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February 26 2014

February 22 2014

February 21 2014

February 20 2014

February 19 2014

February 16 2014

February 14 2014

Instagram Strangers Help Man Plan the Perfect Proposal

With butterflies in his stomach, Carter Moore asked her to coffee. Casual coffee, of course, just so they could get to know each other. No pressure or expectations. Just a friendly meetup.

Granted, she was beautiful: "The most gorgeous woman I'd ever seen," he remembers. For now, he just wanted to get to know her, even if it came with the unshakeable nervousness that swept through his body whenever she smiled in his direction

Three years later, butterflies still aplenty, they're married and living in Colorado Springs, Colo. Moore, 24, is a social media strategist at VSCO, and Brookelynn Howe, 22, is a nursing student at the University of Colorado. Read more...

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February 13 2014

Winter Olympics Photo of the Day: Skiing in the Sun

With balmy weather unusual for the winter games, Sochi, Russia is an exciting stage for photography. Today's temperatures in the Black Sea resort town reached into the 60's, and the deep blue sky created a fantastic backdrop for sports typically clad in gray.

Today's photo of the day, captured by San Francisco-based Ezra Shaw, capitalizes on the dynamic setting with bright color and plays off the circles in the Olympic logo with angles. The lens flare perfectly matches the angle of the slope, directing the viewer through the athlete's course.

"The skier wearing red, the blue sky and the white snow in the jump, with the colors of the Olympic rings in the snow, make the image bright and bold," Shaw told Mashable in an email Read more...

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February 12 2014

21 Photos Proving Luge Is the Least Photogenic Olympic Sport

If you're the type of person who fears double chin in photos, then the sport of luge is definitely not for you.

Thanks to the magic of sports photography, lugers racing down the Olympic track are plagued with crossed eyes, magnified crotch shots and the kind of angles that would horrify your selfie-loving friends

Though, to be fair, we'd like to see anyone look flattering when sliding on your back down a sleigh at 90 miles per hour. Read more...

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A Look Back at Flickr's First 10 Years

Facebook isn't the only Silicon Valley tech company celebrating its 10th anniversary this month

Flickr, the photo-hosting platform owned by Yahoo, turned 10 years old on Monday, a significant accomplishment in the ever-changing world of consumer tech

In many ways, Flickr was ahead of the game: It focused on user photos before most Americans started carrying around high-quality cameras everywhere they went, and it offered free cloud storage before services such as Dropbox, Box and Google Docs were even invented. Flickr users upload a million photos each day, and over the past year, the service has been busy adding more features, including larger storage, filters and photo books Read more...

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February 11 2014

New NASA Photos Point to Water on Mars

New clues are emerging about the mysterious streaks that appear on Mars' surface during warm weather, though scientists still can't say for sure that they're caused by flowing water.

The marks, known as recurring slope lineae (RSL), snake down some crater walls and other inclines when the mercury rises on the Red Planet. New research finds seasonal changes in iron minerals at RSL sites, suggesting that brines containing an iron antifreeze may flow there from time to time — but direct evidence of water remains elusive.

"We still don't have a smoking gun for existence of water in RSL, although we're not sure how this process would take place without water," Lujendra Ojha, a graduate student at Georgia Tech in Atlanta, lead author of two recent RSL studies, said in a statement. (Ojha discovered the RSL in 2011, while an undergraduate at the University of Arizona.)


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February 07 2014

14 Elderly Couples That Will Make You Believe in Love Again

You read these depressing facts about love all the time — about rising divorce rates, technology ruining relationships and even clinical heartbreak. When you can't find a date for Valentine's Day, it's enough to make you want to give up on love all together.

Don't give up yet! You still have plenty of time to find your perfect somebody. True love is out there and these elderly couples will help you believe in it

If these couples can keep the flame alive in their golden years, we can all have a little hope that we find our own somebody to take cute photos with and live happily ever after. Read more...

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February 06 2014

12 Sochi Photos That Russia Probably Doesn't Want You to See

As more athletes and reporters share their Sochi horror stories, many are realizing that the host city of the 2014 Winter Olympics isn't quite prepared for the global attention it will receive when the games begin on Friday

Photos from Sochi over the past two weeks have revealed that parts of the city's Olympic venues remain unfinished. Reporters are complaining very publicly that their hotels are still under construction. Sochi officials are also collecting and killing off stray dogs ahead of the games to clean up the city's image before cameras arrive. And there's tension between Russian and American officials over yogurt shipments. Read more...

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February 03 2014

12 Saddest Broncos Fans Suffering Through Super Bowl XLVIII

Denver Broncos fans watched in horror as the Seattle Seahawks pummeled their beloved team in Super Bowl XLVIII

The lopsided score left fans shocked and dismayed. Photographers — likely bored with the action on the field — turned their cameras to the stands to capture the sad faces of the Broncos cheering section

BONUS: 5 Football Facts to Psych You Up for the Super Bowl

Have something to add to this story? Share it in the comments. Read more...

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January 30 2014

Games Time: 14 Photos From Sochi as Olympics Approach

The upcoming Winter Olympics in Sochi, Russia, will take place from Feb. 7 to Feb. 23 and are set to be the most expensive Games in history.

A good chunk of the $51 billion price tag went toward the 11 new venues that workers had to build from the ground up as part of the transformation Sochi has undergone since its Olympic bid was awarded in 2007.

That transformation has caused concern among environmentalists who say that Sochi's biologically rich terrain has been sacrificed for the sake of buildings that will serve little purpose after the Games. The complaints have done nothing to stop construction, though, and the resort city on the Black Sea is now in its final stages of preparation. Read more...

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