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February 24 2014

December 28 2013

25 Easter Eggs in the Viral 'YouTube Rewind: What Does 2013 Say' Video

Hidden within YouTube's mashup of 2013's most viral moments are even more original videos from this year's biggest sensations

Portal-A, the creative studio that helped produce the mashup "YouTube Rewind: What Does 2013 Say?," above, used YouTube's annotations feature to hide extended footage within the video. That footage can be uncovered by gliding your cursor over the main video, and clicking on the boxes that appear at anytime. Each box leads to a new unlisted video

"What Does 2013 Say?" has accumulated more than 64 million views since being posted on Dec. 11. We've gathered all of the Easter Eggs in the video gallery, below Read more...

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October 30 2013

Google's Halloween Easter Eggs Are Ghoulishly Awesome

Google is getting into the Halloween spirit this year by planting Easter eggs in its search results for some of the holiday's most classic characters

"Ghost," "Witch," "Skeleton" and "Grim Reaper" all produce the fun holiday stunt, but we're told there are plenty more to uncover, too

The Halloween Easter eggs hack Google Search's Knowledge Graph, that box of vital stats and other basic info on the top right of a search-results page. For the next couple of days you'll see some sassy, handcrafted results from the Google team

Search "ghost," for example, and you'll discover the spooky apparitions subsist on food including "air," "your fear" and "being remembered." Search "witch," and you'll find helpful tips on how to avoid them: "Don't eat red apples from strangers; hide if you see a flock of flying monkeys." Read more...

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August 10 2013

How to Unlock All of YouTube's Geek Week Easter Eggs

Easter Eggs have long been a staple in video games, TV shows and even movies. They're hidden nods to the audience by the designers, inserted to reward superfans who take the time to look for them.

In YouTube's Geek Week Easter Egg hunt, you don't win for being the first to uncover an egg. You earn a series of badges (think Pokémon) for every Easter Egg you unlock, for taking the Geek IQ test and for watching as many Geek Week videos as possible.

Each Easter Egg references an aspect of geek culture, and you can unlock many of them with a simple search or even while watching one of the many videos made this week. Read more...

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August 08 2013

These Movie Easter Eggs Will Crash Your Brain

Your pop culture knowledge bank is about to win the lottery.

YouTube channel Screen Junkies has compiled a video list of the most mind-blowing Easter eggs tucked away in the films we know and love.

From classic favorites like the Star Wars trilogy, to more recent releases like Scott Pilgrim Vs. The World,, Screen Junkies has uncovered all the geekiest facts you could ever hope to cram into your brain

Check out the video above for more reasons to fall deeper in love with these beloved geek classics

Don't forget to share your favorite Easter eggs in the comments. Read more...

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August 06 2013

YouTube Easter Egg: Type '1337' for a Geek Surprise

YouTube is celebrating Geek Week, and that means the Google-owned video service is indulging its inner nerd to the max

Case in point: a leetspeak Easter egg. Go to any YouTube page as of 7 p.m. ET Tuesday, and type the numbers 1337 — which, as any Internet veteran knows, is another way of saying "leet." Just type them on the page, not in the search bar; then, presto: All of the comments on that page are now in leetspeak

Even if you don't understand the "language," it's a definite improvement on the average YouTube comment

Leetspeak, consisting mostly of number-based spellings and idioms, traces its origins back to online bulletin boards of the 1980s. If you've ever called someone a "n00b," crowed that your opponent has been "pwned" or complained that something is "teh sux0r," then you, too, have spoken leet (i.e. elite) Read more...

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March 29 2013

Voyage to 10 'Game of Thrones' Cities on Travel Site Kayak

Much like the millions of people who are eagerly anticipating the March 31 return of Game of Thrones, the folks at travel service Kayak.com can't wait for the Season 3 premiere

To hold fans over until then, Kayak has hidden Easter eggs on its website, the company exclusively told Mashable. People can now plan trips to and from 10 cities in the Game of Thrones continents of Westeros and Essos

Fans can type the name or "airport code" of the fictitious cities in Kayak's flight search to see how much it would cost and how long it would take to travel to and from those cities.


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August 02 2012

Rare YouTube Easter Egg Shows TV-Style ‘Snow’ Error Message

YouTube has unleashed a rare easter egg that shows TV-style "snow" as an error message.

The animated feature, which quietly went live a week or so ago, pops up when you're trying to watch a live message that's ended or if you try to load a video and it's interrupted. When that happened previously, the YouTube error message had the same message -- "An error occurred. Please try again later," against a black background. Matt McLernon, a YouTube rep, says the easter egg was created by a summer intern and was meant to be a "fun homage" to traditional broadcast TV.

