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February 27 2014

February 25 2014

February 14 2014

February 13 2014

North Carolina Frozen After Ice Storm Blasts Through South

The massive snowstorm now snaking its way up the East Coast of the United States did huge damage in states across the South on Wednesday, but North Carolina suffered a bit more than most.

The region was blanketed by 6-14 inches of snow. The traffic scene in North Carolina was also a giant mess, akin to the scene two weeks ago in Atlanta, Ga., after a snowstorm there caused minor chaos in the streets

People in North Carolina abandoned their cars on gridlocked highways around the state, especially on the road between Raleigh and Charlotte, and the five additional inches expected in some parts of the state today will likely only add to traffic woes. Read more...

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February 12 2014

'Crippling' Ice Storm Underway Across South

The ice storm underway in the South is going to be one of the most damaging such storms in decades, if current projections are realized. The storm, which is gathering strength along the Gulf Coast, is pushing warm, moist air up and over a cold dome of high pressure that is keeping temperatures below freezing at the surface from Maine to Alabama.

Ice more than an inch thick is expected to coat much of central and eastern Georgia into central South Carolina. This may not sound like much, but considering that tree branches will break at just a quarter to a half-inch of ice accumulation, this event is bringing so much ice that entire trees and power poles are likely to come crashing down in the hardest hit areas. Read more...

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February 11 2014

'Catastrophic' Ice Storm May Leave Southern States in the Dark

Over the next three days, a winter storm will likely plunge large parts of the southeastern U.S., including storm-weary Georgia, into darkness as a “catastrophic” load of ice knocks down trees and power lines.

The storm is already spreading a swath of snow, ice and rain across the South and could produce up to an inch or more of ice in parts of Georgia, South Carolina and North Carolina. State officials and the National Weather Service have warned of widespread power outages to come.

Georgia Storm

The NWS’ Atlanta forecast office warns that it could be a weather event of “historical proportions," particularly from Atlanta eastward on Interstate 20. The NWS has been stressing the severity of the storm for days, but its latest update hammers home its potential impact: "The ice accumulations remain mind-boggling if not historical." Read more...

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February 10 2014

British Government: Flood Crisis Consistent With Global Warming

With the English countryside underwater from some of the worst flooding on record, the British government found that "an increasing body of evidence" ties this type of event to manmade global warming.

Rainfall amounts, storm intensities, wave heights and other extreme weather-related characteristics have been at or near record levels, according to a UK Met Office report released on Sunday. December and January were among the most “exceptionally wet” two-month periods on record in England and Wales, dating back at least 248 years.

The high flow rates of the Thames River, which courses through downtown London, have lasted longer than any previous flood since 1883. In fact, the massive Thames flood barrier has been raised 13 times since December in order to prevent widespread flooding in London and other areas, although it's not saving many downstream communities from flood damage. Read more...

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February 05 2014

New York Is Extremely Icy and Running Out of Salt

It seems like the entire month of January has been one long winter storm in New York. Wednesday's snowfall came with an added challenge, however: a shortage of salt for de-icing the roads and sidewalks.

Gov. Andrew Cuomo, who declared a state of emergency on Wednesday due to dangerous conditions resulting from the severe weather, confirmed in a statement that the salt shortage has affected not only New York City, but also other areas of the metropolitan area, including parts of Long Island.

The storm did not come as a surprise, Cuomo said. But the salt shortage complicated things. Read more...

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February 03 2014

Scientists Think Bubbles May Hold the Key to Understanding Storms

Bubbles might be fairly innocuous, but they may also hold a clue to understanding a more sinister natural phenomena — storms.

French physicists at the University of Bordeaux are studying the behavior of the soapy substance to more accurately predict the intensity of large storms on the scale of Hurricane Sandy.

The flow of liquid on the bubbles' membranes resembles the movements of weather systems that travel over the Earth, according to a report in the Daily Mail. By rotating the bubbles and varying their temperatures, the French research team has the ability to mimic storm-like system patterns. The process is filmed with a camera that shoots up to 500 frames per second, creating colorful renderings of the research results, according to a New Scientist report. Read more...

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January 29 2014

10 Icy Photos From the Rare Snowstorm Paralyzing Southern States

A storm that delivered just three inches of snow to Southern states from North Carolina to Louisiana has managed to cause massive traffic jams, forcing drivers to abandon their cars or spend the night in them, and keeping children in schools overnight.

