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February 27 2014

February 17 2014

February 16 2014

February 14 2014

8 Niche Romance Novel Genres for Alternative Lovers

Romance novels have lined the shelves of book-lovers everywhere long before any shades of grey entered the scene.

Though their rise to popularity involved a lot of bodice-wearing sirens and Fabio feather-painted covers, they have since grown to accommodate more unconventional female fantasies. Really, the level of subgenres under the romance novel umbrella have become nearly prolific as your Netflix suggestions.

Whether you're looking for literature that's out of this world or feel a little need for speed, there really is something out there for everyone Read more...

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February 11 2014

9 YA Books to Hold You Over for 'The Fault in Our Stars'

With the trailer for The Fault in Our Stars finally out, waiting for its June 6 release can seem more difficult than ever.

But whatever kept you reading and re-reading TFIOS, whether it was the love story, the European adventure, or the sad reality of Hazel Grace's condition, you can find it in another fantastic young adult book

These titles will keep you busy until the summer — or at least while you wait for the snow to melt Read more...

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February 09 2014

People-Powered Publishing Is Changing All the Rules

After a long day at work as a personal assistant, 28-year-old Nikki Kelly was commuting home on the London Underground’s Central Line when she received an eagerly anticipated email. "I'm not going to read it on the train in case it's a 'no,'" she thought. She was expecting a rejection.

Kelly got off the train two stops early. On the platform, she looked at her iPad and tentatively read the first couple of lines of the message.

The email was from the editor in chief at a prominent children’s publisher. They liked her manuscript

"I burst into tears," she says. "I was literally standing on the platform sobbing and people were looking at me like I was very strange.” Read more...

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February 08 2014

8 Bizarre Fanfic Relationships We'll Never Unsee

“What if?” can be a dangerous question, especially when it comes to fanfiction

Fanfic is a type of story in which aficionados of a fictional world write alternate endings and storylines. People who loved the Harry Potter series or Doctor Who, for example, take to the Internet to pen their own versions of what should happen — but sometimes, they go a bit too far

In the fanfic world, the term “shipping” applies to relationships between characters that fans would like to see happen. For example, some Harry Potter fans might prefer a storyline in which Hermione ends up with Harry instead of Ron. If they're feeling daring, some writers will ship characters who don't even belong in the same universe, such as Khan from Star Trek and Loki from Thor. Read more...

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January 31 2014

Ishmael Beah Joins MashableReads Social Book Club

Our second selection this year for the MashableReads social book club is Ishmael Beah's Radiance of Tomorrow.


Ishmael Beah, author of the bestselling memoir A Long Way Gone: Memoirs of a Boy Soldier, makes his fiction debut in The Radiance of Tomorrow. After civil war in Sierra Leone, two friends attempt to protect and provide for their families in the shadow of violence, corruption and devastating industrial development. Written in prose that resonates with the rich oral tradition of generations, Radiance of Tomorrow is a devastating and hopeful exploration of a society learning to heal

Be sure to follow @mashlifestyle to discuss Radiance of Tomorrow, using the hashtag #MashReads throughout the month. You can also join our Facebook group to stay updated on MashableReads, and let us know what you think of the book Read more...

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January 30 2014

Wearable Book Creates Sensory Reading Experience

Reading may soon be experienced in a whole new way with a "wearable book" that creates physical sensations based on the written word.

The project, called "Sensory Fiction," comes out of the MIT Media Lab. The reader wears a vest-like contraption that uses effects such as ambient lighting, vibration, temperature and compression to produce physical sensations that represent setting and emotion described in a story.

The pre-programmed responses are set to go off via sensors and actuators (a type of motor) once the reader is on the right page. If a character is love the suit might vibrate to increase the reader's heart rate and if a character is cold it might lower the reader's skin temperature, for example. Read more...

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January 28 2014

Children's Book 'Hello Ruby' Teaches 4- to 7-Year-Olds How to Code

As a teenager, Finnish programmer Linda Liukas had a major crush on Al Gore. She wanted to share her passion for the then-vice president with a fan page. Without the pre-made templates that Tumblr and WordPress now place at our fingertips, she taught herself HTML and CSS so she could build a site from scratch.

While building that website, Liukas fell in love with coding. A decade later, she created Hello Ruby

The Kickstarter-funded book, which aims to teach programming principles to children, reached its $10,000 funding goal within hours of its launch, and 24 hours later had amassed $100,000 in donations. The project hit the $200,000 benchmark Jan. 28, with 24 days to go in the campaign Read more...

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January 22 2014

From Medium Blog Post to Book: Dinovember Comes to Life in Print

Refe Tuma had always dreamed of writing a book, but he never thought it would be about dinosaurs

After having their fourth child, Refe and his wife Susan found themselves looking for ways to get their kids excited, and as Refe puts it, "give them something to look forward to each day even though mom and dad were tired." The solution came almost by accident: Susan found some old toy dinosaurs and placed them along the sink with toothbrushes in their plastic claws. The next morning, their 4-year-old daughter ran into their bedroom, exclaiming that the dinosaurs had come to life and were brushing their teeth. Read more...

