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December 29 2013

This Japanese Pickled Turnip Might Be a Cure for the Flu

Japanese scientists have discovered that a strain of bacteria found in “suguki,” a horrifying-looking pickled turnip being lauded by people as a “superfood,” could actually stop you from getting the flu. It’s sort of a toss-up here between whether you’d rather get influenza or drink the guts of a pickled turnip.

Published in Letters in Applied Microbiology, the study found that, when fed to mice, the Lactobacillus brevis bacteria in the suguki actually prevent the mice from contracting influenza. Although the bacteria hasn’t been tested on humans yet, researchers are currently working on a probiotic drink made from suguki, which will hopefully yield similar results. Read more...

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November 10 2009

Google Helps You Find a Flu Shot

google-flu-1In addition to free airport Wi-Fi, Google has another gift to you this holiday season — aka this flu season. They’ve been working with the U.S. Department for Health and Human Services to develop a tool for locating flu shot providers near you, located at google.com/flushot.

The tool leverages Google Maps to show you nearby vaccine locations for both the seasonal and H1N1 swine flu varieties. They stress that the project is just getting started and they’re still gathering more information about flu shot clinics for a number of areas, with help from the HHS, the Centers for Disease Control and state and local health agencies.

Google also hopes the launch will encourage more vaccine providers to contribute information to the project. So far flu vaccine data is compiled from clinics in 20 U.S. states and pharmacy chains across the country. They advise calling ahead to any particular provider to confirm availability for either of the two vaccines.

Do you plan to get a flu shot this season?

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