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February 25 2014

February 10 2014

51 Songs to Pump You Up During the Winter Olympics

The first weekend of the Winter Olympics in Sochi, Russia, is in the books, with the first two days of competition delivering impressive performances and viral moments aplenty.

If you haven't managed to catch any of the thrilling action out of Sochi yet, it's definitely not too late to get excited about the Winter Olympics. And if you live far from Russia and are trying to catch these events in real time, you may need an adrenaline rush on par with a run through the slopestyle course just to stay awake.

That's why we put together this Music Monday playlist of pump-up songs that are sure to get your feet moving and your heart racing Read more...

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February 03 2014

48 Songs to Celebrate Seahawks' Super Bowl Victory

The Seattle Seahawks won Super Bowl XLVIII on Sunday in one of the most lopsided games in history, dominating the Denver Broncos by a score of 43-8.

While Denver fans are undoubtedly going through a tough time, we're sure Seattle fans will still be celebrating joyously well into Monday night. So we assembled a Music Monday playlist of songs from Seattle's most famous bands and musicians. If you're a Seahawks fan basking in the team's glory, or even if you just visited Seattle once and had a good time, put on our playlist and let the likes of Nirvana, Jimi Hendrix, and Pearl Jam bolster your feelings of Seahawks pride. Read more...

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December 10 2013

Vote for Your Favorite Song of 2013

The debate over who won the year in music has plenty of unforgettable talking points: Daft Punk returnedJustin Timberlake and Jay Z joined forces. And headline magnet Miley Cyrus shocked everyone with her controversial MTV VMAs performance with Robin Thicke, earned the record for most views on a music video in 24 hours for "Wrecking Ball," and even helped "twerk" get added to Oxford Dictionaries Online.

But ultimately, it's about the music. Which song deserves to be crowned the song of 2013?

We rounded up 40 of the year's most inescapable songs for this week's Music Monday playlist, which you'll find below the poll Read more...

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November 25 2013

27 Songs to Guide You Home

With Thanksgiving approaching on Thursday, Americans across the country are starting to embark on their journeys home for quality family time, copious amounts of delicious food and football.

Travel can be so dreadful during the holidays that it's easy to forget the comforts of home (even though you may be ready to leave after a few days' worth of nagging from mom and dad and uncomfortable jokes from your tipsy uncle).

So to avoid wanting to leave even before you arrive, turn on our homeward-bound Music Monday playlist and get excited about returning to your old stomping grounds. Read more...

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November 11 2013

26 Songs to Make Your Wishes Come True

Making a wish when the clock strikes 11:11 is a widely practiced notion, and there's no better date to do so than on Nov. 11 — also known as 11/11

Your Facebook News Feed and Twitter stream are likely filled with friends urging you to make a wish, and who's to argue? We all could use a little good luck now and again.

Whether you're gathering the courage to ask your crush on a date, hoping your fantasy football team pulls out a key victory or looking ahead to your holiday wish list, we have a Music Monday playlist designed to make all of your hopes and dreams come true Read more...

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October 28 2013

21 Songs to Ease the Pain of Rejection

On this day in 1973, Elmore Smith of the Los Angeles Lakers blocked 17 shots in a game against the Portland Trailblazers, which remains the NBA record for most blocks in a single game.

Basically, the dude was playing out of his mind.

Image: Tumblr, 4gifs

It was clearly not a good day to try for a dunk.

Image: Tumblr, usatodaysports

In the vein of Smith's record-setting amount of denial, we have a Music Monday playlist with songs all about getting rejected and the hurt it brings.

When you're told to "Leave (Get Out)" like you're JoJo's ex, you may experience the anger seen in post-breakup anthems "F*ck You" by Cee-Lo Green and "We Are Never Getting Back Together" by Taylor Swift. Once the anger passes, though, you may find yourself "Dreaming With a Broken Heart." Read more...

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October 07 2013

22 Songs to Help You Through the U.S. Government Shutdown

The United States government has been shut down for the past week, which has halted all legislative action and left government employees across the nation temporarily without work. While we hope Congress can come to an agreement sooner rather than later, but there's still no clear indicator of when the shutdown might end.

While you wait it out, we have a Music Monday playlist with songs help you get through the shutdown. Naturally, it starts off with Pitbull and Akon's "Shut It Down" and Ne-Yo's "Shut Me Down."

Next, for the employees who may be taking advantage of their unexpected break from work, we kick back with Bruno Mars' "The Lazy Song" and enjoy the "Lazy Days" with Enya Read more...

