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February 20 2014

December 13 2013

This Desk Accessory Takes Eyebombing to the Next Level

Product Name: Japanese Blinking Eyeballs
Price: $35
Who would like this?: Your quirky colleague or cubicle-mate, eyebomber extraordinaires, anyone you’d like to keep an eye on

We know, we know. Every time you look at your filing cabinet, you think, "Something's missing."

That something, my friend, is almost definitely a pair of giant blinking eyeballs. We're not entirely sure what's so awesome about these Niko Dama blinking desk accessories, but we know we want them in our offices.

yhst-78359274419338_2271_70852750Image: Kleargear.com

In all seriousness, who doesn't love a quirky office gift? If you're stuck in a cubicle day in and day out, why not kick things up a notch with your office decor? If you're familiar with eyebombing, the meme online (and in life in general) that involves attaching googly eyes to inanimate objects, trees, posters, etc. to give them a little bit of character, you'll appreciate this odd gift Read more...

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August 13 2013

21 Origami Pieces That Make a Fold Statement

Origami might be the traditional, ageless art of paper folding from Japan, but these creations are out of this world.

Producing intricate sculptures out of paper isn't an easy feat. It takes precision, attention to detail and a creative eye. From tiny paper beetles to life-size beasts from the woods, the options for origami are endless.

If you think making a paper airplane is tricky, just wait until you see these awe-inducing creations.

Image: Flickr, Emre Ayaroglu

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August 31 2010

Japanese Resort Caters to Men with Virtual Girlfriends

File this one under “only in Japan”: A beach town near Tokyo has begun catering to a specific segment of young men, ones who play the game Love Plus and have a strong desire to take their virtual “girlfriends” from this game on a romantic holiday in the real world.

Love Plus is a typical dating sim game in which the protagonist, a high school boy, finds himself in a relationship with a young woman. He must work to maintain the relationship. Players can become deeply involved and engaged (no pun intended) with their virtual girlfriends, to the point that one young man even married his in a Tokyo ceremony last year.

The most recent version of the game, which came out June 24, also includes a “field trip,” created in partnership with the seaside town Atami. In 13 locations around the town, players can find 2D barcodes to scan and call up images of the young women in the game. The girls wear different clothing from their typical in-game looks. One hotel has gone as far as putting a barcode in its rooms, allowing players to see their “girlfriends” in a more private setting wearing summer kimonos.

Here, you can see a map of recent Love Plus-overlaid snapshots taken along the Atami coastline:

This unusual ploy on the part of the town and the gaming company Konami has reportedly boosted local tourism this summer after a steady decline since the 1990s, when a Japanese economic crunch cut down on company-sponsored vacations.

While it’s certainly one of the more unusual digital marketing campaigns we’ve seen, we have to hand it to Atami and Konami for creative thinking and really giving Love Plus fans what they wanted.

What’s your take on the campaign?

[via Discovery News]

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