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February 13 2014

8 Profound Snowboarder Quotes for the Gnarliest Bros

Of all the Olympic athletes competing in Sochi this week, none have managed to get us stoked quite like the snowboarders

Medalists like Iouri Podladtchikov, Sage Kotsenburg and Jamie Anderson speak a gnarly language that's all their own.

We're paying tribute to our Olympic snowboarding favorites with 8 weirdly profound quotes about shreddin' the gnar. Never change, Kotsenburg.

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January 28 2014

10 Tips From Comedians for Pretending You Care About Football

Super Bowl parties are a lot of fun — you get to hang out with friends, it's one of the few acceptable excuses to drink in the daytime and you can eat exclusively Velveeta-based food items.

The actual football part almost seems unnecessary, but some sticklers out there still think it's an important part of the ritual.

It can be difficult to blend in with your football fanatic friends if you can't tell the difference between the quarterback and back-end. We understand, they're all wearing the same uniform and it gets confusing.

But if you're looking to impress company come Super Bowl Sunday, look no further. We've consulted experts (comedians) to help guide you through that awkward time in between the commercials Read more...

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January 05 2014

12 Comedian Quotes to Help You Laugh Through Relationship Hiccups

Happy relationships require laughter

Without steady giggles, you're just two people swapping spit and growing old. Old and sad.

Instead of practicing knock-knock jokes, find humor in love, with help from comedians. Whether it's Amy Poehler's words for the helplessly single or Rob Delaney's slightly questionable take on true love, you can discover something in the 12 quotes, below, which will help you chuckle through romance

Homepage image: Mashable composite. Larry Busacca/Getty Images, Chelsea Lauren/Getty Images for Hilarity for Charity, Mark Mainz/Getty Images Read more...

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December 26 2013

10 Mister Rogers Quotes to Remember on Bad Days

Some days, you just need a friendly face to motivate your good intentions

Consider Mister Rogers your neighborhood pick-me-up. The children's television star and cardigan connoisseur spent 50 years spreading inspiration and kindness. Rogers often spoke of loving people despite their faults and striving to improve yourself from the inside out, sometimes in song and other times in soft-spoken words.

Fred Rogers passed away in 2003 at age 74, but his words continue to inspire.

Image: Family Communications Inc./Getty Images

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December 25 2013

10 Quotes That Will Inspire You to Have the Best Year Ever

If you're like me, you're probably wondering where the past year went. You probably feel a sense of accomplishment about the things you did — and you should! But there are probably other things that you didn't get to and wish you had.

It's true that you can't do everything, but sometimes, you need some extra inspiration to put yourself out there and do the things that you really want to do. It could be to try something you've always dreamed about, like starting your own business, or skydiving, or taking on last year's winner in the New York state hot-dog eating contest (um, what? Let's move on). Read more...

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December 09 2013

11 Life Lessons From Almost-Centenarian Kirk Douglas

At 97 years old, actor Kirk Douglas ranks the highest on the American Film Institute's greatest male screen legends in American film history — that is, of those who are still alive. (He's No. 17.)

His repertoire consists mostly of manipulative, unsympathetic characters from iconic films such as Spartacus, Tough Guys, Lust for Life and Out of the Past

Douglas has served as a goodwill ambassador for the U.S. State Department since 1963; he survived a helicopter crash and has overcome severe strokes. He's also the oldest celebrity blogger. Read more...

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November 20 2013

11 Dolly Parton Quotes to Take Life by the Rhinestones

If there's one thing Dolly Parton knows, it's how to make a living.

The country music icon and actress has spent decades making a name for herself. Known for her sassy attitude that matches her vivacious curves, the lady is a legend and has no problem with frank truths.

There ain't no crystal ball, but magic definitely lives in these go-getter quotes.

We salute you, Dolly

Image: Jason Merritt/Getty Images

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November 13 2013

11 Unexpectedly Uplifting Quotes From Alfred Hitchcock

Alfred Hitchcock, director of cinema classics such as The 39 Steps (1935), Psycho (1950) and North by Northwest (1959), was a master filmmaker who had a knack for flooding the human heart with terror

He is famous for driving his actors insane, goading and threatening them until they delivered the most wrenching performances ever to be etched in cellulite

But Hitchcock also was a master of inspiration, occasionally using his silver tongue to bring out the brightest qualities in those around him, rather than the darkest. Check out these quotes that show the less murder-y side of the greatest suspense director in the history of film. Read more...