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August 12 2013

111 Songs by Girls Who Run the World

Beyoncé answered the question "Who run the world?" best — girls.

This week's edition of Music Monday is girls only. It is impossible to incoporate all of music's powerful, talented women into one playlist, but we tried to scratch the surface. The result: This fabulous and massive playlist packed with girl power spanning genres and decades (it's also tied for the most songs in a Music Monday playlist).

Jump from the '90s Riot Grrrl feminist punk movement with Bikini Kill and Sleater-Kinney to the golden days of Studio 54 with late queen of disco Donna Summer to the modern independent music scene reigned by the likes of Grimes, St. Vincent, Sharon Van Etten and Savages to the '70s women's liberation movement with Helen Reddy's iconic "I Am Woman" — and finally back to today with 16-year-old soulful newcomer Lorde, who is poised to take over pop music in the very near future. Read more...

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September 03 2012

Music Monday: Songs of Summer 2012

"Call Me Maybe" wasn't the only summer song this year. These songs were some of our summer favorites here at Mashable.

We love music year-round, but the perfect song is especially timeless on the perfect summer afternoon. You probably spent many a summer day rocking out to "Pumped Up Kicks" by Foster the People last year or "California Gurls" by Katy Perry in 2010 -- whether you admit to it or not.

SEE MORE: Music Monday

While Carly Rae Jepsen's "Call Me Maybe" will likely live on as the definitive pop song for the summer of 2012, take a listen to some of our other favorite summer jams. The crisp fall weather will soon begin in many parts of the world, but you can always go back…
Continue reading...

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August 27 2012

Music Monday: Weather Songs

One thing we all share no matter where we live is weather. It affects our lives like nothing else in our environment. It's not surprising then that weather can be as common a muse as any, whether it's the physical activity in our atmosphere we're talking about or the imagery and symbolism it provides.

Common themes - rain, sunshine, and clouds - are often used to evoke the moods we express through music. "Ain't No Sunshine" by Bill Withers, for example, expresses sadness at being alone through the weather. "Raindrops Keep Falling On My Head," the classic song from Butch Cassidy and the Sundance Kid, illustrates the way the weather can help us all relate to something - in this case, the f…
Continue reading...

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August 13 2012

Music Monday: Our Olympic Games Closing Ceremony Picks

The Olympic Games have come and gone in two exhilarating and sometimes frustrating weeks.
With last night's closing ceremony, the organizers pulled out all the stops in featuring artists and performers such as the Spice Girls, George Michael, One Direction, and the Who.

But it was not without flaws, particularly for viewers in the United States. NBC interrupted the tape-delayed primetime broadcast for an hour to debut the new show, "Animal Practice." They also cut some significant parts of the performance, including Ray Davies of the Kinks performing "Waterloo Sunset" and Muse performing "Survival," the official song of the Olympics.

In spirit of the closing ceremony, we decided to pu…
Continue reading...

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August 06 2012

Music Monday: Robot Rock

It's no secret that Mashable loves robots. From a giant 4,000-pound, six-legged hydraulic robot to small vacuum cleaning robots, we love bringing you the latest on how these machines are changing our lives.

Robots can be found everywhere from our homes to our doctors' offices. They can defuse bombs, operate vehicles and even play ping-pong. You name it — some form of robot has been built to do it.

This week we put together a playlist dedicated to these life-changing machines. From techno to classic rock this Music Monday features some of our favorite robot tunes.

Music Monday is a weekly post that allows us to share our love of music with you. So every Monday we publish a Sp…
Continue reading...

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July 30 2012

Music Monday: Mashable’s First MP3s

Today, music is widely available and free thanks to the internet and streaming services such as Spotify and Rdio. We can find and listen to millions of songs through these live-stream services or through sites such as last.fm and Youtube.

But not too long ago (before the dawn of iTunes), sites like Napster and Limewire ruled and downloading MP3s was the preferred mode of acquiring music.

On this Music Monday we asked Mashable staffers: What was the first MP3 you ever downloaded?

The responses were diverse and maybe even a little embarrassing, but we created a Spotify playlist to share them with you anyway. Looking back, downloading our first MP3 was a milestone in our lives and…
Continue reading...

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July 18 2011

Chill Out in a Musical Kaleidoscope With Bear Hands’ Video

Each Monday, Mashable highlights an exclusive new video or song. Check out all our Music Monday picks.