Want a way to quickly invoke this error? Watch one of the YouTube live streams at NBCOlympics.com. Press the pause button.…
Continue reading...

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May 06 2012

Google Translate Beat Boxes When You Type This Gibberish

From “do a barrel roll” to “let it snow,” Google’s been known to have some whimsical tricks up its sleeves.

Now, you can enjoy some a cappella, sung by Google Translate.

If you insert the below nonsensical string of characters into Google Translate, set the “to” language to German and press listen, you’ll hear a beat boxer. Just copy and paste to try for yourself.

pv zk bschk pv zk pv bschk zk pv zk bschk pv zk pv bschk zk bschk pv bschk bschk pv kkkkkkkkkk bschk bschk bschk pv zk bschk pv zk pv bschk zk pv zk bschk pv zk pv bschk zk bschk pv bschk bschk pv kkkkkkkkkk bschk bschk bschk pv zk bschk pv zk pv bschk zk pv zk bschk pv zk pv bschk zk bschk pv bschk bschk pv kkkkkkkkkk bschk bschk bschk pv zk bschk pv zk pv bschk zk pv zk bschk pv zk pv bschk zk bschk pv bschk bschk pv kkkkkkkkkk bschk bschk bschk pv zk bschk pv zk pv bschk zk pv zk bschk pv zk pv bschk zk bschk pv bschk bschk pv kkkkkkkkkk bschk bschk bschk

Have you heard anything unusual by listening to Google Translate results? Share your findings in the comments.

BONUS: 10 Hidden Google Tricks


Enter "Google Gravity" in the search bar. Hit "I'm feeling lucky" (if you have Google Instant enabled, it's on the right hand side of the suggested searches). Then watch your world fall down.

Click here to view this gallery.

Image courtesy of iStockphoto, CGinspiration

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February 09 2012

November 24 2011

February 14 2011

August 01 2010

10 Cool Konami Code Easter Eggs [PICS]

Konami Code Image

Up, Up, Down, Down, Left, Right, Left, Right, B, A, Start. If you were a video gamer in the late ’80s, there’s a very good chance you’ll have pressed that combination of buttons more than a few times.

The code was a secret cheat that appeared in many of Konami’s early video games. Of all the goodies it could grant, it is most remembered for giving the player extra lives in Contra, a notoriously difficult NES game. Since then, the Konami code has been adopted outside the video game industry and there are a ton of websites that offer secret Konami code Easter eggs.

We’ve scoured the web for the best examples, from a huge swath of options. If you want to try them out yourself, just head over to the respective sites and hit that magical key combination (substituting Enter for the Start button on a game controller). In the meantime, if you like unicorns, rainbows and bacon, then click on through the gallery and feast your eyes.

1. BBC Glow

The BBC's Glow JavaScript resource site offers a particularly geeky Easter egg: A photo of K9, the little robo dog from British sci-fi series Doctor Who, and a promo link for the BBC's Cult TV site.

2. Marvel

Entering the code on Marvel's official site brings up this particularly sinister-looking squirrel sporting a Deadpool mask.

3. Scott Pilgrim - The App

Adding the Konami code to the site for the Scott Pilgrim iPhone app gets you an e-mail address that, if contacted, will tell you where you can find one of the various unlockables in the app. Fun and useful - we like!

4. Tweetshare

Tweetshare's Easter egg takes you directly to Sam Fisher's (the protagonist from the video game Splinter Cell) profile page.

5. YourMapper

YourMapper's secret trick is a good one and very much in keeping with the Konami theme. Typing the code gives you a map of all the levels from the Contra video game. It was the first major game in the U.S. market to use the Konami code.

6. Activate Media

Activate Media offers a great Easter egg: A YouTube clip of the "truffle shuffle" moment in the classic '80s film The Goonies.

7. NetLog

The special code on NetLog gives you a green dragon eating the logo. Yum!

8. FrankDeals

Delightfully random, FrankDeals will redirect you to a classic Sesame Street clip.

9. Dandelion & Burdoch

Staying with the retro theme, how's about some free Pong courtesy of Dandelion & Burdoch?

10. SoundClick

Mmmmm, bacon. Yup, that's it.

BONUS: Cornify

Cornify ("unicorns and rainbows on demand") gets a special bonus status. The Konami code triggers a riot of rainbows and unicorns on its own site, but Cornify has also put together a cool piece of jQuery code that lets you do the same with your own site. Thanks guys!