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January 15 2014

What's In Your 2014 Time Capsule?

It's almost impossible to predict the future in the digital age. It seems like every day brings a new app, social network or tech product that changes our lives in a significant way. But that doesn't stop us from speculating about what's next.

New York Times bestselling author Chang-rae Lee crafts his own vision of the future in his dystopian novel On Such a Full Sea. We are reading On Such a Full Sea this month in Mashable's social book club MashableReads. As we read the book, it's made us think: if society were to drastically change in the future, what things from now would we miss the most? Read more...

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January 07 2014

Chang-rae Lee Joins the MashableReads Social Book Club

Our first 2014 fiction selection for the MashableReads social book club is Chang-rae Lee's On Such a Full Sea.

on such a full sea

"From New York Times bestselling author Chang-rae Lee comes On Such a Full Sea, the provocative new novel that showcases Lee’s brilliant storytelling and his long-standing interests in identity, culture and love. Set against a vividly imagined future America, Lee tells the riveting story of a woman who leaves home when the man she loves disappears. Epic in scope, masterful in execution, and page-turning to its shocking end, On Such a Full Sea imagines a future that will change the way readers think about the world they live in." - Riverhead Books Read more...

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January 03 2014

Cybersecurity Simplified: A Reality Check for the Digital Age

According to the observation commonly attributed to Mark Twain, "history doesn't repeat itself, but it does rhyme."

That adage, according to Brookings Institute researchers and authors Peter W. Singer and Allan Friedman, applies to cyberspace, which we tend to mistakenly think of as unique and unprecedented, bringing new problems that require a whole new set of solutions

In their new book released Friday, Cybersecurity and Cyberwar: What Everyone Needs to Know, Singer and Friedman tackle issues that are as popular as they are poorly understood.

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December 18 2013

11 Best YA Books of 2013

Before you scoff at the teen section of your local book section, shake off any reluctance, because young adult literature had a great run in 2013.

YA novels have well written prose and dynamic characters just like adult lit, and certain titles also include plenty of sex and violence (as evidenced by the fact a book on this list is titled Sex & Violence).

So add some YA to your reading list. And don't tell the cashier it's for your niece. (They'll know.)

Image: Ralph Orlowski/Getty Images

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December 09 2013

Real-Life Fox and Hound Will Mend Your Childhood Broken Heart

The only tears you'll shed over this real-life fox and hound friendship are from the joy of knowing that the Disney classic responsible for wrecking your childhood could have a happy ending after all.

Tinni the dog and Sniffer the fox found one another in Norwegian woods and frolicked together ever since. Photographer Torgeir Berge captured the adorable duo to share with the world. The photos will be used in an upcoming book by Berit Helberg to "spread their message about fur and friendship."

Berge wrote on his website that the book will include a number of short stories suited for children of all ages, including the grown-up kind. An English version of the book will be released sometime next year. Read more...

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December 08 2013

15 Books to Add to Your 2014 Reading List

Year-end book lists can sometimes seem like a giant homework assignment you totally forgot about until the week before finals

You meant to read the one that your friend recommended, or the other after your favorite author tweeted about it, but you never had the chance

Try not to think of this 2013's literary wrap-up as something you didn't finish this year. These titles are the perfect way to start your New Year's resolution to read more in 2014.

Image: Peter Macdiarmid/Getty Images

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12 Social Media Accounts That Turned Into Books

The quickest way to get a book deal might be through social media

With the help of Twitter and Tumblr, aspiring literary and artistic impresarios now have the world at their keyboards and a digital audience waiting to discover their talents. It's no surprise that in the past few years, publishers have taken note.

Earlier this year, Tumblr founder David Karp said that at least 70 users had turned their blogs into book deals, and San Francisco publisher Chronicle Books instituted "The Great Tumblr Book Search" to scour the platform for the very best in creative fare Read more...

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December 06 2013

Stephen King Joins Twitter, Gets Writer's Block

The towering giant of horror, Stephen King, will now be thrilling us regularly with his updates on Twitter.

That's our hope, at least. King took his first tentative step onto the service Friday afternoon with this quip:

My first tweet. No longer a virgin. Be gentle!

— Stephen King (@stephenking) December 6, 2013

His handle quickly gained a "verified" tick mark, and just as quickly changed from @StephenKingAuth to @StephenKing. Presumably whoever previously held that handle wasn't using it any more. (We've reached out to Twitter to find out.)

But then King's Twitter experience took an eerily familiar turn. He fell victim to one of the same problems that afflicted Jack Torrance in The Shining: writer's block. Read more...

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December 04 2013

9 Book Recommendations Based On Your Favorite Social Media Platform

Selecting books for the people on your Christmas list can be tough. You're never sure if your favorite will be something they can get into, who swore off sci-fi and who's on a nonfiction kick.

To find the perfect title, look to your friend's favorite website. Do 95 percent of your Facebook notifications come from them? Are they slightly addicted to Twitter? Their social media platform of choice can provide insight on what kind of prose they'd enjoy.

Even if they're too hooked to their favorite site to pick up a book, they're bound to go through a wi-fi dead zone at some point Read more...

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