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6 Hot Sites to Find Sweet Shopping Deals

It's the time of year when you should be shopping for other people, but with all the shiny department store displays and sale signs, you can't help but think of yourself

After all, what other time of year can you give your winter wardrobe the oomph it needs to carry you through March without completely breaking the bank? Your cold January self will thank you later

Lucky for you, some of the latest apps on your smartphone and on the web aim to help you snag deep discounts without needing to walk by the store every day to check on the price of those jeans. Instead of doing complex Google searches in hopes of finding a deal, some of these sites bring the deals to you — after you've indicated your favorite brands, stores and size information. Other apps allow you to buy in bulk or organize the promotional emails you're already getting. No matter your discount of choice, you can now find shopping deals from the comfort of your couch; no shopping 'til you drop required Read more...

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