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February 26 2014

February 16 2014

January 24 2014

Congressman Invites Obama on a Marijuana Tour in Colorado

Politicians are giving stoners a run for their money as the most enthusiastic advocates for pot.

In the latest example, a U.S. representative from Colorado invited President Barack Obama and Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid (D-Nev.) to tour one of his state's now-legal marijuana dispensaries. Rep. Jared Polis extended the invite after both Obama and Reid made recent remarks that cast marijuana in a not-so-negative light.

Polis sent a letter to Obama and Reid on Thursday, thanking the two for their "shifting positions on the regulation and legalization of marijuana." Read more...

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January 19 2014

Obama: Marijuana Is Not More Dangerous Than Alcohol

In another inch forward for Barack Obama's stance on marijuana, the U.S. president revealed in a new interview that he finds the drug no more dangerous than alcohol.

“As has been well documented, I smoked pot as a kid, and I view it as a bad habit and a vice, not very different from the cigarettes that I smoked as a young person up through a big chunk of my adult life. I don’t think it is more dangerous than alcohol," Obama told The New Yorker's David Remnick

However, Obama clarified his comments, discussing both the societal impact of marijuana arrests, as well as the legal implications for comparing various drugs and legalizations. Read more...

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January 17 2014

Investors See Pot as High Growth Industry

Robert Frichtel is chief executive officer of Advanced Cannabis Solutions, a Colorado Springs company that leases indoor spaces for growing pot. On Jan. 23, he and representatives of 11 other marijuana companies will seek funding from as many as 70 investors at a Las Vegas meeting organized by ArcView Group, an investment firm focused on the industry. "Everybody is running toward this as the next entrepreneurial wave — the green rush," Frichtel says.

Investment interest in the marijuana industry has surged since Colorado and Washington voters in 2012 legalized sales to anyone 21 years and older. Long lines formed when Colorado shops selling pot opened on Jan. 1. A total of 20 states, including California and Massachusetts, now allow the medical use of marijuana, and New York may be next under a plan announced by Governor Andrew Cuomo. ArcView projects the market for legal marijuana will grow to $2.34 billion this year. Read more...

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January 15 2014

New Hampshire House Votes to Legalize Marijuana

Marijuana just took a step toward legality in New Hampshire.

The state's House voted 170-162 in favor of allowing anyone age 21 and up to carry up to one ounce of pot for recreational use, according to the Associated Press. The bill will head back to the House Ways and Means Committee before it returns to the floor for a final vote.

The legislation would also let people grow up to six marijuana plants, and outlines a plan to tax the product, which would retail at $30 an ounce.

Washington and Colorado have already legalized pot. People have been able to purchase it in Colorado as of Jan. 1, 2014, and will be able to do the same in Washington at some point this year. Read more...

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January 08 2014

Colorado Restaurant Offers Pot-and-Dinner Pairing Menu

A Colorado restaurant is addressing the eternal question: What kind of weed goes best with a Honey Miso Salmon?

Hapa Sushi, which was behind a print campaign in 2009 that showed a map of locations of medical marijuana dispensaries and Hapa locations in the state, has a new ad effort that suggests pot-and-dinner pairings, according to Advertising Age.

Among the suggestions: Blue Dream goes well with the Katsu Curry, and Pakistani Kush is a nice complement to Pakalolo Shrimp. In addition to the menu, the ads also advertise a dining room that is "ergonomically designed to reduce paranoia." Tagline: Happy Legalization. Read more...

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January 03 2014

Ben & Jerry's Gets High Marks for Colorado Marijuana Tweet

Colorado's legalization of recreational marijuana sales is too divisive to be a real-time marketing opportunity for most brands.

Unless, of course, your brand happens to be a hippie-tinged brand of Grade A munchies. Ben & Jerry's, the Unilever-owned ice cream brand, was one of the few —- perhaps the only — major brand to weigh in on the issue. The ice cream company did so with this apropos tweet on Thursday.

