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December 09 2013

Pinterest Is Gaining Ground on Facebook and Twitter for News

When it comes to sharing news online, Facebook and Twitter get most of the attentionPinterest, a platform more traditionally known for retail, food and travel-related postings, is gaining ground in the news category as well

A new study from Gigya, a social login provider for many media companies, including ABC, NBC, and FOX, found that 20% of all "media/publishing"-related content shared to social networks in Q3 was shared on Pinterest. Facebook (40%) and Twitter (30%) maintained leads in the category, but Pinterest gained some ground after accounting for 18% of media and publishing shares in Q2 Read more...

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July 07 2010

Which Identities Are We Using to Sign in Around the Web? [INFOGRAPHIC]

The days of having a separate login and password for each online service we use are behind us. Now, you can log into most sites and services using your social network’s ID.

The most popular social identities are Facebook, Google, Yahoo, and Twitter, but are they always being used in the same way? The infographic below, courtesy of social optimization platform Gigya, shows that users trust different identities on different services. For example, users are most likely to log into entertainment sites via Facebook, but when it comes to news sites, the social identity of choice is Twitter. Furthermore, the infographic shows what profile data is available to services after users log in using various online identities.

Check out a bigger version of the infographic here.

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January 22 2010

Help Haiti Now Webcast Featuring Major Celebs Airs Friday Night

Hoping to raise money for the Haiti earthquake relief effort, Bono, Jay-Z, Justin Timberlake, Bruce Springsteen, Taylor Swift, Alicia Keys, and Coldplay and somewhere around 100 other stars will entertain viewers on both the web and traditional TV tomorrow night at 8pm ET in a benefit called Help Haiti Now: A Global Benefit for Earthquake Relief.

The telethon was organized by MTV Networks and George Clooney, and other networks taking part will include the websites of MySpace, YouTube, Hulu, AOL, Fancast, VH1, CBS, MSN, Bing, Yahoo, Rhapsody, TV.com, BET and CNN. The event will be streamed by mobile providers AT&T, Verizon and Sprint, too. There will be over 30 networks involved once all’s said and done. Expect this to dominate both the internet and the television tomorrow night.

A U2/Jay-Z/Rihanna collaboration and a jam including Kid Rock, Keith Urban, and Sheryl Crow will be among the main events. They’ve got a little something for everybody planned, it looks like.

Most of the sites that are hosting this event haven’t created pages to visit yet, but show up at any of the networks before the show starts and you’ll find your way.

Live Chat: More Engagement, More Donations

Live chats managed by Gigya — the same company that did the MTV/Facebook/LG Avatar webcast with James Cameron — will accompany the MTV, VH1 and CBS webcasts.

Gigya told us that MTV Networks is working with them again to recreate the “lean forward” level of participation they achieved with the Avatar webcast. The live chat makes the donating experience public; folks in the chat will probably encourage one another to donate, and people will be more likely to donate if they know they can impress their friends. They’ve found that these webcast chats drive more traffic and more word of mouth promotion, which will in turn lead to a greater volume of donations.

[img credit: iamguilty]

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