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January 31 2014

Ishmael Beah Joins MashableReads Social Book Club

Our second selection this year for the MashableReads social book club is Ishmael Beah's Radiance of Tomorrow.


Ishmael Beah, author of the bestselling memoir A Long Way Gone: Memoirs of a Boy Soldier, makes his fiction debut in The Radiance of Tomorrow. After civil war in Sierra Leone, two friends attempt to protect and provide for their families in the shadow of violence, corruption and devastating industrial development. Written in prose that resonates with the rich oral tradition of generations, Radiance of Tomorrow is a devastating and hopeful exploration of a society learning to heal

Be sure to follow @mashlifestyle to discuss Radiance of Tomorrow, using the hashtag #MashReads throughout the month. You can also join our Facebook group to stay updated on MashableReads, and let us know what you think of the book Read more...

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January 07 2014

Chang-rae Lee Joins the MashableReads Social Book Club

Our first 2014 fiction selection for the MashableReads social book club is Chang-rae Lee's On Such a Full Sea.

on such a full sea

"From New York Times bestselling author Chang-rae Lee comes On Such a Full Sea, the provocative new novel that showcases Lee’s brilliant storytelling and his long-standing interests in identity, culture and love. Set against a vividly imagined future America, Lee tells the riveting story of a woman who leaves home when the man she loves disappears. Epic in scope, masterful in execution, and page-turning to its shocking end, On Such a Full Sea imagines a future that will change the way readers think about the world they live in." - Riverhead Books Read more...

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November 26 2013

Can Book Clubs Thrive in the Digital Age?

When most people think of book clubs, they picture intimate gatherings in living rooms or libraries. People rarely imagine a book club as a collection of GIFs, memes, fan fiction and cosplay, all of which are staples of how readers respond to media in the Internet era. But a new Tumblr blog, Reblog Book Club, wants to give the traditional book club a digital update.

While bloggers have previously hosted book clubs on Tumblr, Reblog Book Club is the first book club that's founded and moderated by Tumblr itself. Rachel Fershleiser, the microblogging platform's director of literary outreach, launched the club in September as a way to engage a passionate and diverse online community, but faced challenges in organizing a discussion group Read more...

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November 22 2013

Media Theorist Douglas Rushkoff Joins MashableReads

Our next non-fiction selection for the MashableReads social book club is Douglas Rushkoff's Present Shock.

We'll be hosting a Twitter chat with Rushkoff on Dec. 16 from 5:30 p.m. to 6 p.m. ET. You can discuss the book with the author personally, along with other participants from all over the world

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present shock

In Present Shock, Douglas Rushkoff details our culture’s recent shift from our concentration on thinking toward the future to our obsession with the present through pop culture, social media and work habits. Rushkoff notes how we use smartphone alerts and multi-tasking in an attempt to emulate the productivity rates of machines, but highlights the risk we run of ignoring natural biological cycles in doing so Read more...

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November 06 2013

Pulitzer Prize-Winning Author Paul Harding Joins MashableReads

Our next fiction selection for the MashableReads social book club is Enon by Pulitzer Prize-winning author Paul Harding

ENON Cover 2

Can despair be beautiful? The subject matter never is, but how we process the unthinkable can be intoxicating, especially in the hands of such a talented writer. In Enon, Harding addresses grief in phantasmagoric ways, revealing the mind’s inner workings during the loss of a child. You want the pain to stop, and Harding drives you to the brink where you hope redemption lies

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Be sure to follow @mashlifestyle on Twitter throughout the month to discuss Enon, using the hashtag #MashReads during the chat. You can also join our Facebook group to stay updated on MashableReads, and let us know what you think about the book throughout the month Read more...

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September 25 2013

'Necessary Errors' Is Our Next MashableReads Book

We concluded our second month of the MashableReads social book club this week with The Sound of Things Falling. Next up on our list is Necessary Errors by Caleb Crain.

Necessary Errors is a coming-of-age story of a 20-something gay Harvard graduate named Jacob who moves to Prague one year after the Velvet Revolution. As he searches for the remaining post-revolution spirit, he falls in with a group of expatriates who are on various journeys of self-discovery. This novel ultimately deals with the expectations of personal growth one anticipates after making life-changing decisions — and how one deals with uncertainty in an ever-changing world. Read more...

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September 05 2013

'The Sound of Things Falling' Is Our Next MashableReads Book

We concluded our first month of the MashableReads social book club this week with The Love Affairs of Nathaniel P. Next up on our list is The Sound of Things Falling by Juan Gabriel Vásquez.

Drawing his reader into an era marked by rampant drug trade, government assassinations and all-consuming fear, Vásquez writes about the daily lives of Bogotanos who lived before, during and after Pablo Escobar's reign in Colombia. Through their collective experiences, we learn abut the importance of memory and its connection with personal identity — and the resilience of individuals in overcoming even the worst tragedies Read more...

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August 08 2013

Mashable Reads is Your New Social Book Club

Mashable is a destination for timely social media and technology news; and now we're breaking into the literature scene to supplement your daily news updates with some soul-enriching, feel-good reads

For the past few months, Mashable conducted its own book club where staff devoured Chad Harbach's "The Art of Fielding", Khaled Housseini's "And the Mountains Echoed" and most recently "Where'd You Go, Bernadette" by Maria Semple. After countless inquires from Mashable readers asking to join in, we've decided to expand our book club to include our community.

Not only are we going to pick one book per month to read along with the Mashable community we are going to have the author come into Mashable HQ for some social media fun, plus, through a Twitter chat you'll be able to interact with the author directly Read more...

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May 26 2011

The Atlantic Launches Twitter-Based Book Club

The Atlantic has announced the first selection for 1book140, an online reading and discussion club that will span the publication’s presences on Twitter, Facebook and Tumblr, as well its website.

Readers, in conjunction with The Atlantic‘s editorial staff and Jeff Howe — a professor of journalism at Northeastern University and the author of Crowdsourcing:Why the Power of the Crowd Is Driving the Future of Business — have selected Margaret Atwood’s The Blind Assassin from a pool of 300 user-submitted nominations.

More than 1,400 votes were cast in the final, three-day voting period, Bob Cohn, editorial director of Atlantic Digital said in an interview with Mashable.

1book140 is an expansion of a project Howe began a year ago at Wired, where he previously served as a contributing editor, called One Book, One Twitter. “What if everyone on Twitter read the same book at the same time and we formed one massive, international book club?” he asked, echoing a similar call made by Seattle-based librarian Nancy Pearl in 1998, which launched a series of city-wide reading clubs across the U.S.

One Book, One Twitter exceeded Howe’s expectations, bringing together some 12,000 people to read and discuss Neil Gaiman’s novel American Gods last year, primarily on Twitter. “The only problem? It disappeared, like barbecues and seersucker suits, when summer came to a close,” he noted.

Now The Atlantic has given him the “perfect chance” to continue his mission in the form of an online monthly reading and discussion club. The discussion bit, which kicks off June 1, will take place primarily on Twitter (hashtag #1book140) and in the comments sections of theatlantic.com, with cross-promotion from the publication’s Facebook and Tumblr pages.

Howe will be authoring a series of blog posts to help bridge and contextualize the discussions taking place on each of those platforms, as well as bringing in authors and third-party experts to enhance those conversations, Cohn says.

Nominations for next month’s book will begin in mid-June. We’re looking forward to taking part.

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