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January 30 2014

13 Original Doodles Created on Snapchat

We've all come to appreciate the communicative power of a picture. In the era of emojis, memes, selfies and #tbts, it's easy to see why Snapchat has also taken the world by storm. With a few swipes of the finger, you can doodle onto your picture messages, giving them a personal touch that will undoubtably delight your fellow snappers.

Last week, inspired by the app's playful drawing feature, we asked Mashable snapchatters to send us their snap doodles for the first-ever Snapchat Challenge. We received an artistic array of snaps, from funny pet pics to clever cartoon characters Read more...

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January 14 2014

Kathy Griffin: Twitter Is a Comedian's Dream

During a stand up-routine at a McAfee Security and Intel partnership launch party in Las Vegas last week, comedian Kathy Griffin reenacted Hollywood director Michael Bay's dramatic flee from the 2014 International CES stage the day before. She also lampooned jokes at the controversial founder of the anti-virus software company, John McAfee, who has been under investigation for the shooting death of his neighbor in Central America

Whether it's catering to the tech crowd or her devoted fan base, the "My Life on the D-List star" is quick on her feet with references to whatever's trending, particularly in the celebrity world. She attributes combing through social media sites as her latest method for material inspiration Read more...

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December 23 2013

Social Media Mixology: Which Networks to Use Together

Here at Mashable, we preach the importance of knowing your social networks. Different sites have different audiences, favor different types of content and require different kinds of humor. But like a fashionista pairing spots with stripes, sometimes a little mixing and matching with your networks can give you an edge

Being master of all the networks is a godly feat, but knowing how to use Tumblr to up your Twitter game, for example, takes you to a whole new level. Here are some of the easiest ways to pair your social networks together to grow your audiences and find new content

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December 22 2013

Top 25 Digital Media Resources This Week

Despite 2013 drawing to a close, we haven't slowed down our steady stream of tech news and tips. So if you've been too busy buying last-minute gifts to keep up, don't worry — Mashable has got you covered

We've rounded up this week's top 25 digital media resources, including several killer year-in-review lists, below. Happy holidays!

Editor's Picks

  • This Is What Booze Looks Like Under a Microscope
    Ever wonder what your favorite drink looks like under a microscope? These pictures capture your favorite drinks up-close — and the results are gorgeous

  • What Happens When You Tell a Lie?
    This infographic takes a look at what happens in our brains when we lie — and how it also shows in our actions. Read more...

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    December 15 2013

    Top 25 Digital Media Resources This Week

    Too busy deciding where you stand in Obama's Selfie-Gate to stay up-to-date on tech news? Have no fear — we've rounded up a list of this week's top 25 digital media resources, including news about the launch of Instagram Direct, a beginner's guide to all things Vine and seven ways to make the most out of Tumblr. As a bonus, we even threw in this week's most-pressing news stories.

    Check out our comprehensive list, below

    Editor's Picks

  • Apple: What to Expect in 2014
    Wondering what’s in store for one of the world’s most closely watched companies? Keep an eye on these expert predictions for Apple in 2014. Read more...

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    December 08 2013

    Top 25 Digital Media Resources This Week

    What a week it has been. Here at Mashable, it's taken us seven days to get over our Thanksgiving turkey coma, so we can't really judge if you've fallen behind on tech news.

    Luckily, we've got you covered. Check out our list of this week's top 25 digital media resources, below.

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  • I'm on Facebook Because I'm Bored Beyond Belief
    Somewhere along the line, Facebook became a last-resort social network, a platform I regretfully open when I've hit the depths of boredom.

  • 'Thinspiration' Packages Eating Disorders as a Lifestyle Choice
    Web media glorify dangerous weight loss at any cost. But thinspiration flies under the radar, couched with motivational quotes, like “Keep Calm and Thighgap On.” Read more...

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    November 25 2013

    10 Twitter Accounts for Juicy Celeb Gossip

    Celebrity gossip is like candy: You know it's bad for you, but it's impossible to stop at just one piece. You just can't help feeling a bit of schadenfreude at the latest starlet DUI or cheating scandal. But if TMZ and Us Weekly aren't cutting it for you anymore, it's Twitter to the rescue

    Fortunately, Twitter brings Tinseltown right to our fingertips, and it's never been easier to find out what antics our favorite celebs are up to lately. But don't clog your feed with a ton of celebs who only promote their upcoming albums or tour dates — we have better alternatives for you.

