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August 18 2012

5 Ways to Pay for Dinner With Your Phone

mobile payments
Mobile payment transactions are predicted to reach $1.3 trillion per year by 2017, and the restaurant industry appears ripe to scarf down a hefty chunk of that money flying around electronically.

But while news about the mobile payments space has intensified lately -- Square's deal with Starbucks, Discover's nod to Google Wallet and Dunkin' Donuts's new gifting/payment app -- pay-by-phone services have yet to hit mainstream status as many consumers are still confused about their options.

To help clear confusion, here are five ways you may start paying for your next dinner with your phone.

Order Meals With Digital Delivery and Takeout Services

Food delivery apps and websites su…
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November 15 2011

LivingSocial Dives Into Full-Priced Food Delivery

LivingSocial is expanding beyond its discount-of-the-day offerings with a new service that delivers full-priced food from participating restaurants.

Called LivingSocial Room Service, the feature will offer “white glove delivery” from local restaurants, according to statement from the company. For now, the program is limited to LivingSocial’s hometown, Washington, D.C.

The service aims to let LivingSocial members avoid long lines during the lunch and dinner rush. However, unlike past LivingSocial programs, the prices won’t be discounted. More than 70 Washington restaurants are participating in the program, including Wisey’s, Chix and Sala Thai.

Consumers who sign up for the service are promised the full restaurant experience in the privacy of their own homes. That includes high-quality tableware and dining accessories.

A rep for LivingSocial says Room Service is “a great way for us to have our members get the food they love quicker and easier.” The new service will also expose LivingSocial’s participating merchants to a new type of customer, she says.

While Room Service veers away from LivingSocial’s core daily deals expertise, it lands the company in direct competition with Seamless, a mobile food ordering firm that has deals with more than 7,500 restaurants. Seamless could not be reached for comment on the new LivingSocial offering.

Image courtesy of Flickr, Obvio171

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