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February 13 2014

Dallas Sportscaster Tackles NFL Homophobia in Powerful On-Air Speech

This Dallas sportscaster can't change his view — even if he wanted to.

Dale Hansen, the weeknight sports anchor for ABC's Dallas affiliate WFAA, posed a question to his viewers Monday night: What is the big deal about having a gay player in the NFL? The question came in reaction to star University of Missouri defensive end Michael Sam's coming out before his expected appearance in the NFL draft this year.

In a powerful on-air opinion piece, Hansen challenges critics to explain why an openly gay team member would be a problem in the NFL. After all, many who make that argument "are the same people who say government should stay out of our lives but then want government in our bedrooms," he says. Hansen concludes that it's not only unfair to discriminate against a player because he's gay, but also immoral and illogical Read more...

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February 10 2014

NFL Prospect Comes Out Just Months Before Draft

The NFL may soon have its first openly gay player

Missouri defensive lineman and first-team all-American Michael Sam publicly acknowledged his sexuality in stories that appeared on the New York Times and OutSports on Sunday. Sam reportedly came out to teammates earlier in the season.

The timing of Sam's announcement is crucial. While Sam is not yet in the NFL, he did declare himself eligible for the upcoming draft. Experts projected that he would be drafted in the mid-to-late rounds, meaning he had a very high chance of being drafted Read more...

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February 05 2014

Flea: Red Hot Chili Peppers Played Air Guitar at Super Bowl XLVIII

The Red Hot Chili Peppers joined Bruno Mars on-stage for Super Bowl XLVIII's halftime performance, a show that was generally received with rave reviews

But then Internet users took a closer look at the photos and noticed the Peppers' instruments weren't actually plugged in. Conspiracy theories swirled: Did they do what many fans would consider the unthinkable by pantomiming a pre-recorded performance? Were they playing live, but wirelessly?

RHCP bassist Flea posted a 700-word open letter to the band's website on Tuesday explaining the situation. His message was simple: The NFL simply wouldn't allow them to play live. Performing a pre-recorded track broke one of the band's cardinal rules but the opportunity to play a Super Bowl halftime show was a once-in-a-lifetime chance they couldn't pass up. Anthony Keidis' vocals were live, but the accompanying the bass, guitar and drum sounds were not Read more...

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February 03 2014

A Clairvoyant Seahawks Fan Got His Super Bowl Tattoo Months Ago

There are confident sports fans — and then there's Tim Connors

Connors, a diehard Seattle Seahawks fan, got a tattoo commemorating his team's Super Bowl XLVIII championship. But here's the thing: That happened in August, months before the team had even played a game this season, according to ESPN

Here's a photo that SportsCenter shared during Sunday night's game:

A Seahawks fan got this tattoo BEFORE the season.
He's not really sweating it now#SB48 pic.twitter.com/SgO28pupXf

— SportsCenter (@sportscenter) February 3, 2014

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No, Floyd Mayweather Did Not Lose $10.4 Million on the Broncos

There's been a rumor flying around the web the past several days that flamboyant boxing superstar Floyd Mayweather, Jr., bet $10.4 million on the Denver Broncos to win Super Bowl XLVIII. That would have been a massive loss given the Broncos' dreadful performance on Sunday night

But Mayweather says the whole story is bunk. Here's what he told Mashable through a spokesperson just after the game's final whistle:

Congratulations to the Seattle Seahawks for winning the Super Bowl. For the record, I did NOT bet $10 million on The Broncos. As a matter of fact, I didn't bet at alI. I can't control what rumors are put out there. But good or bad publicity keeps me relevant. The only thing I would bet $10 million on is MYSELF because from the looks of my record, I'm a guaranteed WIN!!! I’m focused on that, my company www.themoneyteam.com and my tech investments Read more...

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Welcome to Peyton Manning's Super Bowl Nightmare, America

Welcome to Peyton Manning's nightmare, America: Halftime at Super Bowl XLVIII and things couldn't be going any worse for Denver's 37-year-old MVP quarterback

The Broncos, as was widely noted these past two hyped-up weeks, entered the game with the NFL's top-ranked offense. One example of their offensive dominance was this regular season stat: The Broncos averaged a whopping 27 first downs per game

But on Sunday, they became the first team in Super Bowl history to fail to get a single first down in the game's first quarter, according to Fox. Talk about shut down Read more...

