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February 17 2014

August 13 2013

DNA Tests Could Reveal True Mona Lisa

Scientists hope to use DNA to identify the woman who inspired Leonardo da Vinci's Mona Lisa. It's widely believed that the wife of a silk merchant, Lisa Gherardini, was the model featured in the famous work

Researchers recently exhumed that they believe to be Gherardini's remains from a tomb in Florence.

Image: Musée du Louvre, Wikimedia Commons

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August 12 2013

Monsters Take Over New York City in Artist's Creations

Forget about checking under the bed, or calling the Ghostbusters — these goofy monsters are the type you want to befriend.

New York illustrator and product designer Sadi Tekin adds a little paranormal activity to ordinary pictures of the city by drawing in colorful, friendly-looking beasts. "I started randomly drawing monsters on New York pictures that I took and people loved them," Tekin told Mashable in an email.

Deciding that it was time to share his creations with more people, Tekin launched a Facebook page in late July. Less than a month later, the page now has nearly 20,000 likes. Read more...

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June 13 2013

15 Provoking Works of Street Sign Art

During a long road trip, there's nothing more entertaining than coming across a (tastefully) vandalized street sign.

We're not technically condoning acts of vandalism — simply appreciating the artistic license. We've all seen crude street signs, such as speed limits becoming "pee" limits, or the heralded "For Lease Navidad." But others with deeper messages blow their competitors out of the water.

One artist who takes street sign art to the next level is Florence's Clet Abraham, known simply as "Clet" in the art world. He has lived in Italy for over two decades and brilliantly uses both style and humor in his pieces. His artwork often includes silhouettes. Read more...

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July 25 2012

KCRW’s Slick New System Lets Indie Bands Submit Their Own Tunes

KCRW, an NPR affiliate station and Los Angeles indie music mainstay, introduced on Tuesday a new digital music submission system that will help independent artists make their way onto public radio.

The new-and-improved MALCOLM, as the station affectionately calls its internal record filing system, offers artists the chance to create profiles that include a bio, photo, social media links and three of their best tracks. Artists can then designate which DJs and/or shows their tracks are best suited for and receive notifications when a KCRW DJ has commented or rated their music.

KCRW prides itself on being one of the few radio stations that still accepts and listens to demos and unsolicit…
Continue reading...

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January 18 2012

January 07 2011

A Paintbrush Stylus for the iPad [VIDEO]

Finger painting on the iPhone and iPod has become something of a phenomenon, thanks to apps like Brushes [iTunes link] and SketchBook Pro [iTunes link], and the work of high-profile artists like David Kassan, the New Yorker’s Jorge Colombo and David Hockney. In fact, Paris’s Pierre Berge-Yves St. Laurent Foundation is currently running an exhibition featuring Hockney’s iPad paintings until January 30.

But not everyone loves finger painting on the iPad. Like actual finger painting, it’s awkward and imprecise. Unfortunately, the current range of styluses for the iPad aren’t much help — instead of your finger, it feels like painting with a large, round eraser tip.

Which is why I was excited to discover Artists, a new kind of stylus that more closely resembles a paintbrush. It’s made with a long handle and soft bristles, which the creator, @nomadbrush, assures interested parties is “incredibly responsive.”

While it doesn’t look like the brush will necessarily provide the precision myself and others looking for, it could very well prove more intuitive for artists used to traditional tools.

We’ll have a full review when the stylus comes out in February. Check out the video above in the meantime.

[via Gizmodo]

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October 12 2010

Apple Publishes a Band’s Guide to Ping

Apple has published an artists’ guide to Ping, its iTunes-linked, music-based social network.

Ping has been something of a challenge for independent bands since the service launched along with iTunes 10 six weeks ago, when only a handful of internationally renowned artists were on the network — people like Lady Gaga and bands like U2.

As it became apparent that Ping lacked a deep and wide network of artists, we found out that many artists were struggling to figure out how to create Ping profiles. Distribution services such as TuneCore and CDBaby have stepped in as third parties in this process, communicating with Apple and helping bands set up artist pages.

Still, there were tons of unanswered questions regarding the types of content and terms of service that would be allowed on Ping, and most bands working through distribution services will still have to wait a while before their Ping pages go live because of Apple’s meticulous quality control processes.

In the meantime though, Apple has published suggestions on how bands and other artists can use Ping. They include tips on uploading videos and images and lays out some key content policies, as well. What do you think of these guidelines for bands?

Hat tip: TuneCore.

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July 12 2010

75+ Social Media Resources for Artists and Designers

Once a foreign concept, digital art can now be seen in galleries, shops, and even the cover of the New Yorker.

While artists have had access to computer-based tools for years, we’ve also collected some resources for portable platforms including the iPhone and Android devices that have opened up a whole new suite of powerful, portable tools.

This list of over 75 resources can get you up and running regardless of your artistic persuasion. From sites to inspire to portable photo editors to color manipulating web tools, these resources can help any project you might be working on – digital or otherwise.

colorbar image

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Image courtesy of iStockphoto, bjones27

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April 15 2010

How Much do Music Artists Earn Online? [INFOGRAPHIC]

For years, we’ve heard the music industry talk about declining sales and profits (often unconvincingly tying these numbers to piracy), but what about the artists? How much do they earn when their music is distributed online, compared to selling CDs?

It’s a very hard question to answer, because some of this data is kept secret, and it varies from country to country. Still, David McCandless, author of the book “Information Is Beautiful,” rolled up his sleeves, researched the available data and created this beautiful infographic that shows how hard life is these days for most music artists (unless they’re Lady Gaga).

McCandless warns himself that the data was very hard to research, and that it may not be 100% accurate. He also warns that “these figures do not include publishing royalties (paid to composers of songs).” However, you can check out the full spreadsheet of data, that does include royalties, here.

Check out the infographic below (beware, it’s a big one).

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