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February 27 2014

February 26 2014

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February 19 2014

February 12 2014

Twitter Still Testing and Changing Profile Redesign

Twitter is still making tweaks to the profile redesign experiment it's testing among a small group of users, such as returning to a vertical timeline and making pictures even larger.

Last night, Mashable assistant features editor Matt Petronzio — who first spotted the major update to his Twitter profile page — noticed that the layout changed back to a single vertical stream. Previously in the test, various-sized cards showed up scattered across the page. But as of this morning, they are back to the way they are pictured in the screenshot below.

Twitter Layout
Twitter is quietly testing a new look for the site.


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February 11 2014

Twitter Testing Major Redesign That Looks a Lot Like Facebook

Twitter is testing a major redesign that's very reminiscent of Facebook and Google+.

Mashable assistant features editor Matt Petronzio spotted on Tuesday a huge update to his Twitter profile page, with the main picture and bio scaled to the left and significantly more real estate dedicated to the header photo

In addition, under the header photo lives the count for tweets, photos/videos (a new category called out on the profile), following, followers, favorites and view lists. Click the image below to enlarge.

Twitter Layout
Twitter is quietly testing a new look for the site.

Tweets are also much larger and more photo centric than before. Read more...

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February 10 2014

The 12 Best Free Photoshop Plugins for Designers

While Adobe Photoshop is a powerful, creative platform, using plugins can help to extend its capabilities and use it to its full potential. Using an add-on can help you perform tedious or difficult tasks in a more efficient manner, enabling you to spend more time on design.

There are thousands of plugins to choose from, but many are outdated and no longer work with updated versions of Photoshop. We've collected the best free plugins you can download, install and start using right away.

We focus on a variety of free plugins best suited to web and graphic design, to help you work faster and more productively. The plugins can help with a range of functions, including layer control, exporting assets, icon exploration, guides and fonts. Read more...

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February 08 2014

Compostable Towers Will Grow in New York City This Summer

New York may be known for awe-inspiring buildings such as the Chrysler and the Empire State Building — but they've got nothing on a new set of towers that’s set to spring up this summer.

The complex, known as Hy-Fi, will be built primarily from organic material — a combination of chopped-up corn husks and fungi (specifically mycelium, the vegetative part of fungus) mixed together in brick-like molds

The resulting organic bricks will be used to create three towers. At the top, a smaller set of bricks will be coated in a reflective film will increase the amount of sunlight the fungi receive — thereby expediting the building process. Read more...

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January 30 2014

60+ Events in Design, HR, Strategy and More

The Mashable Events Board is a great place to find the leading conferences in your industry, whether it's advertising, technology, media or public relations. This week, we're highlighting five events that we think can help move your career forward, from events in San Francisco to Amsterdam. If you don't find something that's right for you, check out more than 60 events featured among our complete listing.


On the Events Board, you can sort listings by date added, get discount codes as a Mashable reader and watch videos of past events to get previews of what to expect. You can also follow @MashableEventsMore about Events, Design, Human Resources, Business, and Jobs

January 29 2014

3D-Scanned Olympians Wear Uniforms Suited for Superheroes

As if we needed another reason to worship athletes, select Olympic hockey players will wear state-of-the-art, 3D-scanned uniforms custom-fitted to their body parts. That's right, like superheroes.

Hockey equipment manufacturer Bauer officially unveiled the new line of high-tech hockey equipment, called "OD1N," in December. CEO Kevin Davis has touted the gear as the "concept car" of hockey equipment. Pouring a cool million dollars into outfitting six elite hockey players, Bauer used a tech-friendly combination of composite materials, compression-molded foam and 3D optical scanning to personalize the equipment, while lightening the skates, protective gear and goalie pads by one-third Read more...

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8 Incredible Museums Sharing on Pinterest

Pinterest has a reputation as the social media channel for food and fashion, but there’s much more to the visual network. It’s a combination of eye candy and information, with businesses, educators and magazines now using Pinterest to complement their other online material.

One surprising industry that has jumped on the bandwagon is that of museums. Several of these venerable cultural institutions have proven themselves masters of Pinterest’s social media world. Museums of all kinds and sizes have created profiles, and they're finding creative ways to bring their programs to an online audience. Read more...

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January 27 2014

Guess What Office Supply Made This Incredible Boeing 777 Model?

At first glance, Luca Iaconi-Stewart's impossibly detailed model of a Boeing 777 plane looks like it could be carved from wood. But if you look closer, you'll find that it's made of a material likely sitting in your office's file cabinets.

The San Francisco-based designer's 1:60-scale reproduction is made entirely from manila folders, a project Iaconi-Stewart had planned since 2008.

Throughout the painstaking building process, the designer updated his YouTube account with videos showing the plane's progress. This time-lapse from March 2013 shows Iaconi-Stewart carefully assembling the model's "cabin." Read more...

