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June 25 2011

Top 10 Twitter Trends This Week [CHART]

Twitter Chart Image

In a rare occurrence for Twitter, a holiday trend topped our chart for two weeks in a row. Father’s Day remains in the number one spot with a mix of sentiment and related hashtags.

International soccer returns to the number two slot after a week on the bottom rungs, and buzz about the NBA Draft kept basketball top-of-mind for tweeters, even after the championship games have come and gone.

To see the full list, check out the chart below. Because this is a topical list, hashtag memes and games have been omitted from the chart. The aggregate is based on Twitter’s own trending algorithm, and does not necessarily reflect raw tweet volume.

You can check Twitter trends from the past in our Top Twitter Topics section.

Top Twitter Trends This Week: 6/17 – 6/23

Father’s Day
Some users celebrated their fathers while others lamented fathers who were absent in their lives. Relevant hashtags included #ILoveMyDadEvenThough and #MyDadGetsNoCallBecause along with #HappyFathersDay.
Soccer players, managers, coaches and owners generating a lot of conversation this week were Andre Villas-Boas, Lionel Messi, Sylvain Marveaux, Daniel Levy, Joel Natalino Santana, Vitor Pereira and Raheem Sterling.
Several conversations contributed to this trend. First, there were #BasketballQuotes that reflected users’ attitudes towards players and teams. There was also the news that Ron Artest is trying to legally change his name to Metta World Peace. Finally, on Thursday night, the NBA Draft took place and many NBA draft picks hit Twitter trends.
Summer/Winter Solstice
For the Northern Hemisphere, June 21 was the longest day of the year, the first day of summer. But for those in the Southern Hemisphere, the day marked the beginning of winter. Notably, Google commissioned Japanese pop artist Takashi Murakami to create a Google doodle to mark the solstice.
Ryan Dunn
Jackass star Ryan Dunn died in a car crash in Pennsylvania on June 20. There was controversy over movie reviewer Roger Ebert’s comments against drunk driving and the timing of his remarks.
Fried Kool-Aid
Chicken Charlie’s (a staple of fried rations at fairs across the country) is selling 400 to 600 orders of deep-fried Kool-Aid. Twitter users seem both fascinated and repulsed by the food.
Chris Brown
Fans of Chris Brown tweeted their affection for the singer while other responded harshly to the hashtag #ChrisBrownNeedsTo.
Jonas Brothers
Eagle-eyed Jonas Brothers fans generated several related trends when they noticed that Demi Lovato followed Joe Jonas and Nick Jonas, after unfollowing them earlier.
Clarence Clemons
Bruce Springsteen’s longtime saxophonist Clarence Clemons died on June 18 of complications from a stroke. He was probably best known for the sax solo in the song Jungleland. Clemons was 69 years old.
MuchMusic Video Awards
The MuchMusic Video Awards are annual awards presented by the Canadian music video channel to honor the year’s best music videos. Lady Gaga won Best International Video (“Judas”) and Favorite International Artist which caused her fans to celebrate.

Data aggregate courtesy of What the Trend.

Image courtesy of iStockphoto, 123render

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June 19 2011

Google Doodles for Father’s Day: Every One Since 2000 [PICS]

Take a look at our gallery of Google doodles for Father’s Day, going all the way back to the year 2000.

This year, Google wishes dads all over the world a happy Father’s Day with a simple design, an embossed tie motif that resembles the style we saw in the company’s Mother’s Day doodle.

SEE ALSO: Happy Mother’s Day: We Celebrate With Google Doodles [PICS]

While we were hoping for something as spectacular as that Les Paul interactive doodle that turned us all into quasi-musicians, this one’s simple and understated elegance is still quite pleasant.

The necktie is a recurring theme for Google doodles on this day, but that’s not all — there’s a range of creations on display in our gallery of Father’s Day doodles from the past decade:

Happy Father's Day 2010

Happy Father's Day 2009

Happy Father's Day 2008

Happy Father's Day 2007

Happy Father's Day 2006

Happy Father's Day 2005

Happy Father's Day 2004

Happy Father's Day 2003

Happy Father's Day 2002

Happy Father's Day 2001

Happy Father's Day 2000

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June 18 2011

How Dad’s Music Indicates What You Listen To Today [INFOGRAPHIC]

Do dads really have an influence on the musical tastes of their offspring? This amusing flowchart, created for Father’s Day in honor of dads who rock, predicts the kind of music you prefer by the tunes your father listened to when you were growing up.

However, as a parent, I realize that many times my influence on my teenager has an opposite effect. So the music Dad listened to probably influenced your musical tastes, but if you’re a rebellious contrarian, that exposure might have convinced you to seek out music that’s exactly opposite. Sounds like fodder for another infographic.

SEE ALSO: 10 Excellent Free eCards for Father’s Day

If you’re lucky, your dad exposed you to a variety of music during your formative years, giving you instant familiarity with lots of the music you hear in today’s media-saturated environment. That musical prowess would be yet another blessing to thank your dear old dad for on Father’s Day.

Infographic courtesy Sonos, image courtesy of iStockphoto

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June 17 2011

More Dads Own Nintendo Wiis Than Other Consoles [INFOGRAPHIC]

Would Dad like a video game for Father’s Day? Before you rush out and buy one, check out this infographic — it might increase your odds that you’ll pick the kind of game dads like to play.

Along the way, you’ll see what consoles dads use, and who they think is really the champion of video games in the household.

Redbox sent us this infographic because the company’s launching videogame rentals Friday at its 21,000 Redbox locations in the U.S.

Too bad this survey sample only included 500 Redbox customers and six data points.