When Brooklyn-based band Bear Hands set out to create a video for its jangly song about unrequited love, “High Society,” it shook off the shackles of narrative and instead composed a fly’s-eye video made up of images of the band.

Drawing upon the influence of photorealist Chuck Close, guitarist Ted Feldman, along with co-director Andrei Bowden-Schwartz, created the vid using four computers and 10,000 images. “We did 78 takes of that song, which did not make my band happy,” Feldman says.

“This video was a monster,” he says. “We had been assembling the video in parts on different computers, and we were only able to watch our first cut of the monster in full two days before I had to fly back north to play a show in Connecticut.”

The song, “High Society” — from the band’s full-length debut disc Burning Bush Supper Club– has a cinematic quality that could have easily lent itself to a more structured narrative. It tells the tale of a man named Frank, who is in love with a man who doesn’t feel the same way (he’s “engaged to be alone”). In fact, most of the songs on the disc lend themselves to narrative visualization — the video for “Crime Pays,” for example, takes a more direct route (with the crime and whatnot).

Still, the band doesn’t go the cinematic story song path in this case. “We didn’t like the idea of sort of arbitrarily fitting our songs into a narrative, or fitting us, the band, into a narrative, because that feels kind of phony,” Feldman says.

Instead, the band members fit themselves — literally — into a kind of kaleidoscoping imagery, making the song more about sound and atmosphere than the plight of Frank. The video starts in close, focusing on lead singer Dylan Rau’s mouth here, a tattoo there, then begins splintering off into more and more squares featuring a symbol, guitar strings, etc. Those images become ever more plentiful, until they make up Rau’s face once more.

“Every image in this video is taken from just us performing, so as complicated as it ends up being, it’s a pretty simple concept,” says Feldman.

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Portugal. The Man Gets Tarantino-Esque Music Video With Dogsleds

Each Monday, Mashable highlights an exclusive new video or song. Check out all our Music Monday picks.

To showcase its catchy anthem “Got It All (This Can’t Be Living Now)” from the upcoming album, In The Mountain In The Cloud, Portugal. The Man went to Alaska’s icy climes to weave a tale of a dogsledding exhibition gone horribly awry. And those icy climes, it turns out, exist right in lead singer John Gourley’s backyard.

Push play on the video above and you’ll be transported to a landscape out of time — an eerie, snow-encased world in which a trapper (Gourley) can accidentally shoot himself in the head, and then carry on singing after his life has slipped away.

While such a whiteout world might seem exotic to the average city dweller, this is home for Gourley, who hails from Wasilla, Alaska. (No, he doesn’t know Sarah Palin.) His parents both competed in the Iditarod.

“It felt like we were a bunch of kids doing a high school project and running out and jumping on my parents’ dogsled and filming something on the fly,” Gourley says of the video, which premieres today ahead of the album’s July 19 drop date.

Gourley himself dogsledded until high school, where the sport wasn’t looked upon as the coolest pastime.

“My dad would come to pick me up from high school in a beaver skin cap, big gloves, his parka and everything,” he says. “It was so funny to see him show up — his beard all frozen from being out with the dogs.”

A bad case of frostbite, rather than abject embarrassment at his father, was what took the joy out of sledding for Gourley. Still, the singer braved 25- to 50-below Fahrenheit weather to create this chilling (pun wholly intended) vid, which is a smaller section of short film that premiered on IFC, directed by Mike Ragen.

The song has a kind of rallying quality, one that would likely be helpful to a frost-bearded traveler mushing through the countryside with many miles to go. But Portugal. The Man wasn’t trying to match lyrics to images.

“I think it’s more about the sounds than the subject matter,” Gourley says. “The reason I got into music was obviously because of bands like The Beatles and Pink Floyd, things like that. But it was also people like Quentin Tarantino putting these really great songs to these amazing scenes in movies.”

Indeed, “Got It All” has a Tarantino-esque quality. If you’re at all bothered by images of dogs munching on singing corpses, we suggest covering your eyes toward the end.

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MuteMath Releases New Track Via Interactive Audio/Visual Remix Board

Each Monday, Mashable highlights an exclusive new video or song. Check out all our Music Monday picks.

Watching a music video is usually a passive experience. But this is not the case with a new vid/art project from New Orleans-based MuteMath. The band has created an interactive video mixer to introduce “Odd Soul,” the first song on its upcoming third album, also titled Odd Soul.

