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January 27 2014

Beyonce, Jay Z Open Grammys With Flawless Performance

Drop that mic, Beyonce and Jay Z just killed it on the Grammys stage

The duo opened the 56th Annual Grammy Awards Sunday night with their song Drunk in Love, off of Beyonce's latest eponymous album. The performance was sexy, to say the least

It even got the coveted Taylor Swift audience-dancing stamp of approval


Image: Tumblr, dailymailceleb

Beyonce and Jay Z each have 17 Grammys to their names. Jay Z is nominated for nine Grammys this year for his album, including Best Rap Album

Beyonce's "visual album" — which generated major headlines for being released without any warning or promotional marketing in December — was not eligible for the 2014 Grammys because it was released after the September cut-off date Read more...

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January 23 2014

Justin Bieber's Arrest Is More Popular Than Queen Bey's Album Drop

Justin Bieber got arrested, and then Twitter exploded

The Biebs has been the talk of the town since news broke early Thursday morning that the pop singer had been arrested for a DUI. The Miami Beach Police Department confirmed that Bieber was arrested early Thursday for a DUI and drag racing, and the resulting Twitter explosion was inevitable

Conversation around his arrest hit more than 6,100 tweets per minute in the last 12 hours, according to Twitter. That's more than the 5,300 hundred tweets per minute that Beyonce generated when she unexpectedly launched her new album on iTunes in December Read more...

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Beyoncé Parody Shows Just How Flawless You Look in the Morning

No one should compare themselves to Beyoncé, ever. We all know she's flawless, and it will almost certainly end in tears. (Whether or not those tears come from laughter is a different story.)

Comedy duo Emotistyle took on the challenge with a YouTube parody of the singer's recent hit "Flawless." Except this track is a little more down to earth.

The singing twosome start the video glammed up with perfect make-up and clothing, but quickly change the tune to a more realistic portrait of what all humans look like when we wake up.

If anything, this proves that Beyoncé is a superhuman. Read more...

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January 02 2014

13 Photos That Will Explain 2013 to Your Grandchildren

Virality often starts on Imgur. And in 2013, 13 of the Internet's favorite images started on the popular photo sharing site

Imgur combed through millions of cat GIFs and advice animals to select its picks for the best images of the year. The list of rankings includes moments born out of big events, like Beyoncé at the Super Bowl and Miley's VMA performance, and one-off oddities so strange that people couldn't turn away.

The site's active community, combined with an anyone-can-upload interface and simple Reddit integration, means a viral moment can start anywhere Read more...

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December 26 2013

Beyonce Sings 'Survivor' to Terminally Ill Fan to Grant Final Wish

Taylon Davis is a 12-year-old girl with an inoperable brain tumor who had a far-fetched wish. She wanted to dance with Beyoncé and, recently during the star's Las Vegas stop on the Mrs. Carter Show World Tour, that wish was granted

In an emotional video, above, Beyoncé swoops in, hugs the girl and smiles while an overwhelmed Taylon wipes away tears. Then, they duet a bit of "Love on Top" before Beyoncé sings "Survivor" to Taylon, who responds by dancing enthusiastically.

Beyonce Taylon.jpg

Taylon's wish became a reality thanks to the Make-A-Wish Foundation, the organization that sent Taylon and her family to the Beyoncé concert. It also brought us Batkid, the 5-year-old boy battling Leukemia who became Batman for a day in November. Read more...

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December 19 2013

'Please Help Me Beyonce' Is Here to Solve All Your Problems

You can never really have too many Beyonce songs. But it is possible to be overwhelmed, paralyzed by too many choices to enjoy Ms. Knowles' music, especially since her new album dropped.

This is where "Please Help Me Beyonce" comes in. Simply select your mood and the wrong your significant other has done you, and you'll be presented with the perfect Beyonce tune in a convenient YouTube video form.


Since Beyonce's music can solve all problems and the website has solved the problem of not being able to find the right Beyonce song, Please Help Me Beyonce has fixed all the world's problems. And just in time for the holidays. Read more...

