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February 27 2014

February 26 2014

February 24 2014

February 23 2014

February 21 2014

February 20 2014

February 19 2014

February 17 2014

February 11 2014

Photographer Tackles the NSA's Image Problem

Since the spring of last year, when the Snowden documents began to support scoops and stories, the media has had a problem: It is hard to depict the places and programs that Snowden's stories describe.

It may sound simple, but it's a problem practical and profound. The lack of photographs that even show the government's intelligence agencies mean that the same pictures get used over and over again

Just as the same couple of Snowden pics kept appearing in stories early on, there's basically only one photo of the NSA headquarters:

The United States National Security Agency headquarters.


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Capture the Colors of the Olympic Rings for our Photo Challenge

In honor of the 2014 Winter Olympics, we want to theme this week's Mashable Photo Challenge around the colors of the iconic five-ringed symbol. To enter, capture an image that is primarily blue, black, red, yellow or green, like the five examples below

#MashPics Challenge example

Monochromatic photos are eye-catching and can bring out details we might miss in regular shots. You can share a single photo in your color of choice, or five separate photos; one for each ring

Follow the directions below to submit your images by Friday, Feb. 14 at 11 a.m. ET. We'll feature some of our favorites on Mashable. Read more...

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Why You Should Never Be Sorry for Your Selfie

On Jan. 27, 2011, "#selfie" was born. Just over three years later, there are more than 75 million Instagram photos tagged #selfie and a National #Selfie Portrait Gallery. Furthermore, Oxford Dictionary crowned "selfie" its 2013 Word of the Year after being officially added in August

Its social media spotlight focused a lot of hatred toward selfies. Some critics cry narcissism, others complain about duckface and cringe at the inappropriate places some people feel compelled to take selfies (okay, that one's valid).

As people explore the limits and extraordinary possibilities of selfies every day, it's time to realize those single-subject pics won't be going anywhere anytime soon Read more...

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February 05 2014

Tumblr Art Project Gives Everyday People Monster Twins

Monsters under the bed. Monsters in the closet. Throughout our childhoods, we feared the things that went bump in the night. It turns out, monsters weren't there to scare us — they just wanted to be our friends

As Jordan Young's Tumblr, Matching Monsters, reads: "[Monsters are] hiding all over the world, often in places you’d least expect. Sometimes you just need a little help seeing them." The art director turned digital artist has set out to help the world embrace the curious creatures around us through unique drawings he creates from real-life photographs.

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February 04 2014

Tiny Batman Takes a Whimsical Trip Through the American Southwest

The life of a superhero can be lonely, especially if he only measures 11-inches tall

Rémi Noël's series of photographs featuring a tiny Batman traveling all over the American Southwest depict a more isolated side of the Dark Knight.

"My Batman series was not designed as a series initially, but it became a series over time," Noël told Mashable. He originally began taking photographs for his small publishing house, Poetry Wanted, for a series called "This is Not a Map," a collection of foldable maps for Texas, Las Vegas, Scotland and Japan. Noël's photographs depict the landscape of each location in place of an actual road map Read more...

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January 28 2014

Photographer Brings Movies to Life With Lego and Baking Powder

If you've ever wondered what The Empire Strikes Back or Raiders of the Lost Ark would look like with Lego minifigures standing in for the actors, Finnish photographer Vesa Lehtimäki has the answer

With a perspective shift, some baking powder, the right lighting and a whole lot of ingenuity, Lehtimäki makes the one-and-a-half-inch figurines look almost like real-life stars

It all started in 2009 as an effort to document his children's toys. From larger action figures and models, it grew to Lego sets with mini dioramas. When he posted his photos on Flickr, Lehtimäki says they got a "wonderful" response, and it quickly turned into a full-on artistic project. Lehtimäki has also used Indiana Jones and Lord of the Rings as inspiration for his work, but it's Star Wars that remains by far his favorite. Read more...

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January 23 2014

18 Photos That Will Make You Wonder How Earth Is Even Real

Nature sure knows how to put on a good show. With sub-zero temperatures and extreme heat waves, she is a force to be reckoned with

However, nature can also be a beautiful, awe-inspiring creation even the most esteemed artist could not dream up. With its snowy mountain tops mirrored in looking-glass lakes to sandy beaches dotted with palm trees — some of the globe's landscapes are so breathtakingly beautiful, they make us seriously wonder how Earth is even real.

Spanning the tropical shores of Hawaii to Sweden's snowy trails, these jaw-dropping views will inspire you to close your laptop and enjoy the fresh outdoors. (Or maybe leave it open, and book a ticket.) Read more...

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January 22 2014

Gamer Dad Stars Son in Adorably Nerdy Photo Series

While some parents hire creepy clowns for their child's birthday, a video game developer recently earned ultimate dad points after a delightfully nerdy photo session with his son.

To celebrate his baby's first birthday, Ben Stirling used Photoshop to cast his son into scenes from popular video games

The result is an adorably hilarious photo series that any child would treasure for years to come — once he's old enough. Stirling's son slays zombies in Left 4 Dead, races in Mario Kart and solves puzzles in Portal, among other popular games. Read more...

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January 21 2014

Escape the Snow With Google's Virtual Tour of Remote Hawaiian Islands

As yet another major winter storm moves across the U.S. Tuesday, now 's probably a good time to tour a tropical paradise. For those of us who can't do it physically, a virtual tour will have to suffice.

Google Street View, perhaps better characterized as "beach view" in this instance, recently added thousands of 360-degree panoramic images of five landmasses in the Northwestern Hawaiian Islands. The images of the five remote islands — Tern Island and East Island at French Frigate Shoals, Laysan Island, Lisianski Island, and Pearl and Hermes Atoll — cover 20 miles located within the Hawaiian Islands National Wildlife Refuge. Read more...

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January 20 2014

The Most Photographed Cities on Earth, According to Google

Selfie, landscape or portrait, we tend to take a lot of photos — and some places are more conducive to snapping pics than others.

Google released a heat map that highlights the Earth's most photographed locales. Data included in Sightsmap comes from geolocated images uploaded by individual users to the Google Maps Panoramio service, which associates images with locations in Google Maps and Google Earth. You can even begin planning a trip with the map by selecting a starting point and destination, which brings up estimated travel time and links to travel sites.

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12 Photos of Martin Luther King Jr. Day That Show the Dream Is Alive

Across the United States, people of all ages and races came together to honor the life and legacy of Martin Luther King, Jr., over the weekend and on Monday.

King's message of equality, opportunity and nonviolence has endured for the nearly 46 years since he was assassinated at a motel in Memphis, Tenn. The nation honored King on his eponymous holiday, five days after the great civil rights leader would have turned 85.

Over the past several days, people not only held celebrations and ceremonies in honor of Martin Luther King, Jr. Day, but also took a page out of King's book and staged a nonviolent protest. Read more...

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