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January 20 2014

Darth Vader Wants No Part in Your Silly Twerking

"DeathStar Search" has a contender for the crown: twerking Stormtroopers

If the floating space hub of evil hosted a talent competition, Darth Vader's Elton John cover couldn't hold a candle (in the wind) to the Galactic Empire's white, plastic rump-shakers

The Stormtroopers demonstrate that restrictive uniforms and an overbearing boss can't crush the dancing. Well, until that annoying boss shows up to ruin the fun. Typical Sith Lord.

Image: Shirlaine Forrest/Getty Images for adidas

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October 24 2013

Original 'Star Wars: Return of the Jedi' Trailer Reveals Different Movie Title

Time for a throwback Thursday — galactic styleStar Wars has released the original 1983 trailer for Episode VI: Return of the Jedi

But fans will notice that the trailer promotes a different film title: Revenge of the Jedi. George Lucas changed "revenge" to "return" before the movie's release — a good choice noting the film's portrayal of Darth Vader. But "revenge" did eventually get a spot in a Lucas movie, appearing in 2005's Revenge of the Sith.

Over the past few months, the film's YouTube channel has released teaser trailers from each episode, giving us all a look into how Lucas and 20th Century Fox originally branded the movies. While Return of the Jedi seems to be more on par with the famed Star Wars we all know, the first teaser (for A New Hope) was inconsistent with the film's legacy Read more...

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July 10 2011

June 07 2011

Darth Vader Has a Lovely Time at Disneyland [VIDEO]

Even the leader of the Dark Side can’t resist the happiest place on Earth.

Darth Vader and a pair of Stormtroopers take in some Disneyland attractions like the Dumbo the Flying Elephant ride, Cinderella’s Golden Carousel and Space Mountain in this 90-second video promoting the Star Tours, a 3D interactive experience that Disney recently reopened.

The video has gotten close to 500,000 views since it hit YouTube on June 2, solidifying Vader as a major force in viral videos. After all, Volkswagen’s “The Force” video, which featured a pint-size Vader attempting to work his magic around the house (and like this video also featured the “Imperial March” song), has gotten more than 39 million views since it launched in early February.

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