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February 14 2014

De La Soul Will Make Entire Catalog Free Online Friday

In a Valentine's Day gift to fans, hip-hop pioneers De La Soul will offer its entire catalog for free for 25 hours, starting at 11 a.m. ET Friday.

"It's about allowing our fans who have been looking and trying to get a hold of our music to have access to it," De La Soul member Posdnuos told Rolling Stone. "It's been too long where our fans haven't had access to everything. This is our way of showing them how much we love them." The songs will be available via De La Soul's official website.

Only part of De La Soul's catalog — its 2004 album The Grind Date — is currently available on iTunes and Spotify. The rap trio's 1989 debut, 3 Feet High and Rising, was listed at No. 346 on Rolling Stone's Top 500 Greatest Albums of all Time. However, uncleared samples on the album have prevented it from appearing on many digital formats Read more...

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February 13 2014

14 Anti-Love Anthems to Embrace Your Heartbreak

Valentine's Day can suck. For all it's cracked up to be, the holiday just isn't fun for everyone

There's no occasion that tries harder to remind you of your bruising singledom, your recent bad breakup or your crush that never came to fruition. So how do you cope? By turning to sad love songs

SoundExchange, a non-profit organization that collects royalties from more than 2,000 radio services, has put together a "Love Stinks" playlist. Based on royalties paid to artists, the company (which represents the entire recorded music industry) figured out which tracks were the 14 most popular anti-love songs streamed in 2013. Read more...

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These Selfish Love Songs Are the Perfect Self-Esteem Boost

Single on Valentine's Day? Don't be sad. While your friends have to shower their significant others in gifts and affection, you can reward the one person in your life who really matters most — yourself.

Comedian Daniel Koren's parody video has an excellent compilation of "selfish" love songs that glorify singles everywhere. The album, aptly titled "The I Love Myself So Much I Can't Anybody Else At This Moment Collection," rewrites some of music's most popular love songs. "Hopelessly Devoted to You?" Nope. More like "Hopelessly Devoted to Me." It's a great self-esteem boost for anyone who is flying solo Read more...

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Spotify Unveils Valentine's Day Playlists for Soulmates and Singles

Whether you're planning a romantic date or celebrating the single life this Valentine's Day, you're going to want some tunes to guide you through the night

To help, Spotify released three Valentine's Day-themed playlists that feature popular love ballads for both the love-struck and heartbroken.

The first playlist is based on Spotify's analysis of which tracks have been streamed the most on Feb. 14 in recent years, with Whitney Houston's "I Will Always Love You" claiming the top spot (well done, Spotify users). These tracks are loaded with inspiration for those struggling to find the right way to tell that special someone how much they mean. Read more...

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February 12 2014

NightBus' Interactive Music Video Introduces 3-Way Stereo Experience

After creating an innovative interactive music video for Bob Dylan's "Like a Rolling Stone" that mimicked TV channel surfing, digital agency Interlude is back with a slick type of interactivity for new band NightBus' "When The Night Time Comes" video.

The video, shared first with Mashable, let's you control what you hear and what you view onscreen. You can choose how loud you want to listen to or see each of the band's two singers — Hannah Melbourn and Jack Kennedy — by moving a sliding button left and right. NightBus recorded three arrangements to accomplish the "three-way stereo experience." Read more...

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Billy Ray Cyrus Re-Releases 'Achy Breaky Heart' as Hip-Hop Jam

Like daughter, like father?

For once, it's Miley Cyrus' dad Billy Ray Cyrus who's turning heads with a questionable move, transforming his 1992 country classic "Achy Breaky Heart" into a hip-hop jam

The remixed song, "Achy Breaky 2," is from rapper Buck 22 — the son of R&B singer Dionne Warwick — and Billy Ray Cyrus is its featured artist. And we wouldn't be surprised if Miley directed the video, because there's twerking. A whole lotta twerking

The video is also set on a space ship, à la Miley's nude, alien-infused "Real and True" music video. Additionally, news anchor Larry King makes an appearance, because why not? Read more...

