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Meet the People Who Scored Twitter’s Shortest Usernames

If you registered for Twitter in the past two or three years, chances are you didn’t get your top choice handle. That’s probably because Twitter use has grown exponentially, topping 200 million accounts this year. But get ready to meet the users that scored premium real estate with the shortest Twitter usernames on Earth.

When Twitter launched in July 2006, it would only issue usernames of four or more characters. But user @r (Rex Hammock) says he simply petitioned Twitter employees for something more succinct. “At the time,” he remembers, “Twitter probably had three employees, so it wasn’t a bureaucracy that met about stuff like who deserves a one-letter username.”

So are you ready to meet them? We’ve got you covered from @A to @z (and @0 to @9). Some are early Twitter adopters, others took over accounts in later years, while a few remain stubbornly private. In any case, the shortest Twitter usernames seem to have the most to say. Their bios are often mysterious, their tweets philosophical and, not oddly, a great number of them seem to be from San Francisco.


A</a>" width="400" />

Date registered: March 11, 2007

Location: San Francisco, California

Followers: 10,439

Memorable Tweet: "It'll be a huuuge egg on our faces if it turns out that all the spam over the years was actually aliens trying to communicate with us."

Did you know Twitter was going to be big? How? No, I didn't realize how much it would blow up eventually. ... I guess the mainstream audience didn't get on it until probably early 2009, just about when Oprah and such started talking about it.


b</a>" width="400" />

Date registered: December 17, 2007

Location: Spokane, Washington

Followers: 2,574

Memorable Tweet: "6 shows down... So far so good. Day off in redding, hoping they don't kick us out of the mcdonalds for using their wifi for hours on end :)"


c</a>" width="400" />

Date registered: January 14, 2007

Location: San Francisco, California

Followers: 5,598

Memorable Tweet: "@x Hey! I'm about 5 hrs upstate from ya, Gene. Guess I missed @k on NPR. Hopefully the clip is online somewhere so I can hear it."


d</a>" width="400" />

Date registered: October 26, 2006

Location: Bushwick, Brooklyn, New York

Followers: 2,279

Memorable Tweet: "When people ask me if I'm a musician—something that's apparently easy to guess—I'm like, uh, kind of?"


e</a>" width="400" />

Date registered: September 8, 2006

Location: Santa Cruz, California

Followers: 2,450

Memorable Tweet: "Okay Santa Cruz, I forgive you."


f</a>" width="400" />

Date registered: September 8, 2006

Location: Portugal

Followers: 8,032

Memorable Tweet: "do twitter bots implode if I mention iPads, iPhones *and* justin bieber on the same tweet?"

When did you first sign up for Twitter? [When I signed up, Twitter] was uglier, had only a few people and a name that wasn't very good. But it was a great idea, let me keep in touch with people I cared about in the valley after moving back to Europe, and I stuck around.


G</a>" width="400" />

Date registered: December 4, 2008

Location: Fayetteville, Arkansas

Followers: 1,184

Memorable Tweet: "Hey, @DanielleFusco, @Joel_DiPippa, @kellymacneil, et al: Is it too late to call an emergency meeting of the Burger Caucus for lunch Monday?"


h</a>" width="400" />

Date registered: January 7, 2008

Location: Dublin, Ireland

Followers: 2,873

Memorable Tweet: "Watching friends hit on girls is an interesting experience! You always learn what to NOT do :-)"


i</a>" width="400" />

Date registered: December 2, 2010

Location: n/a

Followers: 885

Memorable (and only) Tweet: "Haha I dont like kids that have ugly proplem so juh"


j</a>" width="400" />

Date registered: October 25, 2007

Location: San Francisco, California

Followers: 5,691

Memorable Tweet: "OH: Someone's going to make money off of virtual dog ice cream, and it might as well be me."


k</a>" width="400" />

Date registered: November 1, 2006

Location: "SFO"

Followers: 16,246

Memorable Tweet: "Free shoes for Twitter employees means everyone's going to be wearing the same shoes tomorrow. Yoga class should be fun."


l</a>" width="400" />

Date registered: June 24, 2009

Location: "Here, there and everywhere."

Followers: 1

Memorable Tweet: n/a. Tweets are protected.


m</a>" width="400" />

Date registered: August 6, 2007

Location: Bad Kreuznach, Germany

Followers: 4,401 

Memorable Tweet: "I just became the mayor of Hunsrück-Klinik Simmern on @foursquare! http://4sq.com/g6jLcB"


n</a>" width="400" />

Date registered: March 10, 2007

Location: Palo Alto, California

Followers: 3,317

Memorable Tweet: "@smtakeda every meals i posted this week, yes. only because i should feed my son something other than garbage :p"


o</a>" width="400" />

Date registered: November 9, 2006

Location: Montréal, Quebec, Canada

Followers: 873

Memorable Tweet: "What kind of URL shortener we would be if we didn't have the shortest of Twitter usename? Check us out @o"

Did you know that Twitter was going to be big? How? I did, it was a time when the term microblogging started to appear here and there and my minimalist (not to say lazy) self realized that not just Twitter but all those "straight to the point" services will be the future.


p</a>" width="400" />

Date registered: October 30, 2006

Location: "trailing off, away, offshore."

