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February 26 2014

February 09 2014

FDA Approves Pill-Sized Camera to See Your Insides

A bite-sized camera has been approved for use by the FDA as an alternative for patients who are unable to have a complete colonoscopy.

The pill-shaped capsule has a camera on both ends. It navigates through your intestines over an eight-hour period, taking high-speed images that are sent to a device worn by a patient that are later examined by a doctor.

PillCam is a product of Israeli company Given Imaging. In the United States, approximately 750,000 colonoscopies are incomplete every year, according to the company. "Incomplete" means that doctors weren't able to see everything that they needed to for a number of reasons, including a history of abdominal surgery or advanced diverticular disease, which affects the colon, among others. Read more...

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January 29 2014

Sony Wants to Turn Your Tablet Into a Giant Camera

Remember Sony's lens-type camera attachments for smartphones? Well, the company aims to do the same to its line of tablets with the launch of SPA-TA1, a clip-on attachment that gives the tablet serious photo-taking power

The SPA-TA1 is not a camera or a lens in itself; it's just a clip-on attachment with several "arm" sizes that enables you to mount Sony's lens-type cams onto a tablet

The actual cameras (though Sony's lens-type cams look like lenses, they're really full-blown cameras) are the same as before: the DSC-QX100 is a high zoom model that retails for $249, while the high-end DSC-QX10 costs $499 Read more...

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January 16 2014

MeMini Is a Wearable Camera That Captures Moments After They Happen

Video can capture priceless moments — but not if you miss the shot.

meMINI is a wearable Wi-Fi-enabled camera with recall, which helps users save film-worthy moments in high-definition video after they've already come and gone.

Looping footage is captured every five seconds to five minutes. To permanently store the last recorded moment, users can press the recall button to transfer a file to cloud-based storage or the camera's internal memory. The meMINI can loop video for three continuous hours on a full charge.

What's more, users can attach the camera to their clothing via its magnetic back plates; this allows them to easily take it on the go Read more...

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January 07 2014

Flight Forced to Land After Camera Found in Bathroom

An American Airlines flight en route from San Francisco to New York was forced to land in Kansas City after a potentially dangerous device — later found out to be a camera — was found taped to the inside of the airplane bathroom

The 767 plane was evacuated and searched, but the device turned out to be a harmless camera disguised as a flash drive

There is no word on who taped the camera to a surface in the bathroom or what his or her intentions were. NBC News reports that security officials, including the FBI, are working to find the owner of the camera Read more...

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January 06 2014

Panasonic Plans Living Room Takeover With Facial-Recognition TVs

LAS VEGAS — At the 2014 International CES show in Las Vegas on Monday, Panasonic unveiled a series of new products aimed to ramp up the living room experience, including voice-activated and face-recognition software that brings interactivity to watching TV.

But the company also launched a few unexpected products beyond its core category, including a line of beauty products and wearable cameras.

Panasonic Hairdryer

“We are far more than a TV company,” Julie Bauer, president of Panasonic’s consumer division, told attendees at its press conference.

The company is no longer making plasma TVs and will be focused on LED LCD models. Its AX8000 TV is Panasonic's only 4K product, while the rest of its lineup remains at 1080 p. But perhaps the biggest innovator is its Life+ Screens software that will come to 4K and 1080 p TV models this year. With promises of a “new level of interaction," it features voice-activated and face-recognition technology, an information bar which displays what’s most interesting to each user and remote-sharing capabilities. Read more...

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December 16 2013

Quebee Camera Lets You Put Yourself in the Shot

With the advent of smartphone cameras and other handheld video recorders, putting yourself in the shot has become an increasingly complicated process. But Quebee, a wireless camera that shoots wide-angle HD video or time-lapse video, wants to change that

Featuring a water-resistant covering and wireless capabilities, Quebee can shoot up to five hours of standard footage and 48 hours of time-lapse video, according to its website.

The camera is housed within a tiny cube with a single-touch button on top to start the recording process. It also comes with a handy tripod mount allowing for even more innovative shots Read more...