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February 02 2014

Your Super Bowl XLVIII Cheat Sheet

Feeling a little out of the loop on Super Bowl Sunday, this holiest of unofficial American holidays? Reading this Super Bowl XLVIII cheat sheet will take less than five minutes and enable you to hold your own at any game-day party

We'll run down some basic information about the two teams, summarize some intriguing storylines, briefly profile the game's biggest characters and even provide you with a few conversation-starting factoids

The Teams: Denver vs. Seattle

The Denver Broncos come out of the AFC and are led by a living legend at quarterback in Peyton Manning, who is having unprecedented success for a 37-year-old at his position. The Broncos featured the NFL's most potent offense this season, rolling up averages of more than 450 yards and 37 points per game Read more...

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February 01 2014

NFL Players Had More Than 1,300 Injuries This Season

In recent years, the NFL has made many rule changes in the hopes of increasing player safety and decreasing the number of sustained injuries.

According to most analysts, however, these changes don't seem to be having an all too positive result.

New England Patriots coach Bill Belichick blasted recent limits on offseason practice time, claiming the lack of preparation has added to an increasing number of player injuries. Others claim that stringent restrictions on helmet-to-helmet contact have resulted in more knee and ankle injuries, though commissioner Roger Goodell has purportedly denied that claim. Read more...

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January 31 2014

Super Bowl Boulevard Takes Over Manhattan With Football Festivities

NFL fans in New York City ignored the freezing temperatures this week to participate in the Super Bowl festivities set up along Broadway in Times Square.

Although Super Bowl XLVIII will take place on Sunday at the MetLife Stadium in East Rutherford, New Jersey — home of both the New York Giants and the New York Jets — Times Square was at the center of NFL's full football-themed takeover experience this week

NFL shut down vehicle traffic between 34th and 47th street from 9 a.m. to midnight for the duration of what the league is calling "Super Bowl Boulevard." The events run from Wednesday, Jan. 29 to Saturday, Feb. 1. Read more...

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The 12 Weirdest Bets You Can Make on Super Bowl XLVII

During this Sunday's Super Bowl, millions of viewers will tune in and anxiously wait to see what kind of hat Bruno Mars is wearing during his halftime show performance.

Wait, what?

It's no secret that NFL games are one of the most popular targets for betting afficionados. With the Super Bowl being the biggest game of the year, it makes perfect sense that many gamblers will put money on whether they think the Seattle Seahawks or Denver Broncos will win the game, how many points will be scored, and which player they think will be crowned Super Bowl MVP.

But bookies do not limit themselves to the conventional betting categories. Viewers can bet on every second of the entire event—from the coin toss through the player's post-game speeches. We rounded up 12 of the weirdest prop bets available, which you can find below Read more...

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January 30 2014

NFL Now: A Personalized Video Service for the Football Obsessed

NEW YORK — With the Super Bowl right around the corner, the NFL announced on Thursday a fully personalized video service called NFL Now that pushes out news, analysis and highlights across mobile devices.

Launching this summer, before the 2014 season starts, NFL Now is an HD video network that packages what fans wants to see. It knows if you're a Patriots fan, keeps track and gives you updates about your fantasy football players and feeds you videos you likely don't want to miss.

A preview of the interface on NFL Now, a new personalized video service for NFL fans.


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January 29 2014

Kate Upton's End Zone Dance Sizzles

Kate Upton is more than just a pretty face. She also has some pretty sweet dance moves.

The voluptuous supermodel took to the MetLife Stadium field to show us her "signature" touchdown dance. Throwing down her designer handbag, the blonde swayed her hips for a short salsa reminiscent of New York Giants wide receiver Victor Cruz's famous end zone dance

Kate's homage to Cruz is pretty spot on — however, the NFL star would probably find it difficult to pull off the dance in a flouncy skirt and pumps like Upton did

The Instagram video's description says that Upton's trip to the stadium was part of photo shoot with the Giants for the February issue of Vogue. Read more...