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    November 23 2013

    Top 25 Digital Media Resources This Week

    If you've been too busy cozying up with your new Playstation 4 or Xbox One to keep up with tech news, don't worry — Mashable has got you covered

    We've rounded up this week's top 25 digital media resources, and compiled them in one easy-to-read post. Skim through for our list of 10 types of Intstagram users, as well as holiday movies you can watch online

    Editor's Picks

  • Silently Huddled Around a Screen: Tragedy Still Unites Us
    Technology plays a huge role in our memories, especially when those recollections involve tragedies. We spoke to people about the events that marked their lifetimes

  • Discovery Problem: Why It's So Hard to Find New Podcasts
    As a medium, podcasting is hot right now. But as a technology and an industry, it has failed at connecting people with content in a dynamic, efficient way Read more...

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    November 17 2013

    Top 25 Digital Media Resources This Week

    It's been a busy week in the tech world. Jean-Claude Van Damme's epic split went viral, BatKid saved San Francisco from a crime wave, and girlfriends everywhere mourned the loss of making out as Movember entered its second week.

    But if you were too busy waiting in line for a PlayStation 4 to catch up on the latest goings-on, don't worry — Mashable has got you covered

    We've rounded up this week's top digital media resources for your convenience. Check out our list of articles, below, for everything you need to know about Tumblr, as well as directions on how to opt out of data tracking for your most-used sites Read more...

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    November 15 2013

    7 Tumblr Add-Ons to Improve Your Experience

    For the burgeoning blogger, Tumblr is a haven filled with beautiful images, templates, and others who understand your obsession with Doctor Who and Welcome to Night Vale. It's where you belong

    That doesn't mean it's perfect. Tumblr seems relatively simple to use, but it's definitely missing a few features that would be handy. That doesn't mean that you have to suffer. There are plenty of extensions and add-ons available for all browsers that'll help enhance your Tumblr experience

    We've curated seven of our favorite Tumblr extensions to get you started. This is by no means a comprehensive list, and different users will want different extensions based on their browser and usage Read more...

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    November 09 2013

    Top 25 Digital Media Resources This Week

    Want to know more about Twitter's IPO, or Apple's new iPad Air? Check out our roundup of this week's top 25 digital media resources to learn more

    In addition to top tech news, our latest edition features useful how-tos, suggestions for compelling longreads and articles on adorkable slippers. Check out our list, below:

    Editor's Picks

  • The 9 Most Captivating Video Game Soundtracks
    Whether it's essential or not, music plays a crucial role in our video gameplay. These nine titles put just as much thought into sounds as they do sights

  • The New Golden Age of Archaeology Is Right Now
    Forget Indiana Jones — there's a new crop of archaeologists using space tech to uncover the world's mysteries. Read more...

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    October 28 2013

    Top 25 Digital Media Resources This Week

    It's been another busy week here at Mashable. We covered Apple's iPad Air event, brought you the best tips for a techie Halloween and discovered what Sesame Street is doing to teach kids about STEM topics.

    For those who missed out, we compiled the biggest updates in tech and social media to get you up to speed. Read the list, below, for this week's digital media resources.

    Editor's Picks

  • It's Still Easy to Get Away With Revenge Porn
    Hollie Toups is one of several revenge-porn victims advocating for criminal laws against the act. Others, however, argue such punishment ignores the First Amendment Read more...

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    October 26 2013

    14 Facebook Tools You Didn't Know Existed

    You know all about Facebook's basic tools. You can post statuses and share articles with the best of 'em. But how often do you check your Activity Log? What is the Browse tool for?

    You're not off the hook either, Brand Pages. You may know that Facebook Exchange targets ads based on user's online activity, but did you know you can create Custom Audiences to share content with?

    For these and other Facebook tools you probably aren't using, check out the gallery. Hone those Facebook skills to get the most of out of world's most popular social site

    Have something to add to this story? Share it in the comments. Read more...

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    October 06 2013

    Top 25 Digital Media Resources This Week

    Look, we get it. You've been busy, and you've missed some tech news from Mashable this week. We understand, and we're not angry

    Just to prove that we have no hard feelings, we've rounded up the top 25 digital media resources for you. You're welcome. Skim through for article on why no one follows you on Twitter, and a beginner's guide to YouTube.

    Have a good weekend, everybody

    Editor's Picks

  • 9 Mobile Games for Social Good
    Want to play a game while also donating to charity and spreading awareness? Here are 9 mobile games designed with social good in mind.

