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February 03 2014

16 Ridiculously Photogenic Rodents

Rodents and rats typically denote a negative connotation. They're dirty, disease-carrying creatures, ready and willing to resurrect the black plague, crawl up your pant leg, and "rat" you out to the cops — not exactly the Internet's favorite animal.

But like most dangerous animals, rodents can be also incredibly cute, and sometimes they can make great pets too.

Which do you prefer: cat or rat?

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12 Saddest Broncos Fans Suffering Through Super Bowl XLVIII

Denver Broncos fans watched in horror as the Seattle Seahawks pummeled their beloved team in Super Bowl XLVIII

The lopsided score left fans shocked and dismayed. Photographers — likely bored with the action on the field — turned their cameras to the stands to capture the sad faces of the Broncos cheering section

BONUS: 5 Football Facts to Psych You Up for the Super Bowl

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February 02 2014

15 Valentine's Puns to Make You LOL in Love

Whether you're in a couple or hopelessly single, Valentine's Day is stressful. There's so much pressure to find a date, not to mention the perfect gift for them. Perhaps the most difficult of all is putting into words how you feel.

This year, forget about all of that pressure and just say it with puns. Why choose between sweet, corny and sappy when you can have all three in one witty card?

Artist Jared Andrew Schorr will help you with his clever illustrations. We've also found a few Etsy cards that you can purchase in a pinch.

So impress your sweetheart with a clever play on words. Because roses are red, but making someone's face red with laughter is just as romantic. Read more...

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January 31 2014

8 Wines to Pair With Your Fast Food

For twenty-somethings, a love for eating cheap and drinking heavily is the link that holds us together

Normally we'd pair our Dollar Menu burger with the cheapest beer available, but it's time to try something a little fancier. Just because you're on a budget or time-crunch doesn't mean you don't deserve a touch of class every now and then.

Instead of skimping on the booze, we've enlisted the help of New York-based wine seller Clarke Boehling to help you pair high-end wines with your favorite low-end meals. Because if you're knocking a few back with your Big Mac, you might as well do it with style. Read more...

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11 Super Bowl Snacks to Kick Up Your Game Day Party

As much as your friends like to pretend that they're only coming to your Super Bowl party for the football, the real question on their minds is, "What are we eating?"

Because when it really comes down to it, watching the Super Bowl is just an excuse to whip up cheesy nachos, juicy sliders and sweet whoopie pies

Score a touchdown with these snacks to devour on game day, including two inspired by this year's Denver vs. Seattle face-off

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January 30 2014

17 Nerdy Home Decor Items to Geek Out Over

They say that home is where the heart is, so if you're nerdy to the core, your space should reflect that.

A few nerd-inspired items placed around your half-built IKEA furniture can diversify your cookie-cutter flat, and truly make that space your own

From Star Wars bookends to floppy disk planters, these niche, handmade home goods on Etsy will leave four-eyed consumers with countless geeky options for decorating their space. Read more...

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January 26 2014

20 Rainbow Photos to Splash Color on Your Winter Blues

If you're feeling the wrath of winter, then maybe you need a quick morale booster to keep you up and stomping through the icy sludge.

The filtered world of Instagram is already colorful enough, but when you take a deeper dive into the vibrant hashtag #rainbowporn, you'll find the whole world isn't covered in a white sheet of snow that you'll have to eventually shovel.

Let these radiant snaps of rainbows add a little splash of color to your gray, wintry day

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January 25 2014

11 Songs From the '90s That Are Darker Than You Think

The '90s are typically remembered as a pretty fly decade. With good reason, as you could still download songs on Napster without realizing what you were actually doing — plus, there were Beanie Babies as far as the eye could see.

It might have seemed all that and a bag of chips, but let's take off these rose-colored glasses for a second and examine the '90s problems that didn't include your CD player skipping or dial-up internet.

Many songs from the '90s are, like the decade itself, fun, catchy and well-remembered. However, a lot of the songs you so fondly belt at karaoke actually have a much darker meaning. Although you'd never expect it from their catchy melodies, these lyrics explore dark themes you'd never expect. From drug addiction, to depression, to the Marxist revolution — these songs certainly cover the '90s gamut Read more...

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January 24 2014

Leslie Knope's 8 Tips for the Perfect Compliment

Listen up, you poetic and noble land-mermaids: Compliments are one of the simplest gifts you can give someone.

And when it comes to crafting the perfect one, no one does it better than the queen of compliments, Leslie Knope.

You too can build a flawless compliment if you follow the Parks and Rec star's example. Her foolproof methods make for a heartfelt way to make someone smile.

In honor of National Compliment Day, study these tips for perfecting the art of flattery.

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Jennifer Lawrence's Stellar Career in Emoji

Jennifer Lawrence, a.k.a. America's sweetheart, earned her third Academy Award nomination earlier this month. The adorable actress with a goofball personality has the backing of a seriously impressive filmography.

Since Lawrence has been on our minds even more so than usual with her win at the Golden Globes, we decided to take a closer look at the past roles that went into developing this talented lady

And obviously, there is no better way to celebrate each of her acting roles than through the art of emoji.

Take look at Jennifer's career, from her first small role as a mascot on Monk to her most recent Oscar-worthy role in American Hustle, as translated into emoji form Read more...