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It's Richard Sherman's World. The Rest of Us Are Just Obsessing Over It

The photo above shows the scrum of reporters and photographers surrounding Richard Sherman at Super Bowl XLVIII Media Day on Tuesday

After a preceding week-and-a-half in which the outspoken Sherman became a media sensation and, in the words of and many, "broke the Internet," the shot by Associated Press photographer Charlie Riedel perfectly captures the Seahawks star's status as pro football's man of the moment

But it's nothing compared to this photo that Sherman himself snapped from the interview stand, then posted to Twitter:

Media Day was a blast! pic.twitter.com/5nNwtOQQmv

— Richard Sherman (@RSherman_25) January 28, 2014

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January 28 2014

Relive the Entire NFL Season in Just 160 Seconds

Super Bowl Sunday is almost here, touching down on Feb. 2. Perhaps you haven't been paying much attention to this NFL season, however, and need to get back up to speed as soon as possible

If so, you're in luck, dear reader

ESPN produced the handy video embedded above. Narrated by NFL Live host Trey Wingo, it runs down all the best moments, accomplishments and storylines from the season that was. From Peyton Manning's torrid start, to Adrian Peterson's usual brilliance, to the epic NFC Championship, it's all there

Better yet, the video is only 160 seconds long, tailor-made for the digital age's microscopic attention spans Read more...

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How to Watch the Super Bowl Online

Super Bowl XLVIII kicks off Sunday at 3:30 p.m. ET, pitting Peyton Manning and his Denver Broncos against the Richard Sherman-led Seattle Seahawks. It promises to be a hard-fought matchup featuring the game's best players, and will likely have no shortage of interesting subplots

If you can't get to a TV, and are wondering how to watch the Super Bowl online, look no further — we've got you covered.

Fox holds the Super Bowl's TV broadcast rights, and luckily for football fans, it is planning to use the big game as a way to promote its Fox Sports Go streaming service. This means that on Super Bowl Sunday, you can watch the game via Fox Sports Go for free; the service typically requires users to log in with TV subscription credentials Read more...

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January 27 2014

Viral Video Recap: Bad NFL Lip Readings, Mitt Romney and More

This week's viral videos take us from the boardroom to the playing field, and somehow fit Mitt Romney in along the way.

But it wouldn't be much of a viral video recap without cats and dogs. This time, we get the two animals together, and they seem to be competing for the title of laziest pet.

Then, in preparation for the upcoming Super Bowl on Feb. 2, the Internet delivered two football videos. The first is an explanation of how the game works, so those of you who don't normally sit in front of a television on Sundays will have some idea of what's happening Read more...

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January 24 2014

NFL Bad Lip Reading Sequel Is Just as Funny as the First

The Bad Lip Reading team is at it again with another NFL takeover, just in time for the upcoming Super Bowl

Bad Lip Reading is a hilarious YouTube channel that dubs absurd dialogue over sports clips, television shows, movies and even the U.S. presidential debate. The dubs let us see typically serious situations in new comedic light.

The first NFL Bad Lip Reading was released in January 2013 and has accrued more than 47 million views on YouTube. Fortunately, this is one sequel that managed to make us laugh just as hard as the first.

We only wish that Richard Sherman's post-game interview would have made the cut Read more...

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January 23 2014

Why 2 NFL Legends Are So Happy About Justin Bieber's Arrest

Justin Bieber was arrested in Miami Beach early Thursday under suspicion of driving under the influence and drag racing. Of course, this set Twitter ablaze with Bieber mugshots, snarky remarks and general nonsense

But perhaps no one enjoyed the Twitter schadenfreude more than Keyshawn Johnson and Eric Dickerson, a pair of retired NFL legends. That may not make any sense now, but it will soon.

First, Johnson posted this on Thursday morning:

They finally caught HIM! Glad no one was hurt, no kids in the street. Everyone grows up at some point. Hopefully he learns from it.

— Keyshawn Johnson (@Thromedamnball) January 23, 2014

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12 Signs You've Taken Your Football Obsession Too Far

Super Bowl XLVIII is just around the corner, and fans can't wait for the most exciting event of the season. Everyone has their own little routines they like to do to (supposedly) make sure their team perform better. Some like to wear their favorite player's number or rub a rabbit's foot for good luck, while others go all out in extreme rituals they believe will bring their team to victory.

The smell of AstroTurf and magic of pigskin can make anyone go a little crazy, but not everyone can easily draw the line between fandom and obsession

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January 20 2014

Seahawks' Richard Sherman to Haters: 'I Can Handle It'

A day after making the game-ending play that sent the Seattle Seahawks to the Super Bowl, and insulting one of his opponents on live television, Richard Sherman took to his blog on Sports Illustrated's SI.com to address his actions and the criticism that erupted after his brash post-game interview.

Sherman, a player for whom the word polarizing is barely adequate, has been the subject of media attention and criticism before, but last night's game and his interview kicked it into high gear

Sherman addressed critics and his actions during and after the game: Read more...

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