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Is Nintendo Getting Pushed Out of the 12-and-Under Market?

While the rest of Japan was still celebrating Tokyo’s 2020 Olympics victory, it was a grim day at the Kyoto headquarters of Nintendo. Investors had hoped the maker of video game consoles would win membership in Japan’s benchmark stock index, following the merger of the Osaka exchange — where Nintendo had been traded — with the larger Tokyo exchange. Nikkei Inc., keeper of the Nikkei 225, dashed those hopes Friday by announcing that Nintendo hadn’t made the cut. “This expectation has come to nothing,” wrote Takao Suzuki, an analyst at BNP Paribas. “This appears to be the right time to sell.”

Investors agreed. Within 90 minutes of Monday’s opening bell, Nintendo was down more than 7%. As the day wore on, things got worse. By the end of trading, Nintendo shares had lost 8.4% of their value. Read more...

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