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Japan's Dolphin Killings Continue Despite International Outrage

Japan's annual bottlenose dolphin hunt came to a close on Tuesday as fisherman killed at least 30 in the Taiji cove area where 200 dolphins were reportedly held

The fisherman used a tarpaulin to shield the slaughter from reporters, TV cameras and activists. However, blood seeped out from under the cover for all to see

The Japanese tradition gained attention in the West after the Oscar-nominated 2009 film, The Cove, brought to light the grisly practice that happens every year in Taiji, which is located in the western Wakayama prefecture

However, despite strong criticism, the fisherman pressed on with this year's hunt as Japanese officials defended the event, calling it "a tradition." The Japanese government this year allowed for the hunting of 2,026 small porpoises and dolphins Read more...

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