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February 15 2014

February 14 2014

Google Lets You Say 'I Love You' With an Interactive Valentine's Doodle

Need an idea for a Valentine's card? You're in luck: Google has a special interactive Doodle for Valentine's day on its homepage which lets you send a virtual box of assorted treats to someone you love

You can fill up your chocolate box with a choice of 9 various sweets, then wrap it up and share it via Twitter, Facebook, Google+ or a direct link

The choice of sweets seems quite standard, but if you look hard enough, you can also put a couple of not-so-tasty surprises in the box

Google has been diligently producing Valentine's day Doodles every year in the last 13 years. If you've missed some of the Doodles from previous years, you can check them out in the gallery below Read more...

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January 30 2014

13 Original Doodles Created on Snapchat

We've all come to appreciate the communicative power of a picture. In the era of emojis, memes, selfies and #tbts, it's easy to see why Snapchat has also taken the world by storm. With a few swipes of the finger, you can doodle onto your picture messages, giving them a personal touch that will undoubtably delight your fellow snappers.

Last week, inspired by the app's playful drawing feature, we asked Mashable snapchatters to send us their snap doodles for the first-ever Snapchat Challenge. We received an artistic array of snaps, from funny pet pics to clever cartoon characters Read more...

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December 31 2013

Google's Got a Dancing Doodle for New Year's Eve

If by any chance you forgot that today is the craziest day of the year, you'll be reminded as soon as you open Google's homepage, where a jolly, animated Doodle is doing a disco dance

Further down on the page Google also offers a reminder of how we searched in 2013 with its annual Zeitgeist page, launched a few weeks ago

Google has been incredibly active when it comes to Doodles this year; we've seen the regular Google logo so rarely we've almost forgotten what it looks like. Some of the best from last year were a huge interactive Doodle celebrating the first parachute jump, an epic 'Doctor Who' game and an interactive crossword puzzle. Read more...

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November 20 2013

Google Celebrates Children's Day With a Simple Doodle

Lately, Google has been conjuring up increasingly more intricate Doodles, but today's logo on the company's homepage is very simple. Celebrating the International Children's Day, the Doodle depicts a group of kids of different ethnicities holding hands

childrens day google doodle

Children's Day was proclaimed by the UN General Assembly in 1954 and is today recognized in many countries around the world. Its goal is to promote the welfare of the world's children, especially those living in poor conditions, or those who have suffered violence, discrimination and exploitation

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November 11 2013

Google Doodle Honors Veterans Day

Today's Google Doodle is a bigger-than-usual Google logo, adorned with an image depicting a Veterans Day parade.


Introduced on November 11, 1919, Veterans Day was originally called Armistice Day, celebrating the heroes that served in World War I

After World War II, war veteran Raymond Weeks wanted to expand the holiday to celebrate all veterans, not only those who served in WWI. His idea was supported by general Dwight Eisenhower, and Weeks was chosen to lead the national celebration in 1947 in Alabama, which he did until he died in 1985. In 1954, the word "Armistice" was officially replaced with "Veterans." Read more...

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October 31 2013

Google Celebrates Halloween With a Spooky Interactive Doodle

It's Halloween, and as is customary on this date, Google has treated us with another interactive Doodle.

The Doodle lets you mix four ingredients into a witches' brew; depending on the order you choose, you'll get a different mini-game to play.

halloween doodle

Google's Halloween doodles have always been among the most interesting; last year, it was an interactive haunted house, and the one in 2011 showed a time-lapse video of Googlers carving out giant pumpkins.

How do you like this year's Halloween doodle? Share your thoughts in the comments!

Image: Flickr, chispita_666

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August 22 2013

Google Pays Tribute to Claude Debussy With a Charming Animated Doodle

Today's Google Doodle celebrates the 151st birthday of French composer Claude Debussy

Born on August 22, 1862 in Saint-Germain-en-Laye, France, Debussy is one of the most prominent Impressionist composers, though he himself despised the term. Debussy's most famous works include "Prélude à l'après-midi d'un faune," "La mer," and his only opera, "Pelléas et Mélisande." He died of rectal cancer at the age of 55.

The animated Doodle, which shows a romantic nocturnal scene, is set to one of Debussy's famous pieces, "Clair de lune". Read more...

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July 03 2013

Google Pays Tribute to Franz Kafka With a Buggy Doodle

Today's Google Doodle celebrates Franz Kafka's 130th birthday, referencing one of his most famous novellas, "The Metamorphosis."

Born on July 3, 1883 in Prague to a German-speaking, Jewish family, Kafka is recognized as one of the most influential authors of the 20th century

In the Metamorphosis, the protagonist Gregor Samsa one day realizes he has turned into a giant insect. Oddly, the people from his surroundings continue to live a fairly normal life despite his transformation, the reasons of which are never explained

Though the story is quite disturbing, Google's Doodle is far from frightening, depicting a large bug in human clothing coming from work. In the story, however, Gregor's horrible appearance renders him unfit for work, and the apple, also depicted in the Doodle, is used as a weapon that nearly kills him Read more...

