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February 05 2014

Aquaponics: Are Fish the Future of Organic Farming?

Parcs Holman speaks with a rambling conviction about the mechanics and advantages of aquaponics. "It's totally the future," he says. "You're growing hundreds of pounds of food a year for a fraction of the water and power." Aquaponics, the growing of plants with roots submerged in water, is being touted by enthusiasts as the next frontier in urban agriculture.

The system depends on a network of tubes connecting a pond of fish with "rafts" that hold the plants. As the fish create waste, the water circulates to the rafts where tiny bacteria convert it into nutrient-rich plant feed. "It's just replicating nature," Holman notes. "Except nature has the sun, and we use a small amount of electricity." Read more...

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January 24 2014

Oreo to Release Cookie Dough, Marshmallow Flavors

Finally, some good news. Oreo will be selling Cookie Dough and Marshmallow Crispy cookie flavors, for a limited time, beginning Feb. 3.

It’s true. They’re real and available starting Feb 3! #CookieDough & #MarshmallowCrispy http://t.co/ccWEexhGyV

— Oreo Cookie (@oreo) January 23, 2014

Mashable taste testers describe the marshmallow flavor (a Rice Krispie Treat knock-off) as being "dense," but several enjoyed the center creme which contains bits of crisped rice. The cookie dough flavor received more varied reviews, being described as "burnt sugar," "cappuccino" and "extra chocolate-y." Read more...

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January 22 2014

Jelly Belly Releases Beer-Flavored Bean, Parents Outraged

Rejoice beer lovers, you can now enjoy alcoholic beverages in candy form

The popular candy company Jelly Belly announced a beer-flavored jelly bean Sunday, in honor of the company's German heritage. The bean will be called "Draft Beer" and taste like a "Hefeweizen-inspired ale."

The flavor took three years to perfect, according to a Jelly Belly press release. But the candy won't land you with a buzz — the jelly bean contains no actual traces of alcohol

"Beer connoisseurs will find the flavor profile to be clean with notes of wheat and a touch of sweetness," the press release states. "The aroma is mildly bready." Read more...

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Why the Sandwich Is King of Food Engineering

There are no ifs, ands or buts about it — the sandwich defies the laws of physics

Whether you like it buttered or toasted, on whole wheat or rye, slathered with peanut butter and jelly or stacked high with meats and cheeses (or all of the above), the sandwich is a tried-and-true favorite.

In this Doghouse Diaries comic, we see how sandwiches have conquered the kitchen as kings of food engineering


BONUS: The 10 Biggest Food Crazes of 2013

Comic illustration courtesy of Doghouse Diaries. Published with permission; all rights reserved. Read more...

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December 16 2013

Bite-Size Idea Made a Big Difference for Cupcake Shop

During the 2008 recession, Melissa Ben-Ishay was fired from her advertising job. After hearing the news, Ben-Ishay's brother encouraged her to go home and bake cupcakes, so they could start a business. And just like that, Baked By Melissa was born.

Baked By Melissa started small — the first store, in 2009, was a window in New York's trendy SoHo neighborhood manned by Melissa herself. The cupcakes were bite-sized, so customers could have one of everything, without feeling "gluttonous."

"We reached out to the key players — who are still a part of the organization today — to take advantage of every opportunity that came our way," says Ben-Ishay, who says the word-of-mouth buzz snowballed into press opportunities and high demand. Read more...

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November 10 2013

20 Ways to Incorporate Sriracha Into Your Meals

Sriracha has been the spicy king of the sauce world for the past few years. It's time to kick it up a notch, and get creative.

The distinct condiment can be found on the dinner tables of foodies everywhere who like to add the kick of this red sauce can add to practically any meal

Now that we can rest easy knowing the beloved rooster bottles won't be absent from the grocery store shelves any time soon, we can spice things up with the most tastebud-tempting recipes your little Pinterest heart can handle.

Ranging from main dishes, cocktails, and desserts, you could host a full-on sriracha celebration with these goodies. Just be sure to keep a glass of water handy. Read more...

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November 01 2013

12 Reasons You Need to Stop Raiding the Employee Fridge

It's getting close to lunch time. You forgot to pack something and have $0.37 in your bank account. Sound familiar?

Your eyes go to the employee fridge and your stomach gives a little growl...

Stop right there. Don't do it. Nope, put that brown bag down, Janice didn't cut the crust off that PB&J for you Read more...

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October 08 2013

Too Much Food on Instagram Hurts Your Taste Buds

Step away from the smartphone. Before you post another Instagram picture of your awesome entree, consider what you're doing to your friends' taste buds. You may be wearing them out, even if they never take a bite of the thing.

That's according to a study from Brigham Young University's School of Management that's been doing the rounds Monday. The study took 232 students and asked them to rate pictures of food by how tasty they looked. Half were given pictures of sweet treats, the others looked at salty snaps: a whopping 60 Instagrams' worth of each.

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August 22 2013

6 Foreign-Sounding Foods Actually Invented in the U.S.

If you love ordering Chinese food, you know the best part of the meal is snacking on that neatly-folded fortune cookie for dessert. But did you know that fortune cookies have no real connection to China? Rather, they were invented by a Japanese immigrant in California, and were supposedly based on off grilled rice wafers.