Image courtesy of iStockphoto, Neustock

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The Beastie Boys Wish You a Happy Father’s Day in New Commercial [VIDEO]

Forget ties and mugs, all dear old Dad wants for that commercial sham known as Father’s Day is the Beastie Boys’ new record on vinyl — or so goes the message of a new video from the band.

The Hot Sauce Committee pt 2 dropped at the end of April, following a leak that impelled the band to stream the entire thing (the explicit version) on its website.

This isn’t the first video released to promote the album — there was also a star-studded, 30-minute video on Hulu called Fight for Your Right — Revisited, which features Seth Rogen, Jack Black, Danny McBride, Elijah Wood, Will Ferrell and Susan Sarandon, among others. A shorter version exists on YouTube.

This one isn’t so heavy on the stars, but it does feature children munching on records, which is sure to get fans hungry for the June 21 release of The Hot Sauce Committee pt 2 on vinyl.

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June 11 2010

5 Father’s Day Gift Ideas from Web-Savvy Dads

Father's Day Gift ImageSara Dunham is the community manager at online coupon site and community Savings.com.  You can read more of Sara’s posts on the Savings.com coupon blog or fan Savings.com on Facebook.

Ties, golf balls, Old Spice gift boxes — these are things we’ve all come to accept as the norm for Father’s Day gifts. But is it really what they want? Well, depending on how old you are, you might remember the Cosby Show episode where Dr. Huxtable creates an outfit out of all of the crazy Father’s Day gifts his kids have gotten him over the years; suspenders, oversized sunglasses, a brightly colored visor, a giant tie with a battery-powered light-up palm tree — it’s glorious.

Dads these days are a lot cooler and hipper than we give them credit for, and their interests vary beyond stereotypical dad-type activities.

To prove it, and to gather some great gift ideas, we’ve asked a diverse group of the web’s savviest dads to give their thoughts on what makes a killer Father’s Day gift, what they’re personally hoping for, and where to find it. Here’s what they had to say.

“Sports Dad” Bill Murray

ESPN iScore App

New father to a four-month old, busy sales executive Bill Murray is among a special group of folks celebrating their first Father’s Day this year. And while many things have taken the backburner, his love of baseball is not one of them. Whether watching his beloved Kansas City Royals at the stadium or from the couch (with a certain someone close by) his Father’s day wish list includes the new ESPN iScore Baseball Scorekeeper for iPhone, iPod touch, or iPad – a great gift for other baseball loving dads like himself that will help him stay in the game while not necessarily being at the game.

And for those sports-loving dads who prefer a more “traditional” outlet, many sports stores are tapping into social media, offering their fans and followers special offers. Check out Eastbay on Twitter or Dick’s Sporting Goods on Facebook to see what kind of sales they’re offering.

“Traveling Dad” Andrew Hickey

Jet Blue Tweet

Social Media Manager and globe-trotter extraordinaire Andrew Hickey knows a thing or two about travel and writes about his adventures on his blog The Brooklyn Nomad. While this Father’s Day (his first!) he’s hoping for something extravagant like an iPad to accompany him around the world, he’s also a sucker for anything travel-related and says, “Since I love to travel, I usually love gifts related to the topic.”

Despite what you might think, a unique gift for the adventurous dad can still be scored on a budget. By following travel companies like JetBlue on Twitter or “liking” the Travelzoo Facebook Page, you’ll find the latest sales and last minute getaway deals for dad.

“Foodie Dad” Todd Singleton

Williams Sonoma Tweet

Foodie Daddy blogger and professional chef/restaurateur Todd Singleton is all about — you guessed it — food. His perfect Father’s Day gift would be a top-of-the-line, reliable tool for the kitchen, and three essentials to be exact: The knife, the pan, and the coffee machine. But before skipping over to the restaurant supply store, remember there are some great quality products for quality prices available.

Following the Williams-Sonoma Outlet on Twitter and scoping out sites like Cooking.com, which offer exclusive deals, gift inspirations and the best in cookware out there, will make any “Chef Boyar-dad” — whether pro or amateur — excited to cook dinner for the entire family.

“Video/Gadget Dad” Logan Hale

Adorama Image

As a self-proclaimed Video/Gadget Dad, and founder of littlefilm.org, Logan Hale is excited for any gift this Father’s Day that nurtures his love of film and photography. “I would love to receive a Canon 7D, the most incredible Digital SLR on the market today… [It’s] great for newbies and pros,” says a very excited Logan.

While not everyone can set their expectations quite as high, Adorama Camera has great equipment, both new and used, at affordable prices. And while gadget and tech deal sites abound, if you’re looking to keep up-to-date with a few of them via social media, try following Woot and TechBargains on Twitter.

“New Dad” Luke Knowles

Diapers.com Image

Luke Knowles is the founder of Free Shipping Day, a frugal online shopping expert, and a dad of two who has some comforting advice. With the latest Knowles addition arrived just last month, Luke is a new dad immersed in the world of online business and frugality. He says “It would be hypocritical of me to expect the family to shell out mad money on expensive Father’s Day gifts … If you tell me you used a coupon, I’ll like pretty much whatever you give me. Honest!”

For the new dads who need a gift (beyond just a good night’s sleep), Luke suggests checking out the Amazon Deals Twitter account for their awesome “Lightning Deals” on just about anything. Or you can “like” the Outback Steakhouse Fan Page on Facebook to become eligible to enter their Father’s Day photo competition to win free Outback steaks for a year.

And for a more practical, less carnivorous gift, check out Diapers.com for free, overnight delivery on the web’s widest selection of baby gear and new daddy essentials.

Remember, no matter what you get your dad this Father’s Day, he’s sure to love it. But if you want to go above and beyond, our advice is to really think about what your dad loves … besides you, of course!

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Image courtesy of iStockphoto, PinkTag

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