The mixer, dubbed “Visual Stems,” features six different videos that comprise parts of the song: drums, guitars, bass, vocals, synth and BG vocals. Users can mute various sections of the song (a cool tool for aspiring musicians, as you can listen to a certain part of the song all by your lonesome), check out solos and change the volume levels of each of the six videos. There are two versions of the project: one for up-to-date browsers featuring six separate vids, and one for slower browsers boasting four videos (with two parts crammed into one video).

The project was created in collaboration with Teleprompt Records, and was brought to fruition by graphic designer Andrew Le.

MuteMath is no stranger to inventive music videos. Back in 2007, it created a video for the song “Typical” during which the jam was played backwards.

We asked the band members if they felt any pressure to come up with increasingly elaborate videos over the years — given their first viral foray into video-making, and the recent influx of interactive, unconventional music videos (see: “The Wilderness Downtown,” “3 Dreams in Black,” “Back From Kathmandu,” etc).

“It’s not really pressure as much as just getting bored with releasing music the same way every time,” lead vocalist and keyboardist Paul Meany told us. “We find ourselves on ‘what if’ rabbit trails a lot. Someone will start an idea ‘What if we…’ And then one of us will answer, ‘but then what if it…’ Until we keep pushing the idea into something that is obscenely impossible, and then we go back a few ‘what if’s’ and there’s the idea we usually go with.”

The “Visual Stems” project is certainly a fun way to engage with the band’s new single — if you want to listen to the unencumbered version, we’ve embedded it above — but it’s more of a toy than a real remix board. However, the band is also launching a remix contest in which fans can download the song stems and give them a real makeover, so we can see the project being a good starting point for aspiring remix artists.

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July 11 2011

The R’s Show Their Dark Side in “Mr. Hide” [VIDEO]

Each Monday, Mashable highlights an exclusive new video or song. Check out all our Music Monday picks.

Italian rock band The R’s has released its first single from its U.S. debut record, De Flora Et Fauna. The song, “Mr. Hide,” is a likable bombastic ode to baring all to the one you love.

“I wrote that song to ask the girl I was with to accept my dark side,” says bassist and singer Pietro Paletti. “That’s the Mr. Hyde I’m trying to hide from people. I wrote that song because I felt like I was kind of divided in two, and you get to a point where you have to let people accept your dark side.”

The band strove to keep the imagery in the video spare, so as to focus attention on the music. “We were playing with mirrors in the video, so we tried to announce the duality of the reflection — yourself and the other self reflected into the mirror,” Paletti says.

So did the girl manage to see all that was reflected in Paletti’s soul and accept the darkness present within? “Well, she left me,” he says, laughing. “But not because of the song.”

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July 08 2011

Rapper Theophilus London Premieres New Track on Mashable [DOWNLOAD]

Brooklyn rapper Theophilus London’s debut LP, Timez Are Weird These Days — all about love and loss in the digital age — drops on July 19, but you can check out (and download) a new track today on Mashable.

Yes, we usually share new music on Mondays, but this week was a holiday and we were too busy gazing up at exploding fire bombs to track down some tunes. So take this premiere as a kind of recompense.

Today’s tune is a remix of “Why Even Try,” a chiming anti-love song (the opening totally recalls David Bowie’s “Underground,” check it out) featuring Tegan & Sara’s Sara Quin that should provide sufficient accompaniment to your weekend’s misadventures.

When we asked London about the digital undertones in the album (bad reception equates lost love in this particular track), he told us: “The digital world has exposed us to everything we need in life. Life is great. Life is weird.”

Make use of the trappings of that digital world and check out the track below. To download it, click on the “Tracks” tab in the player.

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June 27 2011

Breakup Leads to Explosion in New Video From InnerPartySystem

Each Monday, Mashable highlights an exclusive new video or song. Check out all our Music Monday picks.

Forget tears — every breakup song should include an explosion, like the one that caps InnerpartySystem’s new video for the jam, “Not Getting Any Better.”

The song is from the electronica band‘s latest EP, Never Be Content, which dropped in February.

“I like that they’re not exactly the same thing,” says the band’s drummer Jared Piccone of the song and video. “The song is definitely the story of someone yearning to be back with their significant other, so much that it’s super unhealthy, mentally.”

The video, on the other hand is a skittery jumble of illustrations and images all leading up to one, big bang.

“The song has such urgency to it, toward the end where it’s like, ‘I can’t take it anymore,’” Piccone says. “I like how even though the story in the video is a little different — it actually explodes — it’s kind of like the same feeling of urgency. You have to get out. It’s all falling apart.”

Check it out whilst ruing all your weekend-induced mistakes.

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