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February 08 2018

What SpaceX's Falcon Heavy launch means for the future of spaceflight

February 07 2018

Dramatic puppy meeting a husky gets a hilarious Photoshop battle
Get ready for weed yoga: The first legal cannabis spa may be on its way
10 absurd Travis Kalanick quotes from the Waymo-Uber trial
Pelosi delivers longest House speech ever in an attempt to save DACA
Here's why Nest is once again a part of Google
Polanski rape survivor hopes Tarantino stops making 'an a** of himself'
Elon Musk shares the last image of his Tesla roadster floating through the solar system
These slippers will drive themselves right up to your feet
Drake just paid for a bunch of people's groceries so, uh, they can thank him now
Apple is cracking down on emoji in apps and no one knows why
Keep your coffee hot all day with this self-warming mug
Tether critic's Twitter account suspended under questionable circumstances
That beautiful shot of 'Starman' in a Tesla Roadster is your new wallpaper
Reddit finally banned the 'Deepfakes' subreddit, where face-swap porn thrived
How to find a rewarding career in the tech world
Meet Lucas, the 2018 Gerber baby who just made history
14 Valentine's Day tech gifts for the most important person in your life
Behold! the gruesome reality of Trump's hair is finally known.
All of the Kardashian/Jenner family baby names, ranked
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