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December 06 2013

iPhone Clip-on Lens Brings You Closer Than Ever

Smartphone photo technology is decent enough now that the pros don’t have to be too embarrassed about taking pictures with their phones. Take, for example, the iSight camera on the iPhone 5S. The lens is good and the aperture is wider than ever, and Apple backed it all with a larger sensor. Yet it has its limits.

That’s where add-ons like Olloclip come in.

Olloclip, which started as a Kickstarter project roughly a year and a half ago, is now an $11 million business, according to company execs, which sells change-pocket-sized 3-in-1 iPhone lenses that let you add fisheye, wide angle and macro lenses. I’ve been using one for over a year and love it. Its telephoto option is also pretty handy. Read more...

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This Camera Takes Pictures in the Dark

Nothing says James Bond technology like the ability to take photographs in a completely dark room. Now there's a camera at MIT that can do just that.

The 'First-Photon Imager' camera developed by MIT researchers takes pictures in near total darkness by reconstructing 3D images from photons, or single particles of light that are reflected from an object.

Ordinarily, cameras shooting in low-light settings require tens or hundreds of photons per pixel to take a high resolution photo. Normal cameras taking photos in brighter settings need trillions of photons. Read more...

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November 19 2013

Bublcam Shoots 360-Degree Photos and Videos

Whether you're documenting mountains at sunset or the urban jungle of New York City's Times Square, Bublcam claims to capture "everything around you."

Just a bit larger than a baseball, the portable camera shoots 14 megapixel spherical photos and videos at 1080p at 15 frames per second and 720p at 30 fps in H.264. Equipped with a Wi-Fi connection, Bublcam allows users to stream live video to computers and mobile devices. It also has USB streaming and a micro SD slot.

When shooting photos or videos, Bublcam ensures no blind spots with its patent-pending tetrahedral design, according to creator Sean Ramsay, who launched Bublcam on Kickstarter earlier this month through his company Bubl Technology Inc. Ramsay also foresees it as a tool for security and surveillance. Read more...

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October 03 2013

Report: iPad 5 and iPad Mini 2 Will Have Improved Cameras

The iPad 5 and second-generation iPad mini, which could both be unveiled as early as this month, may have significantly better cameras. That’s according to sometimes-accurate KGI Securities analyst Ming-Chi Kuo.

Kuo states that both tablets will launch in the fourth quarter of this year and that Apple will upgrade the cameras as a selling point. The analyst expects the rear cameras to sport an eight megapixel sensor, up from the five-megapixel version on the current models.

Much like the iPhone 5s, the aperture will also be increased to allow for better pictures.

Apple may choose to also add some of the new software-based camera features introduced with the iPhone 5s, like the slow-motion shooting capability that captures high-definition video at 120 frames per second. Read more...

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September 27 2013

Gesture Control Software Lets You Click, Type in Midair

PointGrab wants you to be able to control your computer, TV and more with simple hand gestures.

The company's website says its software enables any 2D camera — already embedded in smartphones and tablets — to read hand gestures up to five meters away. It can also differentiate between movement meant for it and an unintentional flick of the wrist.

SEE ALSO: Watch People Use Leap Motion's Gesture Controller For the First Time

"These days, devices are much smarter, and so we can teach them to understand human body language," Avital Rabani, PointGrab's marketing director, told Mashable in an email. Read more...

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September 19 2013

Camera Lens Adjusts Focus Like a Human Eye

Human eyes are an ideal lens. They can easily shift focus between several objects in a given scene, even if those objects are located at different distances. Attempting a similar ability with a camera may require the photographer to change lenses.

Ohio State University engineers took a crack at giving a camera lens some of the versatility of a human. They made a fluid-filled lens that can change its shape and focus, as well as alter the direction it focuses in. The work was described in the Technical Digest of the 25th IEEE International Conference on Micro Electro Mechanical Systems. The technology could improve the capabilities of digital phone cameras and make cameras overall more reliable by eliminating the need for certain moving parts. Read more...