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October 30 2013

10 Quotes From '90s Cartoons Surprisingly Relevant to Adult Life

Not every Facebook-worthy quote came from the philosophical minds of Gandhi or Oscar Wilde

Some were said by iconic characters, like Tommy Pickles

Kid's shows were deep in the '90s, but sometimes it's the simplest message that stays with you. If you want to psych yourself up for something, just think, "A baby's got to do what a baby's got to do." Just try it

Image: Kevin Winter/Getty Images

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October 29 2013

18 Travel Quotes to Feed Your Sense of Wanderlust

If you are lucky enough to have traveled to a foreign place before, then you know the pull there is to keep exploring long after you've returned home.

If you're longing for a much-needed adventure, we've rounded up 18 quotes for travelers like you.

Whether you're an avid traveler who's never without a suitcase, or a homebody searching for a momentary escape from your daily routine, these quotes will speak to your sense of wanderlust.

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Image: Mashable Composite: Laura Vitto, Flickr, D.H. Parks

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October 28 2013

10 Cliché Quotes That You Need to Let Go Already

A great quote can do a lot: Help you through a rough moment, inspire you to go after a goal you didn't think possible, make you laugh, or maybe even woo you.

But frankly, we've admired and over-used the same ones for far too long — they're starting to lose their meaning.

After combing through Pinterest, we found the most eye roll-inducing quotes and offer up some alternatives

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Homepage Image: Flickr, Timothy Tolle.

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September 16 2013

9 Amy Poehler Quotes to Remind You What's Important

Amy Poehler celebrates her 42nd birthday on Monday, and she's packed a lot of awesome into those 42 years.

In addition to giving the world Leslie Knope, she also runs a YouTube channel, Amy Poehler's Smart Girls, that features interviews with accomplished women, profiles of girls from around the world and even the occasional adorable dog.

The channel's "Ask Amy" segment shows Poehler answering viewer questions about topics such as stress and friendship. The questions are posed by young girls, but the sage advice doled out by the comedian applies to those of all ages Read more...

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August 10 2013

Einstein Likely Never Said One of His Most Oft-Quoted Phrases

On the list of tales we like to tell about Albert Einstein, the story of his "biggest blunder" is near the top. It begins with a problem that was bugging Einstein: How could his theory of general relativity be true and, yet, the universe stable? If his theory was right, the universe would have collapsed — it could not possibly remain fixed, as physicists at the time believed it was.

To make his equations work, Einstein introduced an additional term into them in 1917, expressed by the Greek letter lambda (ƛ) — the "cosmological constant." The new term represented a repulsive force that would counter gravity's attraction, leaving the universe intact. Read more...

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June 18 2013

10 Badass Quotes From Sally Ride

Sally Ride never intended to be a hero. In fact, she was a shy girl who never raised her hand in class, loved to play tennis and read Scientific American religiously. When she responded to a NASA ad calling for applicants, the fine print didn't include shouldering the weight feminism in science. Sally always saw herself as an equal

But that's the thing about true heroes: They never set out to change the world — they're just themselves. For Sally, it all clicked after her first space flight. She was our role model. "And I began to understand the importance of that to people," she told Harvard Business Review shortly before her death in 2012. Read more...

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January 28 2012

15 Killer Quotes From ‘Sh*t People Say’ Videos

This meme is certainly making a strong case to be one of the biggest of 2012. Sure, the first episode of “Sh*t Girls Say” was uploaded at the end of last year, but who’s counting really? The results that Google yields when you start typing “Sh*t People Say” are as far-ranging in quality as they are in topic.

SEE ALSO: 15 Best ‘Sh*t People Say’ Videos

We’re sure you’ve got your own favorite quotes from the wide array of videos out there. These 15 favorites (and an honorable mention for each) should get the conversation started.

1. Sh*t Girls Say - Episode 1

The original that started a whole sh*t revolution. Many great lines, tough to choose a favorite, but this one stood out.

Honorable Mention: "You're the best!"

Click here to view this gallery.

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January 16 2012

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