Followers: 2,136

Memorable Tweet: "back here after years. who are all these followers? did we step all this way through evolution & time just to have bots listening to us?"


q</a>" width="400" />

Date registered: April 13, 2010

Location: Tel-Aviv, Israel

Followers: 509 

Memorable Tweet: "קמתי מאוחר, הלכתי למשרד, שכחתי את הארנק בבית, הלכתי הביתה, שכחתי את המפתחות במשרד. חזרתי למשרד, הכרתי בחוסר הטעם ביום הזה. ים?י" (I woke up late, I went to the office, I forgot my backpack at home, I went home, I forgot my keys in the office. I returned to the office, I know what today is missing? The beach.)


r</a>" width="400" />

Date registered: December 22, 2006

Location: Nashville, Tennessee

Followers: 7,127

Memorable Tweet: "Give a man a fish, he'll eat for a day. Teach a man to fly-fish, you'll sell him fly-fishing gear the rest of his life"

Did you know that Twitter was going to be big? Like a lot of early users, the utility of Twitter didn't sink in until SXSW a couple of months later...Pretty soon, however, people were using it to say what was taking place in the session they were attending, and you could start noticing people leaving sessions if people in other session started tweeting about how great it was.


s</a>" width="400" />

Date registered: September 10, 2010

Location: Portland, Oregon

Followers: 4,101

Memorable Tweet: Hasn't tweeted yet.


t</a>" width="400" />

Date registered: November 7, 2006

Location: San Francisco, California

Followers: 15,887

Memorable Tweet: "despite appreciating NYC's energy and pace, relieved to find myself feeling happy to be home in SF. not moving yet. :)"


u</a>" width="400" />

Date registered: February 26, 2009

Location: n/a

Followers: 3,624

Memorable Tweet: "http://inlinethumb10.webshots.com/48905/2500522840104544006S600x600Q85.jpg setts, bench"


v</a>" width="400" />

Date registered: May 11, 2008

Location: n/a

Followers: 0

Memorable Tweet: n/a. Tweets are protected.


w</a>" width="400" />

Date registered: July 17, 2006

Location: n/a

Followers: 32

Memorable Tweet: n/a. Tweets are protected.


x</a>" width="400" />

Date registered: March 29, 2007

Location: San Francisco, CA

Followers: 2,001

Memorable Tweet: "@Photojojo dude I've been wanting to unleash 1000 superballs down a steep SF street & photograph it except a mini test run hit an old lady"

Did you know Twitter was going to be big? How? I didn’t – at first it seemed pretty useless until I started going to tech parties where people would ask what your twitter handle was instead of your actual name.


y</a>" width="400" />

Date registered: Summer 2006

Location: London

Followers: 0

Memorable Tweet: n/a. Tweets are protected.

Are you an early adopter for other social media/tech? I wouldn't say I'm necessarily an "early adopter" -- I tend to use well designed and simple services. I'm not a user of Facebook for instance. I'm currently loving mlkshk.com.


z</a>" width="400" />

Date registered: March 27, 2007

Location: San Francisco, California

Followers: 1,884

Memorable Tweet: "You know that feeling when you wake up hungry from a nap and none of your roommates are cooking you dinner? I hate that feeling."


0</a>" width="400" />

Date registered: September 26, 2010

Location: "Earth"

Followers: 8,682

Memorable Tweet: "0 is wondering why people even bother to follow him?"


1</a>" width="400" />

Date registered: January 12, 2009

Location: n/a

Followers: 4,300

Memorable Tweet: "No longer the loneliest number. Bumping up my 'following' count."


2</a>" width="400" />

Date registered: September 10, 2010

Location: n/a

Followers: 879

Memorable Tweet: n/a. Hasn't tweeted yet.


3" width="400" />

No user data. Profile was suspended.


4</a>" width="400" />

Date registered: January 12, 2007

Location: n/a

Followers: 0

Memorable Tweet: n/a. Tweets are protected.


5</a>" width="400" />

Date registered: March 17, 2007

Location: China

Followers: 1,543

Memorable Tweet: "无聊" (bored)


6</a>" width="400" />

Date registered: January 19, 2007

Location: "iPhone: 37.788361,-122.408410"

Followers: 4,345

Memorable Tweet: "@Beaker @tqbf I'd respond to a polite query (but it have no relationship with the FBI.) C'mon, they couldn't even /catch/ me."


7</a>" width="400" />

Date registered: February 20, 2011

Location: "Baby Las Vegas"

Followers: 186

Memorable Tweet: "@6 was scared of @7 because @7 'ate' @9"


8</a>" width="400" />

Date registered: March 17, 2007

Location: China

Followers: 1,587

Memorable Tweet: "今天愚人节哦,大家节日快乐" (oh, April Fools Day today, happy holidays)


9</a>" width="400" />

Date registered: March 8, 2011

Location: Australia

Followers: 109

Memorable Tweet: "Meme sounds [link]"


Date registered: March 16, 2007

Location: "@_98119"

Followers: 4,208

Memorable Tweet: "Credit card encryption hack: Divide the digits embossed on the front of the card by 1 to get the credit card number."

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