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January 22 2014

Repairing Christ the Redeemer Is Not for the Faint of Heights

High above Rio de Janeiro, Brazil, a few brave workers began repairs on the 92-year-old Christ the Redeemer statue on Tuesday.

The famous monument suffered damage to its fingers and head during a lightning storm last week. Fixing the 98-foot-tall Art Deco piece of architecture that stands atop of Corcovado Mountain is not a job for anyone with a fear of heights.

A photographer captured beautiful (and slightly terrifying) images of the restoration efforts. Officials plan to install additional lightning rods after mending the statue's chips. Read more...

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Gamer Dad Stars Son in Adorably Nerdy Photo Series

While some parents hire creepy clowns for their child's birthday, a video game developer recently earned ultimate dad points after a delightfully nerdy photo session with his son.

To celebrate his baby's first birthday, Ben Stirling used Photoshop to cast his son into scenes from popular video games

The result is an adorably hilarious photo series that any child would treasure for years to come — once he's old enough. Stirling's son slays zombies in Left 4 Dead, races in Mario Kart and solves puzzles in Portal, among other popular games. Read more...

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January 21 2014

If You Thought the Polar Vortex Was History, You're Wrong

As another round of polar vortex bears down on the U.S., east coast Instagram users are storming to their accounts to document the snowy weather

The storm, which some are calling "Winter Storm Janus," brought snow on Tuesday across the Mid-Atlantic. The National Weather Service predicts that the storm system will strengthen overnight off the east coast, spreading heavy snow and winds off the coasts of New England and the Northeast. Massachusetts could potentially experience blizzard conditions, and temperatures across the eastern U.S. will be 10 to 25 degrees below average

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10 Ways 'House of Cards' Can Help You Get Ahead at Work

Getting ahead in the workplace can be difficult. It's easy to get stuck in the 9-to-5 grind and slip up. Shirts remain wrinkled, emails go unanswered and, before you know it, you've spent six hours looking at cats on Reddit

Luckily, we have the award-winning Netflix series House of Cards to teach us some valuable work lessons.

Save the date: Season two of House of Cards premieres on Valentine's Day, Feb. 14.

Image: AP Photo/Netflix, Melinda Sue Gordon

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January 20 2014

12 Pieces of Vintage Olympic Garb to Win Hipster Gold

The 2014 Winter Olympics arrive in a few shorts weeks, and if you can't nail triple axels on the ice rink, you're probably watching the festivities from home.

But just because you don't plan on leaving the house doesn't mean you have to lounge in the same old yoga pants and ratty sweatshirt

Instead, show your Sochi 2014 spirit in these 12 relics from Olympic games of yore. Because even if you stay confined to the couch, at least you'll look good.

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Image: Etsy, DMSPORTSCOLLECTIBLES

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January 19 2014

10 Beer Cocktails to Booze Up Your Super Bowl Party

The keys to throwing a great Super Bowl party are relatively simple: stock up on nacho cheese, mute the game in between commercials and, most importantly, make sure you never run out of beer.

If you've tuned into a football game for longer than 30 seconds, you know that the game isn't about athletics or statistics. Rather, it's about beer.

So while no party would be complete without it, it's possible you're bored of drinking the same old warm, domestic stuff straight from the can. Luckily, there are beer-based cocktail recipes that can ramp up even the blandest of brews. Read more...

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14 Ice Skating GIFs to Warm Up for the Olympics

The Winter Olympics are nearly upon us, which means it's time to plant yourself in the living room to yell at the television in a patriotic rage for two weeks. It's been four long years since the last winter games, so it's definitely time for a refresher.

Since its introduction to the Winter Olympics in 1924, figure skating has been one of the most popular, yet controversial games. From broken knees to dirty judges, here are some GIFs to remind you just how amazing the sport can be.

The schedule for figure skating at the 2014 Sochi Winter Olympics can be found here. Read more...

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January 17 2014

11 Places That Share Names With Internet Words

The Internet creates new and interesting things every day. Companies, words, acronyms and trends make their way into our daily lives, pop culture and even the dictionary

However, before the advent of the digital domain, many familiar Internet words that we use today already had a place to call home.

A scan of a world map shows that words you associate with the digital age share their names with places around the globe.

Image: Mashable Composite, Google, Apple

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January 16 2014

Magnified Photos Expose the Secret Beauty of Sand Grains

When you head to the beach on a hot summer day, the glimmering ocean waves capture your attention. But a series of magnified photographs may inspire you to turn your gaze to the sand, where little-seen beauty lies right underfoot

Dr. Gary Greenberg's photographs magnify grains of sand 100 to 300 times, exposing swirling microscopic shells, eroded crystals and colorful coral fragments.

sand grains4

The grains come from diverse beaches around the world, reaching from Okinawa, Japan to Maui, Hawaii to Smith Mountain Lake, Va. Each fragment is unique in character and remarkably beautiful. Read more...

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January 14 2014

21 Neckties for Every Type of Nerd

Business professional attire can be dull, especially for men. Truth.

Don't fall asleep yet! But you can add a few accessories to your wardrobe to diversify your look from the average white-shirt-wearing Joe, while still channeling your inner nerd

From Star Wars to bicycles, no matter what your geeky interest may be, there's a necktie out there for you.

Have something to add to this story? Share it in the comments.

Image: Etsy,DESIGNBYKIM

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