BREAKING NEWS: We're hearing reports of stores selling out of Ben & Jerry's in Colorado. What's up with that? pic.twitter.com/zBs8nyxZWn

— Ben & Jerry's (@benandjerrys) January 2, 2014

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December 31 2013

The Legal Stoner's Guide to Colorado's New Marijuana Law

On Jan. 1, Colorado will become the first state to allow the sale of "retail marijuana" since the federal government banned its recreational use in 1937

The state's voters approved Amendment 64, which legalizes sale of the drug, on Nov. 6, 2012, and it was adopted to Colorado's constitution about a month later. Since then, regulators have worked to establish guidelines to implement the historic change.

This is one of the most talked-about laws in recent memory, but many are still rather hazy on some of the specifics. To clear the air, we decided to take a closer look at the law and hash out the facts Read more...

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'Denver Post' Launches Website Devoted to Weed

With just two days left before marijuana sales become legal in Colorado, the state's largest newspaper has unveiled a new website devoted to covering pot culture inside and out

Called The Cannabist, the site will be run by Ricardo Baca, The Denver Post's marijuana editorBaca's appointment last month made waves across the media — he got a coveted Colbert Report appearance out of it — as has the newspaper's ongoing search for a pot critic.

Baca's video introducing the site is worth watching just for the extracts he reads from the many, many applications he's received for the pot-critic post. Here's a taste: Read more...

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December 10 2013

You Can Thank Marijuana for at Least One Journalism Job

Ricardo Baca is trying to figure out how to cover a market that has never existed before, at least legally.

The Denver Post's newly appointed marijuana editor will oversee the only mainstream media operation to dedicate a portion of its coverage entirely to marijuana, which will become legal for sale in Colorado to anyone 21 or older starting in 2014.

"I am guessing Jan. 1 for me will be a mix of in the office, out of the office, running around visiting the just opened pot shops," Baca told Mashable. "We’re assuming they’re all going to open, but we don’t really know because they haven’t done this and neither has anyone else. I can sit here and think I kind of know what’s going to happen, but I know it’s probably going to be the opposite." Read more...

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August 15 2013

Man Asks for Weed Delivery on Twitter, Gets Fired

This should go without saying, but we'll say it anyway: Don't ask for a drug dealer to deliver marijuana to your office on Twitter.

A 20-year-old in Canada chose to disregard this advice this week, leading to a a termination from work and a hilarious response from local police.

Sunith Baheerathan, an "aspiring mechanic" living in Vaughn, Ontario, posted this tweet on Tuesday, per The Daily Dot. He later deleted his Twitter account


Baheerathan then fired off a string of tweets claiming the original tweet was a joke and that people "really gotta stop taking tweets serious lmao." Read more...

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May 31 2013

Former Microsoft Exec Aims to Create National Marijuana Retail Chain

Jamen Shively hopes to do for marijuana what Starbucks has done for coffee

Shively, who worked as a corporate strategy manager at Microsoft until 2009, took part in a press conference Thursday accompanied by Mexico's former president to discuss his plans to build a national marijuana brand in the U.S. called Diego Pellicer.

During the press conference, Shively laid out his ambitious plans to attract $10 million in funding for the new company and eventually bring in tens of millions of customers, according to The Associated Press.

“Let’s go big or go home,” Shively said in an interview with The Seattle Times before the press conference. “We’re going to mint more millionaires than Microsoft with this business.” Read more...

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June 13 2010

Pair Arrested for Trying to Trade iPod Touch and Marijuana for iPad on Craigslist

Earlier this week, police arrested two men in Arizona for attempting to trade a third generation iPod touch and about seven grams worth of marijuana for a 32G iPad via an ad on Craiglist, a local ABC station reports.

After receiving a tip about the ad, which included photos of both the iPod touch and marijuana (see below), police officers sent an e-mail purporting to be interested in the exchange. When the police met up under the pretense of completing the trade, 20-year-olds Jacob Walker and Jacob Veldare were instead arrested when Walker offered up the marijuana. Both now face charges for possession and the attempted sale of an illegal substance.

Not only were the two unwise enough to post pictures of marijuana on Craiglist, but they were also gullible enough to believe that anyone would trade a 32G iPad, which costs $599 for the Wi-Fi version and $729.00 for the 3G version, for a $299 32G iPod touch and a quarter ounce of marijuana of dubious quality.

[img credit: Edible Apple]

For more Apple coverage, follow Mashable Apple on Twitter or become a fan on Facebook

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