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February 05 2014

The Most Important Parts of the Evolution Debate With Bill Nye

Evolution and creationism duked it out on Tuesday at the Creation Museum in Kentucky in front of a packed auditorium and hundreds of thousands of viewers at home

The two-and-a-half-hour debate pitted Bill Nye, a science educator and TV personality, against Ken Ham, president of the creationism organization Answers in Genesis and head of the Creation Museum.

Nye and Ham argued over whether creationism is a viable scientific model for explaining the origins of Earth, and while they mostly stayed on topic, both repeated their points so many times that it was easy to get lost. Instead of watching all 150 minutes of the debate, check out Mashable's recap, above, which boils down the main points in just under four minutes. Read more...

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Bill Nye and Ken Ham Debate Whether Creationism Is Science

When you get into an argument with someone and they make a statement as though it is a fact, the natural thing to do is ask a simple question: Can you prove it?

So it was at Tuesday's debate between Bill Nye, the executive director of "space interest" organization The Planetary Society and the man behind the famous Bill Nye the Science Guy TV show, and Ken Ham, president of creationism organization Answers in Genesis and the head of the Creation Museum in Petersburg, Kentucky, where the debate was held

The event was framed around whether creationism is a viable model for explaining the origins of the Earth, which sets up the discussion in such a way that Ham, who believes creationism is a viable model, would be forced to take the defensive. But he moved beyond those confines, and the debate began to focus on whether one person could prove or disprove anything to the other. Read more...

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February 04 2014

Watch Live: 'Science Guy' Bill Nye Debates Creationist on Evolution

TV personality Bill Nye "the Science Guy" is set to advocate for the science of evolution in a debate on how humans came to exist. While it will be live streamed on the web Tuesday night, he will not, however, enjoy home field advantage.

Nye's opponent, Ken Ham, invited the engineer and science popularizer to the Bible Belt for the highly publicized debate, which will take place at the Creation Museum in Petersburg, K.Y., Tuesday at 7 p.m. ET. (You can watch live in the YouTube video embedded below.)

Ham's Christian group, Answers in Genesis, owns and operates the museum, which aims to bring "the pages of the Bible to life," according to its website Read more...

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January 04 2014

'Bill Nye the Science Guy' to Take On Creationist in Evolution Debate

It'll be "The Science Guy" versus "The Religion Guy" in a debate on the origin of humanity.

Science popularizer and TV personality Bill Nye is headed to Kentucky to advocate for the theory of evolution in a debate against Ken Ham, a Christian proponent of creationism and founder of the Creation Museum. The debate is scheduled for Feb. 4 at the museum in Petersburg, KY., according to an announcement Ham posted on Facebook Thursday and a subsequent press release on the event.

While Ham has declined debate requests from "mocking, strident evolutionists," the statement from Ham's creationism group Answers in Genesis describes Nye as "a serious advocate for his beliefs, [whose] opinions carry weight in society." Read more...

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August 03 2012

Want to Learn About Evolution? Here Are 300+ YouTube Videos

Evolution is a complex and often misunderstood principle. Fortunately, a YouTube channel called EvolutionDocumentary has done a bang-up job curating some of the very best films on the topic. Sources include the BBC, PBS, The Discovery Channel and National Geographic.

In all, the channel boasts 12 playlists of full-length documentaries -- 370+ videos, many of them uploaded directly to the channel.

We're not sure about the rights arrangements here, but for now, this is a treasure trove of high-quality educational media. It's great for students, folks who want to brush up and perhaps those who need a little convincing that science is, you know, real.

Via Why Evolution Is T
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