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February 27 2014

February 26 2014

February 24 2014

February 21 2014

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February 18 2014

February 14 2014

Scientists Can Now Track Whales From Space

Counting whales from a ship or a plane has always been difficult, but now scientists may have a new option: using images from space.

Using space images broadens the viewpoint — and the system is automated.

The DigitalGlobe's WorldView-2 platform uses extremely high-resolution satellite pictures and image-processing software to detect whales on or near the ocean's surface, according to the report in the journal Plos One.

A team of scientists from the British Antarctic Survey did a test count on southern right whales in the Golfo Nuevo on the coast of Argentina, and found that the automated system captured 89% of the whales spotted in a manual search of the images. Read more...

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February 13 2014

Leaked Photos Show Larger, Rounded-Edged iPhone 6

No sooner has the iPhone 5S carved out its place as yet another confirmed success for Apple than rumors of the next version of the device have begun to surface — this time with images

In a blog post published on Wednesday, blogger Sonny Dickson posted what he claims are images of the next version of the iPhone. Dickson wrote, "We’ve gotten our hands on some great photos of the iPhone’s rear casing in Space Grey …"

The casing (see image below) has all the signature iPhone design elements, such as a camera and flash port, and even the familiar Apple logo. But that's where the iPhone similarities end, as the larger size and rounded-edge frame shown in the photos are far more reminiscent of the iPad than any previous version of Apple's smartphone Read more...

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February 12 2014

Republicans Are Creating Fake Sites for Democratic Candidates

In electoral politics, the candidate is meant to project a vision of governance, extolling her party's noble ideas and principles, all while letting her own beneficence shine through. When that doesn't work, you go ad hominem and straw man — you tear down your opponent and twist their beliefs into ghoulish fairy tales with which to frighten the underinformed voter. When even attack ads aren't making a dent, there's just one thing left to do: pretend to be the other guy online and see if you can vacuum up his supporters' money.

That, in a nutshell, is the desperate strategy the National Republican Congressional Committee — a GOP organization tasked with turning and keeping seats for the party in the U.S. House of Representatives — has cooked up for the 2014 midtermsAs Motherboard reported, the NRCC "created a spate of fake websites for Democratic candidates that at first glance look like normal, legit sites, but then rip into the candidate in the text. The faux sites also have donation forms that send funds to the NRCC." Read more...

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Twitter Still Testing and Changing Profile Redesign

Twitter is still making tweaks to the profile redesign experiment it's testing among a small group of users, such as returning to a vertical timeline and making pictures even larger.

Last night, Mashable assistant features editor Matt Petronzio — who first spotted the major update to his Twitter profile page — noticed that the layout changed back to a single vertical stream. Previously in the test, various-sized cards showed up scattered across the page. But as of this morning, they are back to the way they are pictured in the screenshot below.

Twitter Layout
Twitter is quietly testing a new look for the site.


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U.S. Speed-Skating Gear Gets High-Tech Upgrade for Olympics

The U.SOlympic speed-skating team will be sporting some upgraded suits, as they race around the ice rink in Sochi this Saturday.

Using motion-capture technology, Under Armour teamed up with Lockheed Martin, an American aerospace and defense firm, to create better suits for the speed-skating team, according to New Scientist.

Harnessing the same technology used to create artificial characters in movies such as Avatar, the team recorded the athletes, as they raced around the ice rink. They then built fiberglass mannequins in various skating poses based on the recordings. After dressing the mannequins in hundreds of different suits made out of various materials, the team placed them in a wind tunnel, and examined how different designs and materials affected the suits in the high-speed winds. Read more...

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February 11 2014

28 Days of Fame: The Strange, True Story of 'Flappy Bird'

In just a few weeks, the mobile app Flappy Bird became a global phenomenon. It was a simple game, but frustrating and endless. Sharing many similarities with the famous Helicopter Game — only with Super Nintendo-style graphics — it's safe to say Flappy Bird took over the web.

The game was designed and built by Dong Nguyen, a developer who lives in Vietnam. Nguyen previously made a number of iOS and flash games for his mobile studio .Gears.

The story of Flappy Bird — its sudden rise and equally sudden fall — is hard to pin down. That's partially because Nguyen, overwhelmed by the popularity of the game, has declined press requests for interviews Read more...

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February 10 2014

NASA Wants to 3D Print Equipment in Space

The newest adopter of 3D printing isn't some hobbyist in a basement — it's NASA.

The agency is already building some of its customized spacecraft and instrument parts using 3D printing, and someday soon, astronauts might even make tools and replacement by 3D printing them in space.

NASA's Space Technology Mission Directorate has launched several programs to create prototypes of tools for current or future missions using 3D printing, or additive manufacturing, a manufacturing technique that uses Computer-Aided Design (CAD) models to build objects layer-by-layer out of plastic, metal or other materials. Read more...

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February 08 2014

Renault Concept Car Packs a Flying Drone in Its Roof

Renault's new concept car, the Kwid, is chock-full of futuristic ideas, including a flying quadrocopter drone that would launch from the car's roof

The "flying companion," as Renault calls it, could be controlled manually (from a tablet on the car's dashboard) or fly autonomously in order to warn about traffic jams and other problems on the road ahead. It could also relay live video back to the car

Kwid, first shown at the 2014 New Dehli Auto Expo, is a small SUV vehicle with a very modern design, which Renault thinks would fit in great into India's roads Read more...

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February 07 2014

How the iPhone 6 Might Look With a Larger Screen

Apple might be rolling out a larger iPhone later this year, but designer Federico Ciccarse didn't want to wait to see what a big-screen iPhone would look like.

Ciccarse created a series of concept photos that reveal what the iPhone could look like if grows in size. Last month, The Wall Street Journal reported Apple will launch two new iPhones in the second half of 2014: one with a screen larger than 4.5 inches and one with a screen larger than 5 inches. The current iPhone 5S and 5C have screens that measure 4 inches diagonally.

The picture below is Ciccarese's vision for an iPhone with a 5.5-inch display (1,568 x 878 pixels) as well as one with a 4.7-inch (1,338 x 750) display. The 4-inch iPhone 5S (1,138 x 649) is shown to the left. Read more...

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Apple Buys Back $14 Billion Shares and Other News You Need to Know

Welcome to this morning's edition of "First To Know," a series in which we keep you in the know on what's happening in the digital world.

Apple’s sapphire-manufacturing capabilities just got a major boost. The Cupertino, Calif.'s manufacturing partner GT Advanced has obtained 518 sapphire furnaces, with another 420 on the way, according to 9to5Mac.

In other Apple news, the tech giant scooped up $14 billion of its own shares, according to The Wall Street Journal

And IBM will begin developing self-destructing electronic devices for the U.S. government

Check out the video, above, for more on these stories. Read more...

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