The worst of the chaos is in Alabama, Georgia and South Carolina, all three of which declared states of emergency. At least five people died in Alabama traffic wrecks, according to CNN, and 940 accidents were confirmed in Atlanta alone, 100 that caused injuries but no fatalities.

Alabama has deployed the national guard to help motorists get off the road, and Atlanta is providing food and water to school students still stuck in classrooms, according to Kasim Reed, the city's mayor. Read more...

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January 02 2014

Track the Snow Plows Across New York City in Real Time

Snow can put plans on indefinite pause, especially if your primary mode of transportation is a car. But now, instead of staring out the window waiting for a snow plow to come to the rescue, you can use PlowNYC on NYC.gov to track when your street will be cleared.

PlowNYC, which was first used in February 2012, lets you view the location of snow plows at any given time once they begin the rounds. The tool works for all five boroughs of New York City and shows your street's "snow removal category," or how quickly a snowplow will reach your home

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December 17 2013

Norwegian Wind Storm Makes it Impossible to Cross Streets

Storm Ivar is passing through Northern Europe, and it looks like it wants to take Norway with it, one frustrated Christmas shopper at a time.

Euronews published a video of people in Aalesund, Norway attempting to cross a street and failing miserably. The winds increasingly worsen, so much that local police carried some across the road to safety. While everyone in this clip eventually gets where they're going, Euronews reports that one man was blown into an intersection in an accident that required an ambulance.

The strong winds are just the latest in weird weather we've had this winter, which also includes the rare snowstorm in the Middle East. Read more...

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December 06 2013

Fierce Winds in UK Force Plane to Miss Landings

A pilot attempting to land a Boeing 777 airplane was forced to abort after heavy winds made him miss several approaches

According to YouTube user miskolcfr, who uploaded the video, the Emirates airline was trying to land at Birmingham Airport from Dubai. The video's description states that the pilot missed two attempts at landing before diverting to London Gatwick.

Another smaller plane was also unable to land at Birmingham, due to heavy winds

Gale-force winds have wreaked havoc across Great Britain for the past 24 hours, causing more than just flight delays and relocated landings. On Thursday, the storm created the worst tidal surge to hit the east coast of Britain in 60 years, the Telegraph reports. Read more...

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November 26 2013

Winter Storm Prompts Some Airlines to Waive Fees for Holiday Travelers

It's not Thanksgiving quite yet, but Mother Nature has already served a heaping portion of nasty weather across the United States.

The storm system, which The Weather Channel calls Boreas, is already reportedly responsible for 14 deaths in five states — California, Oklahoma, Arizona, Texas and New Mexico — due mostly to traffic-related accidents. As the storm moves toward the Northeast, the storm has prompted several, but not all, large airlines to offer holiday travelers the option to alter their reservations without the usual fees.

Thus far, Delta, United and U.S. Airways have announced changes to their normal policies on Twitter. Read more...

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November 17 2013

Huge Inflatable Tubes Will Keep Subways Dry During Future Floods

The next time a massive storm rolls into a U.S. metropolis, massive inflatable tubes could protect the city's subway system from floodwater.

The tubes are made out of a strong material that looks like interwoven seat belts, according to Dave Cadogan, director of engineering for International Latex Corporation Dover. When it inflates, the giant tube will rub against subway walls like an inner lining, and the pressure from the air inside of it will prevent water from bursting through the concrete.

What Cadogan's company has built may sound goofy, but it could prevent another Hurricane Sandy from causing billions of dollars in subway damage. Read more...

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October 31 2013

Lightning Detector System Tracks Storms in Western Africa

Storms are usually tracked with Doppler radar, but those systems are expensive and not available everywhere around the world — especially in developing countries. Guinea, a small country in western Africa, has started using a new, cheaper technique for charting weather: tracking flashes of lightning.

The system uses lightning as a proxy for storm intensity, and most recently used the method to track and issue an alert for a large thunderstorm that hammered western Guinea with rain and high winds on Oct. 22

The whole network consists of 12 lightning detectors placed atop mobile phone towers throughout the country and was installed by the American company Earth Networks for $1 million, according to Nature. A Doppler radar would cost about 10 times that much, Nature noted. Read more...

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