Photo Clichés [PICS]

Image courtesy of Beatrice de Guigne

Click here to view this gallery.

Facebook has made weddings a social experience. Not social like chatting with Aunt Mildred over chicken Kiev at the reception buffet -- social like web social.

From the courtship to the engagement to the honeymoon, social networks ensure all your online friends witness your nuptials. If you have a Facebook page, you have likely seen a fair number of wedding photographs and chances are that many of those shots shared common poses and themes.

SEE ALSO: Memes, Pixar and the Most Adorable Wedding Ever [VIDEO]

Wedding photographer Beatrice de Guigne noticed the similarities and decided to showcase some of the most popular pictures by reenacting them with Barbie and Ken.

The relatio…
Continue reading...

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August 10 2012

This App Crowdsources Your Wedding Photo Album

A new app called WedPics is looking to revolutionize how guests capture pictures at weddings.

We’ve all been to at least one wedding where the bride and groom set out disposable cameras on all the tables at the reception. The idea is that everyone uses the cameras to capture shots of the event, providing the happy couple with a ton of candid pictures of the event.

WedPics takes that same concept a step further, replacing disposable cameras for smartphones.

The app is created by the same team behind Deja Mi, a photosharing app used to create location-based albums of events.

Used at large conventions such as IBM’s Smarter Commerce Global Summit, Deja Mi allowed you to colle…
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July 31 2012

Memes, Pixar and the Most Adorable Wedding Ever [VIDEO]

Timothy Tiah Ewe Tiam warmed the Internet's hearts when he proposed to Audrey Ooi Feng Ling by holding poster-sized printed memes outside a restaurant in Malaysia.

If you teared up when Ling said yes, get the tissues ready once again because the sequel is beautiful and will likely bring more waterworks.

Ling and Tiam were married July 28 in Penang, Malaysia. The ceremony, as shown in the video above, was a beautiful outdoor event with friends and family.

SEE ALSO: 10 Geekiest Marriage Proposals

According to sixthseal.com, the reception was themed after the Pixar film Up. Photos can be found in the gallery below.

Tiam surprised his bride-to-be once again by reciting his v…
Continue reading...

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January 06 2012

Words With Friends Opponents Get Married

Words With Friends

Who needs dating sites when you can find love playing Words With Friends?

The social Scrabble-like app is the latest game to become a hotbed for romance. The popular Zynga game introduced Megan Lawless and Jasper Jasperse as random opponents in November 2009.

We’ve seen proposals using StumbleUpon, Google Maps and Google+, but what’s noteworthy about Jasperse and Lawless’s story is that the mobile game was where they met.

SEE ALSO: Top 10 Geekiest Marriage Proposals

What began as simple “Hi” and “Hello” messages sparked more extensive communication via email and Skype. Jasperse moved from the Netherlands to live with Lawless in Chicago and the couple was eventually engaged and married in July 2011.

While it took their story six months to begin circulating, the couple’s unusual history no doubt resonates more with a mainstream audience following actor Alec Baldwin’s hyped airplane removal for playing the game.

So now that mobile games are in the romance mix, where do you see the next great social media love story originating from?

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June 01 2011

10 iPhone Apps for Planning the Perfect Wedding

Summer is right around the corner, and with that warmer weather comes wedding season. Seeing your friends and loved ones getting married is one of life’s greatest joys. For anyone who has planned a wedding, well, you know what it’s like. There’s the dress, the band, the reception site, the photographer, the flowers and the countless other details that somehow all need to be pulled together.

Back in the heyday, brides and grooms wielded their trusty notebooks and Excel spreadsheets with copious notes on vendor contact information, budget details, dates and reminders. But now, thanks to fancy smartphones and apps, everything you need can be found in one place — even in one app, in some cases.

The following 10 apps are great for planning, managing, or just getting some wedding ideas. When the big day finally arrives, and everything has fallen into place because you’ve stayed so organized, all you’ll have to do is meet eyes with your spouse-to-be and have your apps to thank for what will undoubtedly be one of the happiest days of your life.

Ain’t love grand?

1. iWedding Deluxe — the Wedding Planner

Is it pricey? Yes. Is it comprehensive? Yes. iWedding Deluxe is an all-encompassing app that can be your home base for anything and everything wedding-related. Of course, all the major organizational categories like budget, venue information, contact information and to-dos are covered, but there are tons of extras like tools for finding nearby vendors, links to wedding favors, photo storage for items that inspire you, guest list details, and even a function that lets you record whether Uncle Bob wants the salmon or steak for his entrée. There’s also a countdown timeline that provides advice on things you should get accomplished as you lead up to the big day.

Cost: $9.99

2. Plan Your Wedding with Mindy Weiss

If you follow celebrity weddings at all, it’s likely you know of Mindy Weiss, “celebrity wedding planner to the stars.” She has certainly earned the title, planning weddings for A-listers like Ellen Degeneres, Heidi Klum and Gwen Stefani. Her eponymous app is chock-full of wedding expertise and includes video clips from Mindy herself, creative ideas, current wedding trends and up-to-date access to collections from the hottest designers. If you’re into celebrity life, this app gets you one step closer to living it.