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[Img Credit: Pixel Fantasy]

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March 13 2010

5 Must-See Google Easter Eggs

There’s no doubt Google has a sense of humor — its excellent April Fools jokes are a testament to that. But there’s a wealth of funnies that can found any time of the year too. Here we pull together a handy list of Google “Easter eggs” that you can uncover right now.

Bearing in mind we’re working up another list covering surprises that can be found in Google Maps, Earth and Street View, have we missed any other tricks from those crazy Google funsters? Do share in the comments below.

1. Try a Different Version of the Google Homepage

Sure, Google’s doodles make the famously sparse homepage a little more funky on certain days, but there are ways to jazz it up any day with some homepage tricks that will turn your search base into a pirate-, Klingon- or even Swedish Chef- themed online property.

Most of these work by entering an exact search term and then hitting the “I’m Feeling Lucky” button. There’s a ton of these, some of which have been active for a while.

Google nods to open source software with Linux- and BSD devil-themed options that can be activated by typing “google linux” and “google bsd” then hitting the IFL button.

Those partial to a bit of grog meanwhile can get their Google homepage pirated by doing the same with “xx-pirate.” Google will display in “hacker-speak” if you type in “google l33t.” The Klingon version can be found with “xx-klingon,” and if you want some bork with your Google, enter “xx-bork” to go all Muppet Show.

Even more options include pig latin (“xx-piglatin”), an Easter egg-themed page complete with bunny mini-game (“google easter egg”), and a dark gothic way to search (“google gothic”). Typing “elgoog” offers Google backwards, and there’s an Elmer Fudd tribute at “ewmew fudd.” Finally, it’s not quite a whole homepage change, but entering “ascii art” will make the Google logo display in that style.

2. See Quirky Calculator Results

While the few funny answers Google offers via its Calculator app don’t quite top the amusement to be had by typing 5318008 into your upside-down elementary school calculator, they are nonetheless another sign that the search giant doesn’t take itself too seriously.

Case in point — searching for the number of horns on a unicorn makes the Calculator app spring into life with the answer “1,” which is the same number it returns if you ask Google what the loneliest number is. Searching for “once in a blue moon” brings up “1.16699016 × 10-8 hertz.”

And, always a classic, searching for “the answer to life, the universe, and everything” will trigger the Calculator display “42,” which we all know is a reference to Douglas Adams’s The Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy.

3. View Search Results Funnies

A classic search gag is revealed by asking Google to “find chuck norris” and hitting the “I’m Feeling Lucky” button. The result, in bold red, reads “Google won’t search for Chuck Norris because it knows you don’t find Chuck Norris, he finds you.” Suggestions for the next course of action include, “Run, before he finds you.”

Although not falling into the Easter egg basket, some of the auto-suggestions that can be found via Google’s search service are pretty funny, too.

4. Get Teddy Bears and Ninjas

Google programmers have messed around with code for both Picasa and Google Reader to yield some surprising results.

Taking Picasa first, when in the desktop software, hitting control-shift-y will make a teddy bear appear. Hitting the same combo again will give the first teddy a new buddy, and so on. It’s since been revealed this was the childhood bear of photographer and photoblogger Noah Grey who worked with Google on the project.

Reader, meanwhile, gets an even more comprehensive Easter egg. With a reference to the old Konami video game cheat code — that, depending on the game, would give you 30 lives or other bonuses — hitting up, up, down, down, left, right, left, right, b, a, will make your RSS feed reader go into “ninja” mode.

As well as making some of the screen blue, all your feeds will read “30,” and some of the icons will change (e.g. the like/unlike buttons, which turn into animated hearts). A little cartoon ninja will actually appear on the right hand side of your screen.

5. iGoogle Theme Surprises in the Wee Hours

iGoogle skins are practically chocolate-coated with so many Easter Eggs to be found within. A wide selection of the themes — which tart up your browser bar with pictures that change throughout the day — have a secret that’s revealed at 3:14 AM PST every single day.

Selecting the “beach” theme will mean the Loch Ness Monster makes a mysterious appearance for one minute every day at that time. UFOs will hover over the skyline in “City Scape” and the Yokai, from Japanese folklore, show up in “Tea House”.

Meanwhile, a cartoon monster makes a brief appearance in “Spring Scape,” pi appears in the sky in “Sweet Dreams,” and the Northern Lights put on a show in both “Winter Scape” and “Holiday Village.” Still more include a snow tiger in “Aja Tiger,” pumpkins in “Autumn,” a galleon sailing along in “Hong Kong,” and a spider in “JR.”

It’s almost certainly no coincidence that “3.14″ are the first three digits of pi. It’s the kind of witty play on numbers the Google staffers seem to love and, let’s face it — so do we!

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