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February 27 2014

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February 26 2014

February 25 2014

February 21 2014

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February 19 2014

February 17 2014

February 16 2014

February 14 2014

Cook Yourself a Romantic Valentine's Day Meal for One

No plans for Valentine's Day? No problem. You have an entire season of House of Cards to blow through, so consider yourself busy.

But if you can't bear the idea of skipping out on a romantic V-Day meal, consider pairing your Netflix binge with something way tastier (and classier!) than popcorn.

We've rounded up 16 romantic recipes for a single-serving feast worthy of your solo night in. Take this list as a token of our single solidarity.

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February 12 2014

Study: Mammograms Do Not Reduce Breast Cancer Deaths

Yearly mammograms in middle-age women do not reduce breast cancer deaths — these tests are essentially as good as physical examination alone, according to a new 25-year study from Canada.

The study, which included nearly 90,000 women ages 40 to 59, is the latest to question the value of routine mammography. The researchers found the same number of women died of breast cancer over 25 years, regardless of whether they underwent yearly mammograms or not.

Mammography is performed routinely to screen women for breast cancer, with the goal of early diagnosis. But it is highly debated whether this screening saves lives. In some cases, early detection does not necessarily mean the cancer can be cured, and in some others, treatments work even if cancer is discovered at later stages Read more...

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8 Romantic Subscription Services to Spice Up Your Valentine's Day

Thanks to the Internet, you can literally wait until the last second to give a gift. But that also means you’ll never have an excuse to show up empty-handed again.

Luckily for you, instant online gifts aren't limited to gift cards this Valentine's Day. There are numerous subscription services that will prove your love on a monthly basis, whether it's lingerie or online cooking classes.

Here’s a roundup of our favorite subscription services that make for unique gifts for that special someone.

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February 10 2014

The 7 Most Popular Valentine's Day Gifts in the U.S.

Valentine's Day — the annual celebration of love and commercialism — hits us again on Friday, and many of us will spend the coming days scrambling to find perfect gifts for our significant others.

Despite the pressure to find something unique and heartwarming, a recent survey from the National Retail Federation shows that the old standbys, such as candy and flowers, still hold their own in the U.S.

For example, 61% of male respondents said they planned to buy flowers this year, while 50% of female respondents said they'd buy candy for their special someones. And despite their popularity during the 2013 holiday season, only 11% and 17% of men and women, respectively, plan to purchase gift cards this Valentine's Day. Read more...

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February 07 2014

Labradoodle Creator Regrets Breeding 'Frankenstien' of Dogs

For the first time in the Westminster Kennel Club Dog Show's 138-year history, mixed breeds are finally being allowed into the competition. Which is very nice and inclusive of them. Sadly, mutts will only be allowed to compete in the "agility" competition, because Westminster has no "standards" with which to judge how attractive they are. Those "standards" of course, are the reason the St. Bernard went from running around rescuing people in the Swiss Alps with barrels on their necks to being so big that they get overheated if they work too hard and being super prone to disease.

Two Saint Bernard dogs sit in the snow on the Great St. Bernard Pass after returning from their winter quarter in Martigny, Switzerland.


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February 06 2014

U.S. Adults Favor Smartphones Over Sex, Study Says

You've heard it before: Our digital lifestyle is changing priorities, including in the bedroom

One in 10 Americans uses a smartphone during sex, high-tech adult toys are rising in popularity and there's a whole bevy of apps available to spice up your sex life.

Although past studies have shown that people enjoy sex more than Facebook (is that really a surprise?), new data from Harris Interactive suggests that more U.S. adults can live without sex than live without mobile devices.

Created by Statista, the following chart shows the top 10 things U.S. adults can't live without. Some, such as food, are a given — our overwhelming reliance on gadgets, however, may surprise you. Read more...

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February 05 2014

Hey Guys, She Doesn't Want Your Sexy Photos

Dating can be a jungle. If you're with someone, the hours scouring dating websites have finally paid off (that, or the local bartender misses pouring your favorite brew). But finding love and keeping it are two different battles. Every relationship is unique, and the best way to keep the person you're with happy is to be yourself. Unless, of course, your gut instinct is to do something 75% of women don't like

Singles in America, an annual academic survey developed by biological anthropologist and Rutgers University professor Helen Fisher, and sponsored by Match.com, posed questions to singles of all ages and preferences, coast to coast, to determine the norms for dating in the present age Read more...

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