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'Beyonce Think Pieces' Hashtag Mocks Media's Reaction to Album

When big things happen, the media sometimes gets a little carried away as it tries to spin stories from the newsy yarn

So when Beyonce dropped the surprise of a century by releasing a new album with no warning or press, the media did what it does best — started creating think pieces

In no time at all, journalists began over-analyzing Beyonce's every lyric, nitpicking every dance move and over-thinking every costume change from her visual album, in hopes of generating stories on feminism, the Illuminati and the singer's impact on fill-in-name-of-any-topic Read more...

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December 16 2013

Beyonce's Album Breaks U.S. iTunes Record, Goes No. 1 Globally

Beyoncé's fifth studio album, Beyoncé, which was released exclusively on iTunes on Friday without any promotional marketing, has sold 828,773 copies in three days, Apple announced Monday

The unconventional release, featuring 14 songs and an unprecedented 17 videos, sparked an impressive 1.2 million tweets about the album in 24 hours after premiering. And now, it has become iTunes' fast-selling album. Domestically, the iTunes Store has already sold 617,213 copies, breaking the store's first-week album sales record.

The previous record holders were Justin Timberlake's 20/20 Experience, which sold 580,000 worldwide on iTunes (U.S. number aren't available) and Taylor Swift's Red (465,000, U.S.). Read more...

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December 13 2013

Beyonce's Surprise Album Generated 1.2 Million Tweets in 12 Hours

Beyoncé's surprise release of her fifth studio album, which features 14 songs and 17 videos on iTunes, has been referred to in at least 1.2 million tweets, a Twitter spokesperson told Mashable.

Without any promotional marketing, the self-titled "visual album" debuted to much fanfare because of its unconventional release, elaborate music videos and emotional songs

The stunt, at its peak on Twitter, sparked more than 5,300 tweets per minute — higher than the previous record set by the hubbub around Syfy's Sharknado (5,000 TPM). For further comparison, NBC's Sound of Music Live! netted 449,540 tweets during the three-hour show. Read more...

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Beyonce Releases Surprise Album on iTunes With 14 Songs, 17 Videos

Beyoncé surprised the world early Friday morning with the unanticipated release of her fifth studio album on iTunes. Described as a "visual album," the self-titled album features 14 tracks and 14 videos to go along with each song as well as three additional videos

Among the many guests on the album is daughter, Blue Ivy, on a song called "Blue." Blue Ivy famously made a cameo on Jay-Z song ("Glory") two days after she was born in 2012

Beyoncé, who released the album without any promotional marketing or traditional teasers, explains the project in this video posted on her Facebook page:

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December 11 2013

17 Legendary Selfies of 2013

While self-portraits have been around for as long as the camera, it's safe to say the selfie dominated 2013 — so much, that the term was officially inducted into the Oxford dictionary. Years from now when your grandkids wonder why you have so many framed photos of your own face, you'll be able to point to the dictionary for the answer.

Some were with front-facing cameras, while others stood in front of mirrors. The selfie has made its way to just about anywhere. Everyone from Justin Bieber to Bill Clinton and Bill Gates got in on the selfie action — even animals, like that mischievous eagle, had a little narcissism this year. Read more...

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November 08 2013

Beyonce Grabs Fan's iPhone During Concert to FaceTime

If you're planning on going to a Beyonce concert, prepare for her to get in your face — or at least your FaceTime

The singer spotted an audience member FaceTiming with someone during her show. Bey strutted by on stage in her sequined bodysuit and snatched up the iPhone to chat with a stranger

beyonce-facetime-oImage: YouTube, RJC626

She talked to the person on the other line and then got right back to doing her thang

Beyonce has been making headlines recently for her willingness to interact with her concert-goers' phones. A few weeks ago, she posed for an epic selfie with one lucky audience member Read more...

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October 30 2013

Beyonce Didn't Exactly Photobomb That Selfie After All

The Internet applauded Beyonce yesterday when news circulated that she epically snuck into the background of a teenager's selfie at a recent concert, but the fan came clean on Wednesday with a clarification: She actually asked the superstar singer for the picture.

Since a true photobomb technically has to be a complete surprise, 15-year-old Valentina took to her Tumblr page in a post called "The Truth" — as first spotted by Gawker — to explain the misunderstanding

"I have been the girl that got her selfie 'photobombed' by Beyonce," she wrote. "[But], in fact, I asked her for the photo. She posed and smiled as the perfect person she is! Just thought I'd clean the air." Read more...