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January 18 2012

Is Your Child Ready to Design Google’s Next Doodle?

Doodle 4 Google

Your little sister, brother, favorite kid in the neighborhood or child could be the next Google star – that is, if he or she is a K-12 student living in the United States who has doodling skills that are beyond belief or are good enough to beat out the expected 100,000-plus entries from around the country.

Google announced this year’s theme for the fifth annual Doodle 4 Google contest for kids is: “If I could travel in time, I’d visit….” Doodles can reflect visiting the past, present or future. So, hop in your time machine whether it be an old-time pirate ship or a decked-out space travel machine.

Google also announced a few changes this year after last year‘s record-breaking number of entries (107,000) — making this year’s competition bigger than ever.

SEE ALSO: 5 Fun and Safe Social Networks for Children

There will be a winner from every state — five state finalists will be chosen and one state champ will be named. From these 50 State Winners, five National Finalists will be chosen leading up to the lucky National Winner whose Doodle 4 Google will appear not only on the homepage, but on a special edition of Crayola 64-crayon boxes.

Entries can be submitted from Jan. 18 to Mar. 23. Online voting will determine finalist and the winning doodle will be displayed on Google’s homepage on May 18.

Brace for national fame by grabbing all the pencils, crayons, felt tips, paint or computer drawing/design software you have. Entries will not be accepted if made with extraneous materials. Even if the art piece doesn’t win, some pretty cool people will be fixing their eyes on the doodles.

This year’s judges include Google employees, a panel of guest judges including platinum singer Katy Perry, Phineas and Ferb creator and executive producer Jeff “Swampy” Marsh and recording artist Jordin Sparks, plus experienced illustrators and artists.

If we could still make the cut for being a really tall (not old) 12th grader, we would go see the athletes of Olympia in Ancient Greece, see the splendor of the Holy Roman Empire during the Medieval Times or visit Florence, Italy during The Renaissance. But, that’s just us. Tell us in comments if you are interesting in urging a child you know to enter Doodle 4 Google.

The Christmas Google Doodle

Each package gets larger with a mouse-over, and a click on it returns search results pertinent to a specific country or the particular items featured in a scene. This one is from December 24, 2010.

Click here to view this gallery.

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December 30 2011

Google Reveals 2012 New Year’s Doodle

new years doodle image

Fans of Google Doodles — the charming illustrations and re-imaginations of “Google” that appear on the site’s main page — can get an early look at the company’s New Year’s doodle with a little smart thinking and a foreign domain URL.

Google has posted its 2012 New Year’s doodle on international landing pages where, due to time zone differences, it’s already New Year’s Eve. The doodle, shown above, can be found on sites such as google.co.kr (South Korea) or google.co.nz (New Zealand).

Google is known to create a variety of doodles on its multiple homepages for major events, but it looks like this one could be a global doodle. We’ll all find out soon enough as we all creep closer to New Year’s Eve and 2012.

The doodles, originally created in 1998 as a sort of “out of office” notice when Google’s founders left for Burning Man, have become an online phenomenon in their own right. They have been made to celebrate international holidays, historical landmarks, famous birthdays and just about anything else you can imagine. The doodles have also become something of an art form, with noted artists and designers submitting doodles on special occasions.

SEE ALSO: Where Do Google Doodles Come From?

Is the 2012 New Years Google Doodle a hit? Do you think the U.S. or U.K. will get something entirely different?

BONUS: Google Doodles: 12 Years of Holiday Magic


Google's first ever holiday Doodle was a simple snowman.

Click here to view this gallery.

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October 12 2011

Google Celebrates Art Clokey’s Birthday With an Animated Doodle

Today, Google’s latest Doodle pays tribute to the late Arthur “Art” Clokey, a pioneer of stop motion clay animation, who was born on October 12, 1921.

Clokey’s best-known animated characters were Gumby and his horse Pokey which were popular during the fifties and sixties.

Gumby experienced a comeback in the 80ies after Eddie Murphy parodied the character on Saturday Night Live, and a full feature animated movie called Gumby: The Movie was released in 1995.

Stop motion clay animation has remained a popular technique to this day. It’s been used in many commercials, music videos, shorts and movies, including Wallace and Gromit and Chicken Run.

The Gumby Google Doodle is animated and interactive, so make sure you click on all the “letters” to see the entire animation.

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April 29 2011

April 15 2011

Google Celebrates Charlie Chaplin’s Birthday with an Animated Doodle

Google is celebrating Charlie Chaplin’s 122th birthday with a special animated Doodle which is actually a short movie in Chaplin’s style.