  • Hitchhiker Blogs His Journey Across the U.S.
    Pics or it didn't happen: Travel blogger Matthew Karsten hitchhiked from Oregon to Maryland — check out his photos from the journey Read more...

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    October 02 2013

    Using Social Media To Land Your Dream Job

    Getting a job is hard. Between the countless hours spent crafting cover letters that no one reads and anxiously checking your email to see if you’re on to the next round of interviews, a job hunt can be frustrating.

    But as the job climate is shifting, so is the way applicants are getting those jobs. Your online portfolio is just as important as your resume, and what you post online can affect your chances of getting hired. 

    In a survey released last month, the recruiting platform Jobvite reported that 94 percent of recruiters rely on social recruiting when looking for candidates. The company also stated the businesses that found new hires on social media had better candidate quality and quantity.  

    People are increasingly using social tools to get hired. In fact, the last three positions I’ve held started with a simple tweet. However, there is a strategic way to go about it; you can spend hours blasting resume buckshot to the entire Internet, or you can tailor your message and master a plan of attack so that you’re meeting the right people at the right time. 

    “What we’re looking for in the social world are indicators that show you have some expertise in whatever you say you do,” said Shon Burton, former recruiter and founder and CEO of HiringSolved.

    Burton’s company crawls the web to find everything a person has posted online, and narrows that down to information that is relevant to employers. The conversation you’re having on social media, he said, is significant to the outcome of your job search.  

    What Does It Take?

    We’ve all heard the advice: “Brand yourself”; “Become a thought leader”; “Build a large following”. While this information is advantageous to a select few power users, this advice can be hard for the average person to implement, and isn’t relevant to all job searches. 

    So here are a few ways you can get the outcome you want in any industry without stressing too much about the buzzwords. 

    Decide Who You Are

    You should be a person, not a product. It’s important to establish what defines you and what your future career goals are before you embark on the journey to find one. A logo or tagline can be cute and catchy, but what really matters is the qualities you bring to the position that will have the greatest impact. What are your skills? What is your passion? This should be clear on your website, Twitter profile, LinkedIn account or About.me. If a viewer has to muddle about to understand your skills, they will quickly move on.

    The hiring managers and recruiters skimming through potential employees will be looking for proof that you’re enthusiastic about what you do. Portfolios and side projects demonstrate passion, and passionate people generally become great hires.

    Quick tip: Your profile picture should be your headshot. It makes you easily recognizable and allows people to connect with the real you, instantly. 

    Build Meaningful, Lasting Relationships

    Networking isn’t just about finding people that will help you get a job. Sometimes the most successful “networking,” outcomes are a result of simply asking someone to meet for coffee because you like what she writes on Medium. Sharing ideas with someone you respect or admire is a great way to practice icebreakers and thoughtful discussion, and will ultimately expand your network for future references. 

    Remember to work on those relationships. Nurture them, even when you don't think they will benefit your career goals. You never know how the acquaintances you make will affect your future; so make sure you treasure each one. 

    Quick tip: “I’d love to meet up and talk about [the industry] with you!” is a perfectly fine way to kick off the conversation.

    Don’t Beg For It

    If your entire feed is made up entirely of replies to potential employers asking them to hire you, you’re doing it wrong. Followers find this behavior annoying, and it buries any conversation you’ve had in the past. Reaching out on social media might drive people to your profile, but if there are no recent relevant links or conversations, recruiters won't recognize your value.

    Instead of replying with, “I’d love to work for you!” try sending them, “I just did something that’s exactly what you’re looking for. Here’s a link to it.” Make sure the link points to your website or portfolio that includes a description of what you do as well as your contact information. 

    Quick tip: Advertise that you’re looking for a job, but avoid looking like a job hunt bot.  

    Be Authentic

    Feel free to express yourself online. As we all know, posting risqué, demeaning, inappropriate, or downright mean photos or statements on your social profiles immediately puts you out of favor with hiring managers. However, highlighting your personality in conversation is recommended.

    People enjoy working alongside others that have a sense of humor, contribute to thoughtful discussions, or have interesting hobbies. Once you get hired you shouldn’t make the job your life, so there is no reason you can’t share your life outside your job, too. Plus, if you and your interviewer share common interests outside of the company, you leave a memorable impression. 

    Quick tip: People like charisma, humor and intelligence. People don’t like this.  

    Develop And Demonstrate Expertise

    Validate yourself as an expert by participating in discussion, maintaining a blog or website, and providing feedback on the topics you have experience in. Search for discussions on LinkedIn and Twitter and participate with your own opinions and feedback. 