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February 11 2014

'Wolverine' Actor Hugh Jackman to Host Tony Awards

Actor Hugh Jackman has clawed his way back to the Tony Awards hosting throne

Jackman — a.k.a. Wolverine to moviegoers — returns for his fourth stint as host on June 8, CBS revealed Tuesday, having earned an Emmy Award for his hosting performances in 2004 and an Emmy nomination in 2005. He also spearheaded the ceremony in 2003

Jackson, who won a Tony for Best Actor in The Boy From Oz, delivered the hosting news to his nearly 400,000 Instagram followers in this video:

"Hugh is the ultimate performer — actor, singer and dancer — he does it all, second to none," Jack Sussman, executive vice president of specials, music and live events at CBS Entertainment, said in a statement. "He is a consummate entertainer and the one you want out there hosting your live television event.” Read more...

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Rosanne Cash Revisits Her Roots in 'A Feather's Not a Bird' Video

Rosanne Cash's new album, The River and the Thread, references a series of visits she recently made to the Deep South, where she and her husband John Levanthal, who produced the album, explored her family's roots and the region's history.

Mashable spoke with Cash — daughter of Johnny — last week about how those visits formed the spine of the record

"We started to go down to the South more often to see my friend Natalie, who was teaching me how to sew, and we’d go to Memphis and then back to Arkansas," Cash said. "We took this trip down Highway 61, which is where all the pieces fell into place. Highway 61 was mythic. We went to the Tallahatchie Bridge. We went to Robert Johnson’s grave. We went to Money, Miss. Once we got away from it and started processing what we had seen and felt, we started writing songs." Read more...

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Oscars Go 'Frozen': Idina Menzel to Perform 'Let It Go'

It's a go for "Let It Go" at this year's Academy Awards. Idina Menzel will perform the song from Disney's Frozen for the first time on TV during ABC's March 2 broadcast of the ceremony, Oscar producers Craig Zadan and Neil Meron revealed Tuesday

"Let It Go" is nominated for Best Original Song, along with "Happy" from Despicable Me 2, "Ordinary Love" from Mandela: Long Walk to Freedom and "The Moon Song" from Her.

It's really happening. I'm singing on the Oscars! Surreal. Thank u frozen family and Oscar producers for this incredible opportunity.

— Idina Menzel (@idinamenzel) February 11, 2014

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February 10 2014

51 Songs to Pump You Up During the Winter Olympics

The first weekend of the Winter Olympics in Sochi, Russia, is in the books, with the first two days of competition delivering impressive performances and viral moments aplenty.

If you haven't managed to catch any of the thrilling action out of Sochi yet, it's definitely not too late to get excited about the Winter Olympics. And if you live far from Russia and are trying to catch these events in real time, you may need an adrenaline rush on par with a run through the slopestyle course just to stay awake.

That's why we put together this Music Monday playlist of pump-up songs that are sure to get your feet moving and your heart racing Read more...

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February 09 2014

23 Hidden References in The Beatles Songs

As fans of The Beatles celebrate the 50th anniversary of the band invading America with their mop-topped hair and infectiously catchy melodies, we decided to take a deeper dive into their impressive discography.

Over the decades, the Fab Four's songs have been unpacked and analyzed and accused of everything under the sun — far too many times to count. You can't talk about "Lucy in the Sky With Diamonds" without someone mentioning the LSD.

We called on our biggest Beatlemaniacs to debunk and decipher some of the references and hidden gems peppered throughout the years. Take a look and a listen. Read more...

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February 08 2014

Russian Police Choir Owns the Opening Ceremony With 'Get Lucky' Cover

Shut it down, YouTube cover singers. Your "Get Lucky" covers are no longer relevant.

The Russian Police Choir performed a delightfully offbeat rendition of Daft Punk's hit song before Friday's Winter Olympics opening ceremony in Sochi. Their goofy performance was filled with awkward choreography, big smiles and impressive harmonies.

Your browser does not support iframes.

Friday's performance wasn't the first for the Russian Police Choir. A clip of the group performing the Daft Punk hit has garnered more than 3 million views since hitting the Internet in November 2013. Read more...

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February 07 2014

A History of the Beatles in 50 Photographs

Half a century ago this month, four lads from Liverpool introduced themselves on a U.S. television show and played a few songs. That was all it took for millions of music fans across the States to fall in love with the Beatles.

On Feb. 7, 1964, the Beatles arrived at newly named John F. Kennedy airport in Queens, N.Y. to a surprisingly shocking mob of screaming fans and reporters. With their mop-top hair, British humor and catchy music — John, Paul, George and Ringo were something new and fresh that Americans hadn't seen or heard before.