Fortune cookies are just one of six types of food that, despite foreign-sounding names, were invented in the United StatesYouTube channel Vsauce2 has the scoop on the real stories behind delicious foods with misleading names.

Check out the video above for the entire list, and let us know which food surprised you most. Read more...

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August 04 2013

The 25 Best Lunchbox Snacks of All Time

When you were staring at the classroom clock, counting the seconds until you could whip out your Pocahontas lunchbox (complete with matching Thermos), what did you hope you'd find?

Kids rip the plastic off their snacks without a second thought about the calories. Instead, they just hope for something sweet enough to make up for that awful math test last period.

Dunkaroos were never the healthiest treat to curb your hunger, but when was the last time you had fun with a wheatgrass smoothie? Behold, the 25 greatest lunchbox snacks of all time. Read more...

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June 19 2013

The 17 Stages of a Food Coma

Think back to last Thanksgiving. Your meal probably started out normally enough — a few slices of turkey here, a few dozen spoonfuls of mashed potatoes there — and ended with you clutching your food baby while passed out on the couch at 6 p.m. in front of the football game

We don't blame youFood is delicious. Food comas, however, are not. Just like a bad break-up, they leave you bloated, sluggish and miserable. That is, until you bounce back and are ready to dive into your next meal.

While you wait for your stomach to return to its previous dimensions, chew on the 17 stages of a food coma Read more...

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May 15 2013

8 Gut-Busting Ballpark Snacks

The best part about Minor League Baseball isn't necessarily the quaint stadiums or getting an up-close look at future MLB stars. It may just be the wild, mouth-watering and somewhat frightening roster of over-the-top ballpark snacks

To celebrate minor-league ball's major-league eats, MLB kicked off a social contest called #FoodFight on Wednesday morning. The contest selects 64 offerings from across the 160 minor league ballparks, and encourages fans to vote for their favorites via Twitter (using the hashtag #FoodFight and team or dish name) or MiLB.com. A national champ will be announced on June 6, while every voter is entered into a drawing to visit the winner's ballpark for an in-person taste Read more...

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March 29 2013

August 27 2012

You’ve Been Eating Tic Tacs Wrong [VIDEO]

Prepare for a moment of mind-blowing in the candy and gum aisle because you have been getting Tic Tacs out of the container incorrectly for years. Whether you shake the container over your open mouth or use tiny tweezers to remove each piece Operation style, it's wrong, wrong, wrong.

SEE ALSO: 10 Zombie Foods That Taste Better Than Brains

FoodBeast and 9gag reveal an easier way to extract a single Tic Tac and in the process, change your life. Or at least change the way you nibble on the candy pieces.

Note: A few YouTube commenters pointed out that the design style featured might not be available everywhere. Can any Tic Tac fans confirm or deny?

Image courtesy of 9
Continue reading...

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This Tokyo Restaurant Features Huge Female Robots [VIDEO]

If you prefer to eat in a cozy, quiet little place where the waiters know you by name and you can enjoy a book while you wait for your food to arrive, "Robot Restaurant" may not be for you. But if you're into giant fembots carrying dancers around a restaurant, accompanied by loud electronic music, well, you're in for a treat.

The restaurant, located in Shinjuku, Tokyo, has four, 11.8-foot tall robots which are "driven" around by scantily clad women dancers.

Reuters reports that the place took three years to build and cost 10 billion yen ($125.8 million). The robots' facial features, hands and torsos are controlled by a driver, and each robot has two seats, enabling for "teams…
Continue reading...

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August 20 2012

August 19 2012

August 18 2012

5 Ways to Pay for Dinner With Your Phone

mobile payments
Mobile payment transactions are predicted to reach $1.3 trillion per year by 2017, and the restaurant industry appears ripe to scarf down a hefty chunk of that money flying around electronically.

But while news about the mobile payments space has intensified lately -- Square's deal with Starbucks, Discover's nod to Google Wallet and Dunkin' Donuts's new gifting/payment app -- pay-by-phone services have yet to hit mainstream status as many consumers are still confused about their options.

To help clear confusion, here are five ways you may start paying for your next dinner with your phone.

Order Meals With Digital Delivery and Takeout Services

Food delivery apps and websites su…
Continue reading...

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August 16 2012

Food Network’s ‘On the Road’ App Dishes Restaurant Tips for Trips

A new mobile app from Food Network will go head-to-head with other restaurant-discovery services starting Thursday.

The "On the Road" app allows people to find food venues featured on Food Network shows, or eateries recommended and owned by its slew of chefs such as Bobby Flay and Guy Fieri.

The app for iPhone and iPad, which has a badge-centric reward system akin to Foursquare or GetGlue, ultimately helps users plan food outings for their road trips or decide on nearby places to eat where they currently reside.

"We've been seeing demand on the website for this for years," Bob Madden, Food Network's GM and SVP of digital food category, told Mashable during a demo. "It's a fun way…
Continue reading...

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