    “You can build an expertise on Twitter, Quora, Stack Overflow or Facebook and people really take notice of it,” Burton said. “It starts to be recognized as a better indicator of what a person can really do.”

    For example, the #journchat on Twitter every Monday brings together journalists, public relations professionals and other writers to talk about the industry. Twitter or LinkedIn chats are a great way to meet like-minded people and demonstrate your passion and interest in select industries. Jobs are posted frequently in these chats as well, which becomes an additional outlet for your job search. 

    Quick tip: Listen as much as you participate. There is no better way to find out how to break in to a business than learning from professional peers. 

    Stick With It

    It's easy to get discouraged, especially if you've spent countless hours submitting applications. Not every person you reach out to will respond, and if you're like most Americans, you might be at it for 18 weeks

    As you spend time looking for a new position, make sure you're pruning your personal projects and online profiles. For most people, a Google search is the first step to an introduction, especially with potential employees. Take the time to perfect your online presence, and the offers will begin to come. 


    Image courtesy Flikr/chluna, via CC license.

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    September 29 2013

    Don't Miss These 25 Digital Media Resources

    If this week's tech news was off your radar because you were catching up on Breaking Bad to prep for Sunday's finale, don't worry — we've got you covered

    Our team at Mashable has rounded up the top 25 digital media resources for your reading pleasure. Skim through for articles on nearly impossible mobile games to beat and nine manufacturers who figured out the secrets of tweeting

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  • Now and Then: 10 Classic Video Games That Got a Major Upgrade
    See how far gaming has come when you look at these side-by-side comparisons of retro video games and their modern counterparts.

  • 5 Ways Cities Are Using Big Data
    Big data's kind of a big deal. Here's how a few cities are using mass information to make their residents' lives a little easier Read more...

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    September 16 2013

    Top 25 Digital Media Resources This Week

    Gadget lovers, try to control yourselves. With a Nissan smart watch and two new iPhones on the market, it's understandable if you've been a little too distracted to keep up with this week's remaining tech news. Don't worry, though — we've got you covered

    Mashable has rounded up the week's top 25 digital media resources for your convenience. Scroll through for Youtube tutorials on fancy fall updos and cases to match Apple's colorful new iPhone 5C

    Have a great weekend, everybody

    Editor's Picks

  • This Craft Queen Has DIY in Her DNA
    Erica Domesek helped DIY become its own vertical with her blog, P.S.- I Made This... Read more...

  • More about Youtube, Social, Iphone, Features, and Business

    September 08 2013

    Don't Miss These 25 Digital Media Resources

    It's been a busy week in the tech worldSamsung turned us all into 007 with a snappy smart watch, while Google announced a yummy new Android operating system. So if you've had a hard time keeping up, don't worry — we've got you covered

    Here at Mashable, we've rounded up this week's top 25 digital media resources to keep you on top of your tech game. Scroll through for a tutorial on Vine and Instagram video special effects. Also, don't forget to watch a video of three of our male staffers attempt to follow a makeup tutorial — trust us, it's hilarious

    Have a great weekend, everybody.

    Editor's Picks

    More about Social, Features, Business, Tech, and Marketing
    How to Stream Your Games Live

    With great power comes great responsibility. So, if you have serious gaming skills, then you’re pretty much contractually obligated to show the rest of us how it’s done.

    It’s not just about bragging rights. Live-stream gaming has become immensely popular, with the live streaming site Twitch getting more than 35 million unique viewers per month, each of whom watches an average of 1.5 hours of video per day. This is due largely to the 600,000 unique broadcasts aired each month.

    These numbers are set to explode even more with the upcoming release of the Xbox One and PlayStation 4, both of which have announced partnerships with Twitch to make live streaming even simpler Read more...

    More about Social, Gaming, Livestream, Videogames, and Features

    August 19 2013

    What Brands Can Learn From Charity:Water's Digital Strategy

    Social responsibility is no longer just an option for businesses, brands are learning. From TOMS shoes which fund the giving of shoes for people in need, to Warby Parker, which provides glasses to people in need for every pair sold, buying where your buck goes further (globally) is appealing

    Charity:Water is a little different, as it is a proper non-profit, rather than a charity-driven business. But similarly to both TOMS and Warby Parker, the organization is focused on building awareness rather than executing on charity work, instead partnering with organizations in each of the countries it works to complete on-the-ground work Read more...

    More about Social, Charity, Brands, Charity Water, and Lifestyle
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