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September 13 2013

Turn Your Smartphone Into a Microscope With Single Lens

Smartphone users who are itching to photograph objects too small for the naked eye can rest assured — the Micro Phone Lens turns your iPhone or Android camera phone into a portable handheld microscope.

The Micro Phone Lens is a soft lens that sticks directly onto the camera lens on the back of your phone. Users can then zoom into 15X magnification in high focus. The minimum camera requirement is 5 megapixels.

At the time of writing, the Kickstarter campaign for the lens exceeded its $5,000 goal nearly 20 times over. Creator Thomas Larson told Mashable that the project reached its goal in just over one day. Read more...

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August 24 2013

Readers Debate Facebook Hacker and Other Top Comments

Readers had a lot to say when Facebook refused to reward the hacker who broke into Mark Zuckerberg's Timeline to report a bug

Some were enraged, complaining it was unfair for the hacker, Khalil Shreateh, to walk away empty-handed after doing the multi-billion dollar company a huge favor. Others supported Facebook's decision, making the point that reporting a bug should not involve messing around with real users' profiles.

Another story regarding Facebook sparked a good deal of discussion this weekCanon announced its new PowerShot N, a compact point-and-shoot camera that has a button for users to upload photos and videos directly to Facebook. While some readers showed their excitement about this social media-augmented camera, many commented on its similarity to the functions smartphones already have. Read more...

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August 04 2013

Giant Sidewalk Camera Captures Moments of Sheer Joy

It's not every day that you're asked to flash your happiest expression for a giant sidewalk camera, but that's what lifestyle website SoulPancake did for its latest YouTube video about sharing joy with others.

The video features passerby stopping to pose for the site's enormous sidewalk camera, emblazoned with the words "Snap your joy." The photos of happiness then set off a chain reaction of smiles when they're posted next to the camera for all to stop and admire.

A heart-warming exploration of how people transmit joy among one another, this inspiring project will leave you feeling tingly inside. Read more...

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July 08 2013

Canon EOS 70D Claims to Revolutionize Photo and Video Focusing

A new DSLR camera from Canon claims to be a "game-changer" when it comes to photo- and video-focusing.

Called the EOS 70D, the camera captures video with "smooth and precise" autofocus that's similar in quality to that of a camcorder, thanks to Canon's Dual Pixel CMOS AF technology, according to its website

What's more, the EOS 70D boasts 20.2 megapixels, and includes a 3-inch LCD monitor with touchscreen capabilities, as well as Wi-Fi and NFC sharing. Watch the video, above, for more details on specs

The DSLR is priced at $1,200 on Canon's website. Do you think it's worth the money? Tell us in the comments, below. Read more...

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July 04 2013

Drone Project Modeled From Incredible Images of Birds in Flight

Stanford University students are capturing incredible images of birds in mid-flight in order to study their movements, behavior, and ultimately create the ideal drone. The ultra-high-speed Phantom camera they use can shoot upwards of 3,300 frames per second at full resolution, and an amazing 650,000 at a tiny resolution, which enables the students to capture the incredibly intricate movements of a bird in flight.

Professor David Lentink, who oversees the project, says: “Our camera shoots 100 times faster than humans' vision refresh rate. We can spread a single wing beat across 40 frames, and see incredible things." Read more...

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August 11 2012

19 Resources to Improve Your Photo and Video Skills

Everyone's a photographer these days. Technology is leveling the playing field; no longer does one need to lug around a point-and-shoot or a DSLR camera to take great photos. In fact, most of us have a solid photo-taking and photo-editing tool right in our pockets.

But as you take more photos and shoot more videos, you might want to know how to do more with the tools you have. If that's the case, you've come to the right place. Below, we've rounded up some of our recent coverage about photography apps, editing apps, video apps, camera accessories and photo blogs. These apps, tools and gadgets can help you document your life better than ever and refine your skills. Let us know your top pho…
Continue reading...

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August 08 2012

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