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Flipboard Embraces Ecommerce With Shoppable Magazines

Flipboard is tip-toeing into the ecommerce space with the launch of a new feature on Monday: shoppable catalogs.

In March, Flipboard introduced the option for users to create their own magazines full of articles for others to browse. Nearly eight months and more than 4.5 million user-created magazines later, Flipboard is building on this option by letting brands and individual users curate products in their magazines as well.

Brands, including early Flipboard partners like Banana Republic, Fab and eBay, will be able to create their own shoppable catalogs to promote their products. These catalogs, along with those curated by Flipboard staff, will be featured in a new shopping category on the platform. Users will be able to add items from this magazines in this category as well as from other ecommerce sites into their own magazines. Perhaps more importantly to brands, they will be able to make purchases directly through these Flipboard magazines. Read more...

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