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October 29 2013

Beyonce Photobomb Is the Greatest Selfie of All Time

When a teenage girl posed for a selfie at a recent Beyonce concert in Australia, little did she know the superstar singer snuck into the background of the shot

The result is this epic picture making the rounds online

Beyonce Selfie

"It was such a blur," the 15-year-old girl wrote on her Tumblr blog. "I just remember her bending down to me and my friend and I just turned for the photo and wowoowow it was the best moment ever ... I wasn't even expecting her to look at my phone or notice me in the crowd."

As pointed out by New York Magazine, the entire thing was captured by someone nearby and turned into the GIF below Read more...

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October 25 2013

A Cappella Medley of Beyonce's Greatest Hits Is Irreplaceable

Bow down, it's time to pay respect to the Queen B — a cappella style

The brilliant singers of Pentatonix made a Beyoncé medley of her greatest hits from Destiny's Child to "Grown Woman." It's catchy and bootylicious — a tough feat, considering nobody can do Beyoncé as well as Beyoncé can

Pentatonix was the third-season winners of NBC's The Sing Off, and since then has cultivated a huge Facebook following with its gorgeous and unexpected covers (like this "Gangnam Style" one).

Have something to add to this story? Share it in the comments. Read more...

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September 16 2013

Beyoncé Responds Gracefully After Fan Pulls Her Off Stage

A Beyoncé fan went too far Sunday night, pulling the singer off the stage during her performance in Sao Paulo.

Security reacted promptly, quickly pulling Beyoncé back to the stage, but the situation had all the signs of turning ugly as the shirtless fan was forcefully escorted from the venue. The performer, though, reacted with grace and tact, calming the crowd and saying that "everything is all right."

In fact, the singer took it a step further, shaking hands with the fan, saying, "Thank you. I love you, too." The performance then continued with a huge approval of the crowd, who chanted "Beyoncé, Beyoncé." Read more...

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September 13 2013

'Carter Family Portrait Gallery' Paints Beyonce Into Classic Art

As the reigning queen of pop, it seems fitting that Beyoncé would hire an official royal portrait artist to capture the day-to-day lives of the Carter family members.

OK, we're kidding about hiring the official portrait artist. But if Queen Bey did have a painter on call, we're pretty sure the final products would look something like the images featured on the new Tumblr page "The Carter Family Portrait Gallery."

On the Tumblr, the faces of Beyoncé, Jay Z, Blue Ivy and the family's famous friends are painted onto classic works of art. Can you spot President Obama's cameo? Read more...

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August 22 2013

Fierce 'Cinderella' Remake Told Entirely Through Beyonce Songs

Combine Cinderella's rags-to-riches story with the attitude of a fierce music queen, and what do you end up with? Bippidi-boppidi-Beyoncé, of course.

YouTube superstar and former American Idol finalist Todrick Hall upgraded Cinderella by telling the classic fairy tale through Beyoncé songs

Take a look at the video above — it's worth the eight minutes for the production value alone.

BONUS: The Evil Side of Disney's Leading Ladies

Image: YouTube, Todrick Hall

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August 15 2013

Beyonce Fans Shake It in Pepsi's 'Dance for a Chance'

Pepsi whipped up an exclusive "Dance for a Chance" music video, in which some of Beyonce's biggest fans are shown meeting the singer-songwriter and receiving group treatment from her very own choreographer, Chris Grant.

The eight grand prize winners were flown to New York as Pepsi's guests to meet Beyonce during a "Mrs. Carter World Tour" stop at the Barclays Center on Aug. 4. Beyonce is serving as a brand ambassador for Pepsi's "Iconic Summer," a broad fan engagement program that will include digital and social media-driven calls to action.

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August 08 2013

A Tribute to Beyonce's Hair in 25 GIFs

Queen Bey's fans — both human and electronic — were devastated to discover that the pop star chopped off her long locks this week.

Several photos of Beyonce sporting a pixie cut were uploaded to her Instagram account early Thursday morning. Although she didn't add comments in the photo captions, her fans had plenty to say.

The star is known for keeping an insane brigade of fans on the stage to blow her interchangeably long hairstyles in a diva-like windstorm. She recently got into a hair-raising situation with an electric fan mid-performance — perhaps inspiring her new 'do

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