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Space Tweets: 23 Must-Follow Twitter Accounts for Astronomy Lovers

Let’s face it — we all wanted to go to space camp when we were little. Here’s a list of people who probably did, and then forged careers from their obsessions with the final frontier.

Twitter provides a wealth of space information. NASA’s comprehensive Twitter presence tracks all of their space missions and astronauts. Physicists and space writers constantly pose theories on the future of space exploration. And space advocates get behind Congressional policy. So click the follow buttons to space out your Twitter feed!

Please let us know your favorite galactic tweeters in the comments below.

1. @NASA

NASA</a>" width="400" />

A convenient feed for all things NASA, including launch news, astronaut updates, space discoveries and interactive media.

2. @nasa_astronauts

A handy little tool to keep track of NASA astronauts in one convenient Twitter feed.

3. @Astro_Ron

One of the astronauts currently tweeting from space, with hashtag #fromspace.

4. @Astro_Satoshi

Another astronaut currently in space, Satoshi's tweets keep you on the edge of your seat: "It’s been the one got closest to ISS ever. The relative speed was 13km/second.If it hit ISS, it would have been a disaster with holes on ISS."

5. @Astro_Mike

The first astronaut to tweet from space, Mike Massimino tweets like a regular guy despite his orbital credentials.

6. @Astro_Naoko

She tweets mostly in Japanese, but translate astronaut Naoko Yamazaki's feed to hear about her experiences logging over 362 hours in space.

7. @Astro_Nicole

Astronaut Nicole Stott presents her space perspective with photos like this.

8. @Astro_Soichi

Astronaut Soichi Noguchi plays guessing games with his space twitpics.

9. @ClaraMoskowitz

Space.com writer Clara Moskowitz lets her geeky space enthusiasm shine brightly!

10. @garrettlisi

Physicist and thrill-seeker Garrett Lisi does motocross and gets "lifted to a hundred feet by a crane, and rappelled from the sixth floor window of a fire crisped building." Oh, and he also tweets about space.

11. @ProfBrianCox

A research fellow in the particle physics department at the University of Manchester, Brian Cox applies political and economic spin to space travel.

12. @badastronomer

Snarky tweeter and astronomer Phil Plait petitions for Congressional funding for space exploration.

13. @neiltyson

Astrophysicist and author Neil deGrasse Tyson gets snarky about the state and funding of space exploration today.

14. @michiokaku

Best-selling author and physicist Michio Kaku shares blog posts from his own wealth of knowledge.

15. @astronomymag

Astronomy Magazine publishes a great collection of space news and entertainment. Plus they tweet about "zombie stars."

16. @SETIInstitute

The institute poses cutting-edge theories and arguments for the prospect of contacting extra terrestrial life.

17. @SPACEdotcom

Space.com is a go-to source for space news - very comprehensive!

18. @chandraxray

Part of Chandra's mission is to study black holes - let's hope it doesn't get sucked into another Twitter dimension!

19. @NASA_Hubble

The good ol' Hubble telescope tweets charming and poignant pictures.

20. @CassiniSaturn

If you like it, then put a ring on it. The Cassini spacecraft gathers stunning data and images of Saturn's rings, moons and storms.

21. @NASAVoyager

This feed posts occasional updates fom NASA’s twin Voyager 1 & 2 spacecraft.

22. @AsteroidWatch

NASA's official Asteroid Watch on Twitter tracks the celestial bodies as they near earth, and provides photos and videos of their paths across the sky.

23. @NASAWebbTelescp

Although it's looking at a 2018 launch date, this feed includes preparations and building procedures for the future Webb Telescope.

Image courtesy of Sweetie187.

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