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January 10 2014

This Cube Can Capture Any Color

Now the ability to “paint with all the colors of the wind” doesn’t solely belong to Disney's Pocahontas.

Developed by three university friends, The SwatchMate Cube aims to expand the color palettes of designers and artists with the colors around them.

Utilizing an inner sphere with a light source and a color sensor, the Cube functions as a swatch grabber, recording the color of virtually any object placed underneath it. The Cube then sends the swatch via Bluetooth Low Energy directly to any smartphone into Photoshop; or if the Cube cannot connect to any device, it will store up to a maximum of 20 swatches locally. Read more...

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January 07 2014

Fitbit Goes Fashion Forward With Tory Burch Partnership

LAS VEGAS — Wearable computing devices are definitely one of the standout categories of this year’s International CES. But not all wearables are as fashion forward as we’d like them to be, a problem Fitbit hopes to address via a new partnership with fashion label Tory Burch

In partnership with Fitbit, Tory Burch will develop a fashionable line of necklace and wristband accessories designed to hold the Fitbit Flex

On its website, Tory Burch describes the pairing as something that will “[T]ransform your tracker into a super-chic accessory for work or weekend, day or evening. Our signature colors, prints and designs meet the technology of Fitbit Flex.” Read more...

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January 01 2014

12 Free Web Apps to Boost Your Drawing Skills

Drawing and sketching were once activities limited to pencil and paper, but for budding artists in the digital age, there's a wealth of online, browser-based tools to let your creativity run wild.

It doesn't just have to be a hobby or pastime, though — drawing is useful for brainstorming and problem-solving, and these web apps can aid in any profession.

We've picked 12 of the best drawing and sketching apps to suit any level of artist, ranging from professional-grade applications to simple tools for doodling. They're all free, and since they're all online, they can be accessed from anywhere. Read more...

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December 23 2013

The New Industrial Revolution: Everyone's a Maker

We're in the midst of another Industrial Revolution, and it's all thanks to 3D-printing. While there are several startups working to expedite adoption of the innovative technology, MakerBot is the household name looking to get 3D-printers in the hands of the masses.

"It's a new way of designing and creating and manufacturing," says MakerBot Founder Bre Pettis, who started his career as a teacher. In the classroom, Pettis strived to empower his students through creativity, so education and learning are "built into the DNA of MakerBot" — it's a useful tool for designers and hobbyists, engineers and kids. (MakerBot Academy is the company's White House-supported initiative to get a 3D printer in every school in America to inspire a new generation of designers and makers.) Read more...

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December 19 2013

LED Mood-Sweater Shows People How You Really Feel

As the wearable tech market grows, creatives are introducing more high-fashion and interactive designs.

The GER Mood Sweater reads human emotions by reflecting specific LED light colors onto the white fabric of a sweater, which looks like a glowing futuristic loose fit turtleneck. Developed by San Francisco-based design firm Sensoree, the mood sweater contains a type of sensor known as the Galvanic Extimacy Responder. You wear the sensors on your hands, similar to lie detector test technology.

The emotions corresponding to the five light colors are tranquil or zen teal, calm or relaxed blue, ruffled or excited magenta, nervous or in love red, and ecstatic or blissful light yellow. Read more...

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Skyscrapers Now House Everything From Schools to Cemeteries

Exploding population numbers, increasingly dense cities, and a shift toward green urban design have many architects using skyscraper architecture to build more than just residential and office towers. These days, there are high-rise schools, vertical farms and even skyscraper cemeteries.

Skyscraper school designs are fairly tame compared with other high-rise creations. In Milan, architects have broken ground on an $85 million vertical forest, which will be populated by “730 trees, 5,000 shrubs and 11,000 plants, to be exact,” according to Spiegel International. Meanwhile, Singapore boasts one of the world’s first vertical farms, a structure called SkyGreens that has rotating vegetable gardens, gravity-powered waterwheels and more. Read more...

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December 18 2013

Design App Creates Beautiful Photo Collages on Your Phone

Photoshopping yourself into Justin Bieber's arms just got easier to do from your phone.

Tel Aviv-based Bazaart, previously a Pinterest app for creating fashion spreads, relaunched on iOS Wednesday as a social design app. The app lets you layer photos to make collages as well as cut the background out of photos, either manually or with the app's automatic tool, which is based on complex algorithms and works surprisingly well

"People have too many photos," founder Gili Golander says. "[Bazaart offers] the ability to join them together and create something that is more than the sum of the photos in it." Read more...

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December 15 2013

15 Innovative Redesigns of 2013

While "flat" was certainly the biggest design buzzword of 2013, perhaps the most important trends of the year came from the mainstreaming of responsive and adaptive design, increasing collaboration between designers and developers.

Even average web users began to think about their consumption habits, with Harvard Business Review calling user experience "the new black in business." With that in mind, and as innovation in the space continues to expand, we've compiled a list of the best redesigns to come from 2013 in social media, media, retail and tech.

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