Cost: $7.99

3. BRIDES Wedding Genius 2.0

This app is definitely geared more toward brides than grooms. BRIDES Wedding Genius 2.0 is a visually stimulating app that will fill the bride with inspiration for wedding dresses, rings and honeymoon destinations. There are hundreds of photos in this app that will help narrow down styles and top picks, as well as let brides save favorites and locate retailers in her area that have her favorite items.

Cost: FREE

4. Wedding Budget

If you need a straightforward budgeting app to keep track of the long list of costs, deposits, final payments and how much money you have left, Wedding Budget is a good app to have. It breaks down costs into categories such as ceremony, flowers, music, photography, gown, etc., tells you how much you have allocated, how much you have left, and when the next payment is due.

Cost: FREE

5. Wedding 911 by The Knot

Getting engaged is relatively easy, but the questions start up once the rock is on that finger and the big day is just 12 to 18 months away. When should we start looking for a site? Who pays for what? Do I have to feed the vendors? Wedding 911 aims to ease pre-wedding anxiety and answer common questions that most people have when planning the big day. The answers are provided by Carley Roney, co-founder and editor-in-chief of the ultimate wedding website, TheKnot.com.

Cost: FREE

6. WeddingScan

One of the perks of getting engaged — aside from committing yourself to another person for the rest of your life, of course — is creating your wedding registry! Walking around Crate & Barrel with a barcode scanner, now that’s fun. But why limit yourself to just one or two major retailers? This app lets you scan any barcode from any store into your phone and create a centralized registry on WeddingScan.com.

Cost: $2.99

7. Wedding Row

Once planning is underway, it can be hard to decide on your wedding vision. There are so many options and so many decisions to make. During the process, it’s likely you’ll look through a lot of wedding websites and magazines to get inspired. While you’re doing that, you can use Wedding Row as your main resource for collecting all the “potentials” until you’ve decided they’re “definites.” The app keeps different “inspiration boards” of pictures you’ve collected or items you’ve taken photos of along the way so you can eventually narrow down your choices and have the wedding of your dreams.

Cost: $1.99

8. Fun Wedding

Your band or DJ has asked you for a “top requests” lists and a “do not play” list. Once you’ve written down your top three songs of all time, you may be at a loss as to what else you want to include. Fun Wedding provides song selections in categories like bride & groom, bride & father, groom & mother, as well as the top 200 most requested songs and breakout hits from the 1950s to present day. This app is a great resource for making sure people dance the night away.

Cost: $0.99

9. Wedding Flowers Moodboard

Flowers are sometimes an afterthought until the ceremony, band, photographer and reception site have been decided upon. They are, however, an important part of every wedding celebration. The bride’s bouquet usually loses its luster as the night wears on, but it is front and center when it gets held down the aisle. There are so many choices when it comes to bouquet arrangements. Wedding Flowers Moodboard provides brides with many different images and ideas for creating their perfect color and flower arrangement.

Cost: $1.99

10. Destination Weddings and Honeymoons Guides

Destination weddings are popular but they can add several more steps to the wedding planning process. The Destination Weddings and Honeymoons Guides is a complement to the Bonnier publication. It is a resource of beautiful locations for wedding sites or honeymoons in the Caribbean, Mexico, the Pacific and more. The app provides incredible images of these locales, along with resort details and contact information. (For iPad only).

Cost: FREE

Image courtesy of iStockphoto, GyeneiGabor

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April 27 2011

16 Digital Resources for Wedding Inspiration and Planning

wedding cake image

The Royal Wedding of Prince William and Kate Middleton is right around the corner (well, this Friday at least). The two lovers are not, of course, the only people that will ever get married, ever. It’s very possible that you, dear reader, might need some online help for your own nuptials.

Social media and the Internet can be treasure troves of information for planning a wedding. Here are some tools and resources so you can plan your own Royal Wedding. That, and some bizarre proposals for inspiration.

Tools & Resources


Geeky Proposals

Interested in more Social Media resources? Check out Mashable Explore, a new way to discover information on your favorite Mashable topics.

Image courtesy of Flickr, Rev. Xanatos Satanicos Bombasticos (ClintJCL)

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March 29 2011

Man Proposes to Girlfriend via iPad 2 Engraving

We’ve seen our share of geeky marriage proposals here at Mashable. Topping our list: Johannes Beals asking the Old Spice Guy to deliver his proposal and Path’s Matt Van Horn achieving a geeky trifecta when he used Twitter, Foursquare and Qik to pop the question. Oh, and let’s not forget the Groupon marriage proposal.

The newest nerdy engagement making the rounds comes from Jordan C., who decided to surprise his girlfriend Jessica by asking her the big question through an engraved iPad that simply read, “Will You Marry Me?”. Jordan told 9to5Mac that he gave her the iPad under one of the world’s largest trees in the National Redwood Forest near Crescent City, CA.

Her response? “Yes; now give me my iPad!” — It looks like Jordan has found a woman who appreciates her Apple gadgets.

While this isn’t the first time an Apple product has been used to ask a girlfriend for her hand in marriage, it’s the first iPad 2 proposal we’ve ever come across. Proposing under the giant redwood tree was a nice touch, too.

Congrats, Jordan and Jessica! If you want to take your wedding to the next level of geekdom, we have some suggestions for geeky wedding gadgets that would be perfect for your big day.

Image courtesy of 9to5mac

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