When the Beatles took to the stage at The Ed Sullivan Show on Feb. 9, 1964, it was a turning point in pop culture and music history. More than 73 million people tuned in to the broadcast, confirming that 'Beatlemania' had arrived Read more...

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'Lesbian' Duo tATu Performs at Winter Olympics Opener

Members of Russian pop duo tATu, who are perhaps most-remembered for kissing each other onstage during performances in the early 2000s, put on a show Friday at Fisht Olympic Stadium before the Winter Olympics opening ceremony in Sochi, Russia

Lena Katina and Yulia Volkova of tATu held hands while singing, and the moment caused "Tatu" to become a worldwide trending topic on Twitter

The choice to have tATu perform raised eyebrows because of what's been described as their "pseudo-lesbian" behavior (which some saw as simply as an attention-grabbing stunt at the time). In the group's 2003 debut music video, "All the Things She Said," the two women acted as lovers, kissing each other in the rain while decked out in schoolgirl outfits Read more...

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Rosanne Cash Talks Songwriting, Twitter and How Streaming Hurts Musicians

Rosanne Cash has been writing songs for 35 years and creating hit records for almost as many, but few have achieved the popular and critical success of her most recent release, “The River and the Thread.”

The album debuted in mid-January at No. 11 on the Billboard album chart and quickly rose to No. 1 on Amazon’s music best sellers’ list. The Los Angeles Times recently predicted that the album would earn its place among “the most powerful works of 2014.”

"The River and the Thread" traces a reunion of sorts that Cash experienced with her family’s roots in the Deep South, weaving together bits of history of the region and glimpses of the world her father, Johnny Cash, grew up in. Read more...

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9 Boy Bands Rocking Beatles Hair

Boy bands have been making girls scream since the '60s, when groups like the Beatles filled radio waves with catchy lyrics and poppy melodies — oh, and they had really great hair

The Beatle haircut, coined the "moptop," was one of the many factors of Beatlemania that first took place after the group debuted 50 years ago on The Ed Sullivan Show. The shaggy, unkempt bowl cut was widely popular, and even inspired toy companies to manufacture licensed Beatles wigs.

Many boy bands, even today, have in one way or another been inspired by the Beatles, from music technique to fashion. Some have even created their own spin on the iconic 'do. (Looking at you, Harry Styles.) Read more...

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Band Plays Some Chill Tunes On Instruments Made Of Ice

Swedish musical group Ice Music really knows how to heat up a crowd. Working with instruments made almost entirely of ice - except for strings, fret boards and other parts - the band performs energetic songs with classical, rock, and world music influences.

The instruments are made by founder Tim Linhart, who sculpts the bodies of the curvy instruments by hand. Each "ICEstrument", as the group calls them on their website, is made of several sheets of ice, and is lit up by colorful lights that mimic the northern lights of the Swedish Lapland.

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The History of Hip Hop, Played on Bottles

The history of hip hop has never sounded so whimsical.

A Danish group known as The Bottle Boys created a mashup of hip hop's biggest songs — in chronological order — and decided the best instruments for the homage could be found in their fridge.

French YouTube channel It's Big! shared the video of the breathy boys this week. Their medley begins with the genre's roots, covering Kurtis Blow and The Sugarhill Gang, and continue all the way to recent Grammy winner Macklemore

Grab a beer and take a look.

BONUS: 11 Celebrities Using Public Transportation Just Like You

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Beep Speaker Is the Chromecast of Music

Two former Google staffers launched a new startup on Thursday called Beep that aims to change the way you listen to music at home

The Beep, available in copper and gunmetal colors for $99, allows users to stream music wirelessly from any speaker with an input. Think of it like a Chromecast for music — instead of making a TV Wi-Fi-enabled, the Beep plugs into any speaker and makes it wireless

Beep is the brainchild of former Google employees Daniel Conrad and Shawn Lewis.

"Bluetooth is a great portable listening solution, but it falls short in the home — you quickly run into range issues, and of course, you can't synchronize a bunch of Bluetooth devices together in different rooms," Lewis said. "We also found more and more users gravitating towards streaming services, like Pandora, but are unable to listen to streaming music on their existing speakers. Beep easily connects any speaker to the cloud." Read more...

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