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13 Penny-Pinching Cats in Japanese Supermarkets

We knew this would happen eventually — cats not only rule the Internet, they're also invading places once thought to be strictly feline free.

In Japan, Twitter users are snapping photos of cats spotted in and around convenience stores. It's more common than you'd think. And surprisingly, these kitties are mostly left to their own devices

The takeaway? There's just something about ... convenience stores. Or maybe Japanese cats are lurking around, trying to snag a good deal.

近所のコンビニの猫が成長してた。 http://t.co/9ZnmOdaqtt :以前UPした画像 http://t.co/1zHrkeoXVW P_namekujiuo

— にんきったー (@ninkittar_bot) June 23, 2013

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