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Lorde Pulls a Beyonce and Drops a Song Without Warning

Seventeen-year-old Lorde, best known for her breakout viral hit "Royals," unexpectedly dropped a new single on iTunes titled "No Better." The song arrived Friday, just hours after Beyoncé surprised everyone with a secret album featuring 14 songs and 17 videos

It's been a big year for the electro pop singer-songwriter from New Zealand. Most recently, Lorde earned four nominations for next year's Grammy Awards on the strength of "Royals" and debut album Pure Heroine. To boot, her music video for "Team" crashed Vevo.

Her Twitter and Facebook accounts offer no explanation about the release, both places she routinely turns to as a way to fill fans in about her music. But it's not a bad way to end a breakout year, right? Read more...

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