Born Charles Spencer Chaplin on April 16, 1889, Charlie Chaplin was an English actor and director, well known for his comedy work in the silent film era. His style of visual, slapstick comedy, as well as his legendary hat and mustache made him one of the most recognizable pop icons of all time.

Google’s Doodles were once mostly static images, but lately Google has been experimenting with animated and interactive logos, which are becoming more and more intricate. Two that come to mind are the recent “animated particles” Doodle and the animated one which celebrated John Lennon‘s 70th birthday.

[via Google]

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March 24 2011

Google Doodle Celebrates Harry Houdini’s 137th Birthday

Google is today celebrating what would be the 137th birthday of legendary illusionist Harry Houdini with a doodle similar to the posters that announced Houdini’s magic acts.

Houdini was born as Erik Weisz in Budapest, Hungary in 1874, but his family moved to Wisconsin shortly thereafter. Houdini started out as an illusionist and a circus act at a very early age, but he gained notoriety for his escape acts, in which he was able to escape handcuffs, shackles, chains and straightjackets.

Perhaps the most well-known Houdini stunt was his escape from the Chinese Water Torture Cell, in which he would escape a water tank while suspended upside down and shackled, while holding his breath for 3 minutes. The exact nature of Houdini’s torture cell and the way in which he escaped is still a mystery.

Houdini died due to complications after a ruptured appendix in 1926. His name is still synonymous with escaping from extremely tough situations.

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February 11 2011

Google Doodle Celebrates Thomas Edison’s Birthday

It is probably safe to say that without Thomas Edison, technology — and life, in general — as we know it would be completely different. From the light bulb, to the phonograph, to the motion picture camera, and his hundreds of other patents, Edison’s inventions have shaped our world.

And today, February 11, the inventor and scientist is celebrated on Google‘s homepage with a special Doodle for what would be his 164th birthday.

The Doodle showcases animated sketches of some of the above-mentioned inventions, including a glowing incandescent bulb and whirring type-writing machine. The handful of Edison-inspired sketches in the Doodle are only a small fraction of the inventor’s patents.

Earlier this week Google celebrated Jules Verne’s birthday with an interactive Doodle.

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February 08 2011

Google Doodle Honors Jules Verne, Lets You Explore Sea Depths

Jules Verne, one of the pioneers of the science fiction literary genre, was born on this day, February 8, 1828.

In honor of the writer who gave us the Twenty Thousand Leagues Under the Sea and A Journey to the Center of the Earth, Google has a special interactive logo today, letting you submerge a submarine deep below the water’s surface and explore its depths, using the lever on the right.

There’s a couple of surprises there, including an obligatory treasure chest, scary sea monsters and some corals shaped in a way that resembles a certain logo. Happy exploring!

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January 17 2011

Google Doodle Commemorates Martin Luther King Jr. Day

In what is becoming an all-out tradition, today’s Google’s doodle honors the birth of yet another prominent figure. It features a group of children playing hopscotch — an homage to Martin Luther King Jr. Day.

Today marks the celebration of activist Martin Luther King Jr’s birth (although his real birthday was January 15), and Google has chosen to create an image of unity to honor the civil rights pioneer.

As Time points out, the above picture quite aptly matches sentiments expressed in King’s “I Have a Dream” speech: “I have a dream that my four children will one day live in a nation where they will not be judged by the color of their skin but by the content of their character.”

Google has honored civil rights activists before — dedicating a doodle to Rosa Parks back in December.

Past doodles have also featured prominent figures in the arts, including John Lennon (the first video-based doodle) and Agatha Christie.

Although this particular doodle lacks the bells and whistles associated with previous iterations (see the ever-popular Pac-Man doodle), its simplicity fits the occasion quite well.

Reviews: Google

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December 02 2010

Google Doodles Now Show Up on Mobile

Are you a fan of Google’s everchanging logos, which the company refers to as “doodles”? Well, if you’re on the go, you’ll no longer have to wait until you reach your desktop computer to see them.

Google says all of the doodles featured on Google’s desktop homepage will now be available on Android 2.0+ and iOS 3+ devices worldwide. To see them, you simply need to open Google.com in your mobile browser.

That said, Google.com didn’t feature a doodle at the time this post was written, which is rarely the case lately. But fear not — we suspect you’ll only have to wait a day or two to be able to see a brand new doodle on your smartphone.

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November 23 2010

Google Celebrates Thanksgiving With Food-Themed Doodle and Recipes

U.S. citizens: If you don’t have a Great Aunt Ida from which to glean family recipes, never you worry — today’s Google Doodle features a sumptuous feast and a bevy of recipes from the Barefoot Contessa’s Ina Garten.

Simply surf on over to the Google homepage today and click on the Doodle — which depicts a tasty-looking meal — to reveal six recipes from The Food Network star, including roast turkey with herb and apple stuffing, popovers and smashed sweet potatoes.

Google has its hands in pretty much every other sector of our lives, it might as well dig into dinner as well — just not literally, because that would be gross.

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